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Friday, January 26, 2001

PC News
IL-2 Friday Update.
Oleg Maddox has posted this week's IL-2 development update. Four new screens have been posted including the screen features of the IL-2 Full Mission Builder. Check it out at: IL-2 Development Update

Age of Sail II goes Gold.
TalonSoft has announced that the naval combat game sequel Age of Sail II has gone gold and will ship to retailers before the end of the month. 1,200 historical warships Created in collaboration with the Russian developer Akella, Age of Sail II features 3-D naval warfare in the days of the Tall Ships during 1775 to 1820. Players choose from 1,200 historical warships to battle the great navies of 11 nations for supremacy on the high seas. Additionally, a multiplayer mode supports up to 16 players via LAN or over the Internet. For more info go to: Age of Sail II

Dirty Code in B-17 Flying Fortress II. The True Story!
Late yesterday afternoon the message boards on various sites were buzzing with news that adult content site URLs were found in the source code in B17 II by a number of hexers. Hexers are people who use Hex editing to look at and tweak certain parts of a game's code.

Early this morning COMBATSIM.COM received the following statement from Iain Howe of Wayward Design regarding the alleged inclusion of the aformentioned URL's as part of the released source code.

B17 uses a data management system that stores the contents of multiple data files in a single file ( for efficiency in accessing the data ).

To add data to a file, the system first increases the size of the file to make space, then writes the new data into the space. The file is extended in fixed size increments, which may lead to certain amounts of unused space within the file.

It appears that on Windows 2000 this unused space is filled by the operating system with zeros. Whereas on Windows 98 the unused space contains whatever was on the disk before the file was created ( usually the contents of files deleted previously ). A security hole in Windows 98.

The file in question was created on a machine running Windows 98. The previously deleted files, fragments of which have been found, would appear to have been temporary files created by Internet Explorer ( cookies, cached html pages etc ), and a copy of an internal email. There are almost certainly fragments of other files present, however they are almost impossible to identify as they are not in a human readable format.

This data is never accessed by the game as those areas of the file are by their nature never used to store relevant data. There is no way that any of this data would be displayed or made accessible in any way in the course of playing the game.

As this data has no effect on the game, its presence has only come to light as a result of someone with technical knowledge scanning the game's data files looking for data which they might be able to modify themselves - 'hacking' game features.

SideWinder Game Voice 1.2 Beta.
Microsoft has released the download Game Voice 1.2 Beta for improved performance with Game Voice and Game Voice Share. The Game Voice 1.2 Beta offers: Full compatibility with Windows 2000 Better keyboard injection for improved voice command recognition Keyboard Push-To-Talk for your chats Keyboard activation for voice commands Improved compatibility for American and British English profiles Internet auto-dial will no longer be triggered automatically. Go to: Gamevoice Download

eRazor patch update.
It is reported that eRazor has confirmed that Falcon 1.0799 will be released this Saturday, January 27, 2001. Although it is was expected to be released last Sunday, keep watching the official site at: eFalcon Website

Patch for European Sudden Strike.
CDV has issued a revised version 1.2 patch for the European version of Sudden Strike, fixing some very minor quirks. The patch can be downloaded at: Patches Scrolls

New features in American Sudden Strike.
Strategy First announced earlier this week that Sudden Strike is now available in North American retail stores. As is common in the game industry Sudden Strike was released in Europe some time ago. As a result of this and the global nature of the Internet, the popularity of Sudden Strike spread to North American gamers who began purchasing the European version, which in industry terms is grey market. In an attempt to curb North Americans from purchasing grey market copies, Strategy First has enhanced the features of the North American release. The features include:
  • 5 additional missions
  • supports multiplayer through matchmaking services
  • minor bug fixes since the European release
  • tech support provided by Strategy First ( the Benelux version may have bugs or technical problems that we cannot address)
For more info, or to download the demo, check out the Sudden Strike Site

New Commandos 2 Screens.
Eidos sent us screens of their upcoming sequel Commandos 2. From the deepest bunkers and artilery posts of the third reich, the infamous Colditz prison, a submarine installation in the frozen wastes of northern Europe to an Aircraft carrier at sea and even Japanese HQ, Commandos 2 will take you through arealistic and detailed gaming environments.

New game features in Commandos 2 include; a variety of new vehicles, including jeeps, tanks, trucks, ships, boats and cars. All of the vehicles are based on real models from WWII: a "Willys" jeep, a "Panzer III" tank, a "Mercedes L3000" truck to name a few. All of the missions in single player will be playable in a cooperative Multiplayer mode. New enemy A.I. behavior that provides deeper and more engaging gameplay. Commandos 2 is expected to be released in Spring 2001.

767 Pilot in Command Screens.
Wilco Publishing has sent us two screens from soon to be released 767 Pilot in Command. This latest add-on for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator includes step-by-step flight training and a series of heart-pounding, nerve-wracking lessons in commanding an aircraft and managing in-flight malfunctions and system failures. 767 Pilot ships worldwide on January 31, 2001.

Exclusive Team Factor screenshots.
7FX has sent us two new screenshots from their title Team Factor. Team Factor is a stand-alone multiplayer action game with realistic fact-fiction story background set the enviroment of "shadow" military operations.

Internet News
Microsoft target of denial of service attack.
During the morning of Jan. 25,Microsoft was the target of a denial of service attack against the routers that direct traffic to the company's Web sites. As a result, access to some of the Microsoft Internet properties, including and, was intermittent for many customers throughout this morning. This is a separate incident from the other internet problem Microsoft suffered this week. On Wednesday night a configuration change was made by a Microsoft technician to the routers on the edge of Microsoft's DNS network. The mistaken configuration change limited communication between DNS servers on the Internet and Microsoft's DNS servers. This limited communication caused many of Microsoft's sites to be unreachable (although they were actually still operational) to a large number of customers.

Military News
Aluminum Overcast - B-17 Flying Fortress Tour.
The EAA Aviation Foundation is offering historic flight experiences in its beautifully restored B-17G Flying Fortress "Aluminum Overcast." Fly a mission back in time and feel the might of this magnificent aircraft, just as those young men did more than 50 years ago, but this time without the flak. EAA Aviation Foundation's B-17 bomber "Aluminum Overcast". This aircraft is an example of the American heavy bomber that helped turn the tide of battle in World War II. Aluminum Overcast", the EAA Aviation Foundation's B-17 Bomber is geared-up for another national tour beginning March 14, 2001. The famous aircraft will be stopping in locations throughout the Western United States this Spring and Summer. For more on this chance of a lifetime visit: B17 Tour

Lockheed Martin-Developed Aegis Weapon System Tested.
The Lockheed Martin-developed Aegis Weapon System today successfully supported the test firing of a standard missile (SM)-3 from USS Lake Erie (CG 70) at the U.S. Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF). The test demonstrated the Aegis Weapon System's ability to track and launch a guided missile against a Theater Ballistic Missile (TBM) target.

This test was the third demonstration in a series of planned flight tests that progressively demonstrate the Navy's Aegis Weapon System's ability to engage ballistic missiles with the new Navy Theater Wide (NTW) SM-3. The planned series of demonstrations culminates with two exo-atmospheric "hit-to-kill" intercepts of a TBM target.

The Aegis Lightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile (LEAP) Intercept (ALI) Project is a stepping stone toward the Navy's goal of an NTW capability for Aegis ships. The ALI Project includes modifications to the Aegis Weapon System's phased array radar system (SPY-1), Weapons Control System, Command and Control System, Vertical Launching System (VLS) and integration of the SM-3 guided missile. The NTW capability is intended to provide regional protection against medium to long range TBMs for joint forces, sea ports, inland airfields, vital political and military assets and population centers.

Thursday, January 25, 2001

PC News
Star Trek: Away Team web site launched.
Activision announce the official web site for its new PC game, Star Trek Away Team. The site will be the definitive source for all things Away Team, with profiles on in-game characters, downloads, news updates and an extensive background on the game. Click here: Star Trek: Away Team

EA to publish Battlefield 1942.
Electronic Arts and Swedish developer Digital Illusions announced that they have reached an agreement that gives EA the rights to publish Digital Illusions' Battlefield 1942 for both the Xbox and PC platforms. Digital Illlusions, developers of Codename Eagle , next title Battlefield 1942 is a multivehicle combat game in which players can take control of fighter planes, tanks, and battleships in different World War II settings, like small towns or oceans. An official release date has not been announced.

Team Factor screenshots.
7FX has released two new screenshots from their title Team Factor. These screenshots are the first to be released in 1st person view. Team Factor is a stand-alone multiplayer action game with realistic fact-fiction story background set the enviroment of "shadow" military operations.

Intel to slash chip prices.
Intel is reported to be preparing to cut prices on some microprocessor chips by more than 40 percent. The move is aimed at spurring demand in the weak personal computer market. Pentium 4 chips, low-cost Celerons and Pentium III mobile chips are expected to be reduced when the company announces regularly scheduled reductions next week.

Online Payment Firm Hits Better Business Snag.
The Silicon Valley Better Business Bureau hit online payment service PayPal with an unsatisfactory rating Wednesday. The company is working hard to improve its customer service, according to representatives from both the BBB and the company. The BBB's latest report on PayPal said that the unsatisfactory rating is due to "a pattern of complaints alleging that accounts are being opened without the consumers' consent and by third parties."

Military News
External investigation in MV-22 records falsification.
The Commandant of the Marine Corps has asked the Department of Defense Inspector General to assume control of the investigation into allegations contained in the anonymous letter received January 12 having to do with alleged falsification of records at Marine Medium Tiltrotor Training Squadron 204, Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C. (CSIM News: Marine Corps to Investigate Osprey Squadron.)

The commandant, General James L. Jones, has determined that this investigation should be conducted by an agency external to the Navy and the Marine Corps. The acting secretary of the Navy, Mr. Robert B. Pirie, Jr., concurs and the Secretary of Defense, Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, has approved this request. "While I have complete confidence that the (Marine Corps) IG and his staff would conduct a thorough, complete, and unbiased investigation into these allegations, I am concerned that the nature and gravity of the allegations may invite unwarranted perceptions of command influence or institutional bias. Further, insomuch as the MV-22 program affects other services, I also believe we would benefit from an inquiry by an independent investigative branch such as the DoD IG," said General Jones.

Air Force announces bases for C-17s.
The Air Force announced Jan. 23 that McGuire Air Force Base, N.J., has been selected as the preferred site for 13 additional C-17 Globemaster III airlift aircraft. East Coast basing is preferred with this increment of C-17s because of the strategic proximity of the base in relation to the military forces they would deploy, most of which are in the Eastern United States.

First-ever Beret training for Army.
During the first-ever "Sergeant's Time" at the Pentagon Jan. 23, soldiers packed an auditorium for a Powerpoint slide class to learn the "dos" and "don'ts" about the wear and care of the black beret, the service's upcoming standard headgear. June 14, which is the Army's birthday, is the date when soldiers throughout the Army will began wearing the headgear which has brought much debate since it was announced last October.

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

PC News
Contest: Name that Flanker.
SSI has announced a contest to name their upcoming Flanker title, known under the working title of Flanker Attack. Many of the titles they have tried have been turned down by their legal department for one reason or another. SSI is now giving you the opportunity put in your two cents. Think you can come up with something original? If someone comes up with a title that they use, you will receive an autographed copy of the title by the guys in Moscow. The following are the guidelines to consider:

  • It must capture the fact that players will have the opportunity to fly multiple types of Russian and US aircraft.
  • Players will generally fly close air support or air superiority missions.
  • The average consumer should be able to figure out that the game is a flight simulation by the name alone.
  • No technical terms and names that the average consumer would have no comprehension of.
  • The name should have a nice ring to it and be catchy.
Here are a couple of examples of names tried but were unsuccessful in securing:
Strike Fighters
Air Combat

SSI asks that all ideas be posted at the Official Flanker 2 forum click here

Simon & Schuster announce Real War.
Simon & Schuster Interactive has announced that it will publish the real-time strategy game Real War this summer. The game was first developed for the US military by Virginia-based OC Incorporated, a defense contractor for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was designed to teach the coordination of operations across the four branches of the military - the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. The original game, named Joint Force Employment, is currently in use at several military academies including West Point, US Joint Forces Staff College, and Air University.

Real War - the retail version of Joint Forces Employment - is currently in development at Rival Interactive, a newly formed games company that is partnered with OC Incorporated. The real-time strategy game features new levels, graphics, and artificial intelligence. The game also adds a full single-player campaign, which is set in the Eastern Hemisphere after a terrorist group has bombed a US military base. A series of events occurs that draws the US into a full-scale war with the Independent Liberation Army, or ILA. Players can assume control of either the US forces or the ILA, and each side includes 12 scenarios and around 40 hours of gameplay. More than 40 different types of real-life units are featured in the game, including infantry, armored vehicles such as the M1A1 and T80, nuclear submarines, and aircraft such as the F16 and the B52. Resources are based on supply lines over land, sea, and air. Real War is scheduled for release this August.

767 Pilot ships this week.
767 Pilot in Command flight sim add-on for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. The Wilco Publishing CD program, which ships worldwide on January 31, 2001, includes step-by-step flight training and a series of heart-pounding, nerve-wracking lessons in commanding an aircraft and managing in-flight malfunctions and system failures. 767 Pilot in Command also features a new free 108-page downloadable manual detailing how to operate all the functions of the Flight Management Computer (FMC).Wilco Publishing Site

Sudden Strike ships in North America.
Strategy First Inc., one of the fastest growing independent developers and publishers of PC CD-ROM games, announced today that its highly anticipated real-time strategy game, Sudden Strike has shipped. The North American version of the game ships with 5 additional missions, multiplayer support on and minor bug fixes since the European release.Sudden Strike is an RTS-style action game with a World War II theme. Read the COMBATSIM.COM Review

New Matrox Drivers.
Matrox has released some new drivers for the G200/G400 and G450 series of boards for Win9x/Me and 2000 with optimizations for certain apps and sku's. The drivers can be found at: Matrox Site

Special Community Message.
Dave Weinstein, networking specialist at Red Storm Entertainment, passed along an "Open Letter to the Windows Multiplayer Community" which announced a tragedy involving Bob Quinn, known within the world of developers for his important and numerous contributions to Windows networking. To quote: "If you are playing multiplayer games on a Windows platform, or for that matter using almost any networked application under Windows, you are building upon his contributions to the Winsock standard. But beyond the work he has done on the standards, beyond his work in seminars and as an author, he has also donated countless hours of his expertise to helping networked applications developers (students, professionals, games or not) privately and on mailing lists." Mr. Quinn was involved in a skiing accident and is now paralyzed. A fund has been set up to pay for his medical and rehabilitation costs and contributions are welcomed. Open Letter to Multiplayer Community link: Pies Tactics

Military News
Gripen Team submits response to Austrian RFI.
Gripen has submitted its response to the Austrian government's Request for Information (RFI) for new fighter aircraft to fulfil its national defence requirements. The response is based on the supply of up to 30 new Gripen four-generation multi-role/swing-role fighters, supported by an innovative finance package and offset program.

"Saab Aerospace, which manufactures and markets Gripen internationally in partnership with BAE SYSTEMS of the United Kingdom, has developed a close understanding of Austrian defence operations and requirements since signing a contract to supply the Draken fighter in 1985", stated Roger Lantz, who heads the Gripen campaign in Austria. "The Gripen team looks forward to further developing this long-standing relationship with Austrian defence during the competition process for new fighter", he continued. Produced by a joint venture company in which Saab of Sweden and United Kingdom's BAE SYSTEMS (formerly British Aerospace) have equal shares, Gripen is the world's first in service fourth-generation fighter, designed to meet all known and perceived 21st century defense threats.

US Air Force studies new fighter decoy.
The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is in the process of handing over a miniature decoy to the US Air Force that is designed to copy the typical flight profile of a fighter aircraft. The Miniature Air Launched Decoy (MALD) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) Follow-on Programme will be handled by the Air Force's Lethal Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses Programme Office at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. MALD is being developed to provide US Air Force Air Combat Command, with the ability to achieve air superiority by confusing enemy air defense systems. The unmanned decoy is designed to simulate the mission profiles of typical fighter aircraft with the ability to maneuver through high "g" turns, climbs, and dives.

The MALD is equipped with a Signature Augmentation Subsystem (SAS) which provides increases the decoy's radar cross section across VHF, UHF, and microwave frequencies to replicate a tactical fighter when viewed by enemy radar systems. Affordability, a key performance parameter, was achieved through the use of conventional commercial-off-the-shelf components and processes such as a commercial, composite-sheet molding process used by the automobile industry, a computer processor similar to those used in soda dispensing machines, and a commercially available Global Positioning System unit. The Air Force is considering a limited "Silver Bullet" procurement (where a small instead of large number of high-tech weapons are produced) of 100 to 150 MALDs over a three-year period starting in FY 2002.

AH Mk1 Apache Release to Service
The UK's AH Mk1 Apache has been officially 'Released to Service', marking the moment the British Army assumed ownership of the first nine aircraft and began the training of its pilots. Brigadier Richard Folkes OBE ADC, Director Army Aviation, who signed the Release, confirmed the importance of the signing: "This is a milestone event in the United Kingdom Attack Helicopter programme. Whilst there is still much to do until the Apache enters operational service, it represents the start of the real development for both the Attack Helicopter and the Air Manoeuvre capabilities within the British Army."

(Boeing Photo) Westland's Apache Programme Director, Martin Fausset, said: " This is a tremendous team effort from all involved with this complex programme to have achieved this important signing." The first AH Mk1Apache was handed over to the Ministry of Defence in April 2000 and was one of eight UK Apaches built by Boeing at their Mesa, Arizona facility and shipped to the UK for final assembly and test. The first production Apache built by Westland Helicopters was delivered on time to the Ministry of Defence on July 31 2000, two weeks after its maiden flight. The Ministry accepted the aircraft in accordance with the contracted delivery date established in April 1996.

The prime contract for 67 AH Mk1 Apache helicopters was awarded on 25 March 1996. Whilst Westland Helicopters has prime contractor responsibility, Boeing holds the design rights to Apache and are the key sub-contractor. Eight AH Mk1 aircraft have been manufactured by Boeing in the US with the other 59 being assembled by Westland in the UK. The AH Mk1 Apache is a version of the US Army Apache AH-64D and will replace the Lynx Mk7 TOW system in the anti-armour role. The AH Mk1 Apache is powered by Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 engines whereas AH-64D is fitted with GE T701 engines. The aircraft will be equipped with the latest technology Longbow fire control radar, Hellfire missiles, both semi-active laser and radio frequency versions, CRV7 ground suppression rocket system and the 30mm cannon.

All aircraft will have the improved Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (HIDAS) which will provide much increased situational awareness, early identification of potential threats, and increased survivability. A series of qualification trials were held at the US Army's Yuma Proving Ground in December 2000. This flight testing, in both day and night, achieved flare safe separation throughout the flight envelope, successful dispensing of chaff in flight and HIDAS interoperability with aircraft systems, TADS/PNVS, 30mm cannon and CRV7 rockets.

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

PC News
Two new Sudden Strike forever screenshots.
CDV releasesTwo new Screenshots for Sudden Strike Add-on "Sudden Strike forever"

The general has caught sight of two tanks and one PAK. Two ISU-152 "Zveroboy" are giving him their backing while the 160 mm mortars are shooting at the unsuspecting enemy.

Here we can see the new 152 mm howitzers, which with their enormous range perfectly complement the general and his binoculars. The mini map clearly shows the area that can be seen with the binoculars.

For more information check out the: Sudden Strike site

Military News
Sukhoi - MiG - YaK Merger Soon?
Aero News Network is reporting that AVPK Sukhoi and MiG might soon be merging, to support old products and to develop new weapons. Sukhoi, unlike MiG, has been flying high lately, arming dozens of countries with its fast, reliable, modern Su-30 and -27 'Flankers.' Red China and India, the world's #1 and #3-sized Air Forces, respectively, have provided substantial orders, giving Sukhoi annual revenues reported to be about $1 billion. One possible collaborative project that could benefit both companies would be a so-called fifth-generation fighter jet. Both companies submitted designs for such an aircraft; and they were both rejected, it was revealed within the past month. Russian President Vladimir Putin, the former KGB chief, has said he wouldn't mind seeing the 1700 or so Russian defense companies merged into a couple dozen state-controlled conglomerates. Full story at: Aero-News Network

Marines Relieve Osprey Commander.
Marine officials have relieved the commander of the MV-22 Osprey squadron in New River Marine Corps Air Station, N.C., following allegations he ordered personnel to falsify records. Marine Lt. Col. Odin F. Leberman "was relieved, I think it's fair to say, because the wing commander had lost confidence in his ability to lead, as had the [Marine Expeditionary Force] commander," said Lt. Gen. Fred McCorkle, deputy commandant for Marine Aviation. McCorkle spoke at the Pentagon Jan. 19. Navy officials received an anonymous letter and a tape alleging that Leberman -- then-commander of Marine Medium Tilt-Rotor Squadron 204 -- had ordered subordinates to falsify maintenance records.

The experimental tilt-rotor aircraft is already under investigation by an independent commission. The commission will review the entire MV-22 program. The Marine Corps requested a delay in the decision to move the Osprey to full-rate production. The investigation follows a crash in December that killed the 4-man crew. On April 8, 2000, an Osprey crashed in Arizona killing 19 Marines. The aircraft has been grounded since the second crash.

Marine officials said, based on all the information they have, there is no connection between the two accidents and the allegations of falsified maintenance records. "In fact, the anonymous letter specifically states that this was not what caused the previous two mishaps," McCorkle said.

McCorkle also discussed the December accident. He said the cause of the crash appears to be that the aircraft experienced first a hydraulic failure and then software problems. He said the craft was in 100 percent fixed-wing mode when it crashed. The information came from the crash-survivable unit -- the black box -- aboard the aircraft.

Monday, January 22, 2001

PC News
Battle of Britain News Update.
COMBATSIM.COM has learned that next week's North American release of Battle of Britain will see several fixes from the December UK release. Included will be the cloud vs framerate issues that have been fixed and other small issues have been addressed. A patch will be released for UK copies to fix these issues. We will update you on specifics as information becomes available. Battle of Britain expected to be released in North America January 31, 2001.

Military News
Air Force Releases F-15 Ground Accident Report.
Air Force officials completed the investigation of a ground-test aircraft accident that occurred here Aug. 11. The accident, which involved an F-15E Strike Eagle fighter aircraft and an engine testing facility, has been designated a "Class A" accident, which means it resulted in more than $1 million of damage.

(USAF Photos)
One airman sustained minor injuries. No other military or civilian personnel were injured. The Accident Investigation Board found that during a ground test of the F-15E's jet engines, the aircraft's arresting hook disconnected from the holdback assembly, allowing the aircraft to roll forward and collide with the door of the testing facility. Investigators determined the accident was caused by a failure to properly connect the holdback assembly to the aircraft's arresting hook. The aircraft is being repaired and will be returned to flight operations.

Navy Announces Results Of Its Investigation On USS Cole.
The Navy has completed its Judge Advocate General Manual (JAGMAN) investigation of the terrorist bombing of USS Cole while refueling in Aden, Yemen, Oct. 12, 2000. The investigation provides a comprehensive account of the actions taken onboard USS Cole before, during and after the terrorist attack that killed 17 sailors and wounded more than twice that number. JAGMAN investigations provide the Navy an effective means to gather the facts about what happened, determine "lessons learned" to help prevent future such incidents, and assess accountability of those involved as appropriate.

(Navy Photos)
Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Vern Clark, completed the JAGMAN investigation and agreed with the findings of the Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Adm. Robert Natter, that the commanding officer acted reasonably in adjusting his force protection posture based on his assessment of the situation that presented itself when USS Cole arrived in Aden to refuel. "I found Adm. Natter's analysis to be both well-reasoned and convincing," Clark said, "and therefore agreed with his determination that the facts do not warrant any punitive action against the commanding officer or other members of Cole's crew."

In assessing the accountability of the commanding officer, the Navy essentially needed to answer two questions: Were the decisions made and the actions taken by the commanding officer reasonable and within the range of performance we expect of our commanders; and would any of the force protection measures not implemented by USS Cole have deterred or defeated this determined attack if they had been implemented. The conclusion of Natter - agreed to and supported by both the CNO and Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig - is that the commanding officer's decisions were reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances, and that even perfect implementation of all force protection measures specified under Threat Condition Bravo would not have prevented or deterred this attack.

The JAGMAN also pointed to a number of significant "lessons learned" from the incident:
The Navy needs to do a better job of both training and equipping its ships to operate with reasonable risk in a high-threat environment.
Collective responsibility exists for oversight in pre-deployment training, threat awareness and in-theater support for entering new ports.

The Navy must -- and is -- taking force protection to a new level. The Secretary of the Navy's Task Force on Antiterrorism and Force Protection is already spearheading efforts to create a fundamentally improved force protection mindset throughout the Navy, and to challenge every assumption we make about how we conduct naval operations around the globe. Well-built ships with well-trained crews remain the key to survival, whether the battle is with other military forces or criminal terrorists.

Navy leadership also noted that the investigation underscored shortcomings throughout the network of commands, departments and agencies that provide support to U.S. Navy ships operating in foreign waters around the globe. "The investigation clearly shows that the commanding officer of Cole did not have the specific intelligence, focused training, appropriate equipment or on-scene security support to effectively prevent or deter such a determined, preplanned assault on his ship," Clark said. "In short, the system - all of us - did not equip this Skipper for success in the environment he encountered in Aden harbor that fateful day."

Danzig underscored the importance of a thorough assessment of accountability in his review of the JAGMAN investigation. "We must account for why 17 people under our charge died, and why many other people, material and interests within our responsibility have been injured," Danzig said. "In the process we cannot avoid our own responsibility for what the terrorists achieved. We owe it to those who suffer to provide the comfort of explanation, to the best of our abilities."

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