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Friday November 09, 2001

PC News
The Sherman Experience Launch Event
There will be a launch day for The Sherman Experience Tapes at the Tank Museum at Bovington in Dorset (England) on the 17th of November. Most of the veterans that have contributed to the Tapes will be there to answer questions about their experiences between 1:00 and 3:00pm (GMT). Any who are interested are welcome to come out. Please see the website Hall Graphics or email us for more information. You can also visit the Tank Museum website for entrance and location details

The Sherman Experience Tapes are a compilation of accounts of W.W.II British Sherman tank veterans, gathered through interviews conducted by former Lead Artist for MicroProse's B-17 Flying Fortress II, Ken Hall, over the past year. The interviews cover all aspects of the veterans' experiences, from their volunteering into the services, through training and combat, and on to how they feel they are remembered today and their message to the future generations about their experiences.

Included are three versions of the knocking out of Michael Wittman, the most prolific German tank ace who had hundreds of allied vehicles to his credit, by a Sherman Firefly of 'A' Squadron, 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry. There is a version told by the Squadron second-in-command who organised the action and one told by the Firefly gunner who fired the actual shot that knocked Wittman out.

Medal Of Honor Video Part 3
EA has released the newest video from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. This Part 3 of the five part series on Mission 5 Level 3 shows the attack on Brittany. You and your platoon are responsible for capturing and holding the German command post in the town hall. Watch for and eliminate enemy snipers that will prey on you and your platoon in the open areas.

New Screens: Europa Universalis II
Strategy First has sent us four new screens from the upcoming sequel, Europa Universalis II, coming November 13, 2001. Europa Universalis II broadens the game's scope further, allowing players to not only choose between the 8 European superpowers, but any nation that ever existed in the world! That is over 100 playable nations, including African tribes, the Japanese Shogunate, and the Chinese Empire. The sequel will also feature 100 years of additional history - including the hundred years war and the whole Napoleonic era. The game will span more than four hundred years (1419-1820) providing players hours of additional game play.

Military News
Dubai Draws Visitors From 61 Countries Despite Global Events
Despite global happenings since September 11th and a crisis in the aeronautic industry, organisers of Dubai 2001 say over 10,000 industry visitors from 61 countries visited the show in its first two days. The international exhibition, featured 450 companies from 33 countries and 10 national pavilions.

"We have been more than surprised at the level of organisation and professionalism," said Jerry R. Baker, Vice President Sales/Japan and Middle East for GE Alliance. "We have made remarkable contacts."

"Dubai seems to be the place that will boost this region's civil and military aviation industry, not just for the Gulf but for North Africa and other neighbouring countries. The 30 Russian companies at the show seem to have done quite well. For Russia, this is a very important region," said Dr. Nicolay N. Novichkov, Editor-in Chief ITAR-TASS (Russia's leading news agency).

The exhibition received its largest number of official delegations with 33 missions from 26 countries across North Africa, the Indian Sub-continent, Europe, Asia, the Gulf and the Middle East visiting, including His Highness Prince Faisal who represented the Jordanian Royal Air Force. Over 50 aircraft were on display at the show, with 13 aircraft and aerobatic teams from the UK, France and Italy taking part in a daily flying display.

"In addition, during Sunday and Monday this week, we received 151 official delegations from 52 countries, 70 of which were civil aviation focussed," said Virginia Kern, Chairman, Fairs and Exhibitions, which organises the biennial event.

Some of the original exhibitors pulled out of the show, in the main small-to-medium-sized companies. The only major manufacturers to pull out altogether have been Gulfstream Aerospace, Honeywell and Rockwell Collins.

The exhibition saw the announcement of several major contracts for the region with Airbus, CAE, Bombardier, and Emirates the international airline of the UAE, among the biggest movers.

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