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*Friday, December 31, 1999*
All's Quiet on the Home Front
  • COMBATSIM.COM would like to wish all our readers a safe and happy New Years. See you in Year 2000!
Thursday, December 30, 1999
  • Review: Nations - Fighter Command

    With some simulation reviews procrastination becomes a means of survival. Jim Tittle takes on Fighter Command while maintaining his sanity in EAW.

  • Downloads: USAF Invasion Campaign

    A ten mission custom campaign designed for USAF.

Aces High Updated
  • High Tech Creations has released an update to Aces High, their World War II vintage aircraft on-line game. Click HERE to download from (4.5 Megs)
Wednesday, December 29, 1999
  • Military History: Jan Zurakowski

    Jan Zurakowski was the Canadian test pilot flying the Avro Arrow. But long before that he was flying the Spitfire in the Battle of Britain.

  • Feature: Book and Movie Reviews

    Can't figure out what to do with yourself while you wait for the arrival of B17 II or F/A 18? Have no fear, our book and movie index is here! Check out some of the best of old and new for your holiday reading or viewing.

Tuesday, December 28, 1999
Pacific Combat Pilot
  • The Associates have released Pacific Combat Pilot, an add-on for Microsoft CFS. PCP adds new Pacific area scenery and 27 additional new aircraft. Click HERE for more details.
Monday, December 27, 1999
New Home for Thrustmaster Resource Center
  • The Thrustmaster Resource Center has moved. Click HERE to bookmark their new site and HERE for their European Mirror.
New Release on MoW
  • There is a new relase of MoW version 1.2, the fantasy strategic war-game game. New in version 1.2:
    • solo match series
    • increased to 50 the maximum number of squares allowed in a web map
    • increased to 30 the maximum number of matches each player can have openened
    • tuned various units you can already see the details in the manual
    • it is now possible to buy/sell units/gold/mana over 32K
    • bug of shifting games now solved
    Click HERE for more info.
Sunday, December 26, 1999
New Falcon4 Patch @ iBeta
  • The folks at iBeta have released a new version of thier custom patch for Falcon4.0 to 1.08i2. Click HERE to visit their site.
Codename Eagle Patch 1.12
  • 1.12 addresses problems like Voodoo3 2/3000 1024x768 and above video resolutions, menu crash bug fixes, mission bug fixes, and improves the multiplayer scoring system. Click HERE to download from
Friday, December 24, 1999
Patches just in time for Xmas!
  • Mig Alley 1.1 Patch - fixes the stuttering in multiplayer. Click HERE to download from Megs)

  • Armored Fist 3 Patch - no details available. Use the programs auto-update feature to install or if you are having problems with the auto-update, click HERE to download from (3.5 Megs)

  • Jagged Alliance 2 - English language Jagged Alliance patch version 1.06, which includes the cheat codes as well as some fixes and enhancements. Click HERE to download from (3.4 Megs)

  • Close Combat 4 - Patches-Scrolls web site have posted the latest patch for SSI's Close Combat 4. Click below for your product version (1.2 Megs):
Thursday, December 23, 1999
  • Interview: Going Downtown

    Col. Jack Broughton coordinated west coast Air Force, Navy and Air Guard defense activities out of Hamilton AFB before heading for Minot, ND to spend three winters commanding the Spit'n Kittens of the 5th Fighter F-106 squadron. Upon National War College graduation he proceeded to Southeast Asia for two tours commanding and flying the F-105 during Rolling Thunder.

  • Preview: JANE'S F/A 18 Action Shots

    Air to ground action post mission briefing on a strike mission in the F/A 18 beta. Here also is a new page of action shots.

  • Training: Radar Modes in the F/A-18E

    The Multi-sensor integration on the F/A 18E takes target information from various sources, correlates them and displays the result to you as a fused MSI trackfile. These files are displayed on the A/A Radar page and on the Situational Awareness (SA) page.

  • Feature: DOTD Press Release

    Due to continuing tensions around the globe, Santa's job of delivering toys has become more hazardous than ever. Therefore, it is the duty of the DOTD (Department Of Toy Delivery) to inform the nations of the world that any actions taken against Santa Claus will be met with extreme force.

Game Patches!
  • Delta Force 2 - another patch for Delta Force 2 is available. Use your autoupdate or click HERE to download from
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force Patches - Sierra has released German, French and Italian patches for Half Life: Opposing Force to version Click HERE to download from
Rogue Spear Mods @ RogueSpear dB
  • Dawg Pound Weapon mod - gives you 19 more weapons, which have their own sounds and in-game images. Click HERE to download.
  • Patch for Rodion's Mod Pack - Rodion has released a patch for his Mod Pack, which fixes a problem with Operation Lost Edge not loading correctly. The patch also includes a plan file for Lost Edge. Click HERE to download.
Jane's Defence Weekly for 22 December 1999
  • Israel seeks more than $10b to leave the Golan Heights

    Israel is seeking at least $10 billion in US weapons systems ­including fighter aircraft and ground, air and space reconnaissance systems ­ as part of any withdrawal package from the strategic Golan Heights.

  • UK MoD instructed to re-examine RAF's future airlift requirement

    UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials have been instructed to revisit the proposals for the Royal Air Force's (RAF's) airlift requirements, including the future strategic transport aircraft and the tactical transport aircraft.

  • Further delays hit NH 90 contract signing

    The four nations planning to buy the NH 90 multirole military helicopter have again put off signing the contract for an initial batch and the deal is now unlikely to be finalised until mid-2000, it was learned last week.

  • Boeing unveils JSF demonstrators

    The multi-billion dollar competition to build the US/UK Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) moved from the drawing board to the flight line last week with the unveiling of Boeing's two concept demonstrator aircraft, which are being prepared to undergo flight testing in early 2000.

  • Radar breakthrough could help DoD 'see' underground

    A small US company has made a significant breakthrough in radar technology that US military officials believe could help fill one of their most vexing shortfalls: the ability to "see" underground to gather intelligence on hidden weapons facilities, enemy bunkers and a host of other clandestine activities.

  • USMC's new attack vehicles

    The US Marine Corps (USMC) has received the last of 62 Interim Fast Attack Vehicles (IFAVs) to replace its ageing fleet of M-151 fast attack vehicles.

  • Czech MoD blamed for L-159 delay

    Officials from Czech aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody have blamed the Czech Ministry of Defence (MoD) for a six-month delay in the delivery of the first five of 72 L-159 advanced light combat aircraft.

  • Rivals teams power up for Electric Ship demonstrator

    Two industry teams have submitted tenders to build and operate the UK Ministry of Defence's Electric Ship Shore Technology Demonstrator, a full-scale land-based testbed intended to de-risk and prove the operation of a representative Integrated Full Electric Propulsion system suitable for future Royal Navy surface warships and submarines.

  • China moves to buy more Russian aircraft, warships and submarines

    China has entered into negotiations with Russia for the purchase of more fighter aircraft, warships and submarines to add to its growing arsenal of Russian arms.

  • RAN may fast-track patrol boat replacement

    The Australian Department of Defence will shortly decide whether to bring forward the submission to the government for the planned replacement of the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN's) 15 Freemantle-class patrol boats under Project Sea 1444.

  • SAAF reveals command structure for the future

    The South African Air Force (SAAF) has announced details of the force structure of the service. The new command structure will consist of a Chief of the SAAF, an Air Force Office which forms part of the integrated Department of Defence and an Air Command.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999
  • Humor: Flanker 2.0

    In Flanker 2 life is tough. But worse than that, it can be downright embarassing! Stan Ilin decided it was time to fight back.. by writing this cartoon!

  • Preview: B17 Flying Fortress II

    B17 Flying Fortress II is the astonishing game in production in the UK that blends real time crew action and animation with a WWII study sim in the most detailed reproduction yet of the Flying Fortress and its world.

Shrapnel Games To Publish Armies of Armageddon
  • Shrapnel Games have announced that they will be publishing the deluxe version of Armies of Armageddon: WDK. It's expected to go Gold on January 20, 2000 and will be available for mail order shipments starting in February 2000 at a retail price of $40. Click HERE for more info.
Atomic Released CCIV Vehicle Reference
  • Atomic Games has officially released the Vehicle Reference File for Close Combat IV published by SSI. The download contains a set of HTML pages in zipped format that contain the specs to most vehicles in the game. Click HERE to download.
Tuesday, December 21, 1999
Warship dB Project 4.43
  • Version 4.43 of the Warship Database Project Designer has been posted to the Warship Database Project and Fleet Command Website. Click HERE for more info.
  • Preview: JANE'S F/A 18 Mission Briefing

    Air to ground action in the F/A 18 beta with a strike on SAM and AAA emplacements. Includes new screens and a look at the mission planner and mission recorder.

  • Feature: Joystick 4x2

    You haven't had the cash or interest to get into the full twin stick plus rudder pedals HOTAS, so where do you go for that single stick solution? In this article we compare four sticks with roughly the same feature set, and then close with two non twist action sticks for the kids.

  • Review Part II: Falcon 4 v1.08

    With the release of F4 1.08 and the iBeta patch Falcon 4.0 has truly come of age. Possibly the most amazing simulation of all time, we have decided to re-review the mature product that is Falcon 4.0.

Fighter Ace II Officially Launched
  • Microsoft has announced that Fighter Ace II has gone live on the Zone and is available for download.Fighter Ace II is a multiplayer World War II air combat game that allows more than 300 pilots to fight in a single arena from the cockpit of any one of more than 34 World War II vintage fighters and bombers. For a limited time players can sign up for a subscription where their first month of Fighter Ace II is free.
DirectX 7.0a Released
  • Microsoft has released an official update for DirectX to version 7.0a. Click HERE to goto Microsoft's DirectX Download Center.
New @ New @ RogueSpear dB
  • All Skins Hack - This mod allows you to use any uniform on any mission in Rogue Spear.
  • 3DSMAX Plug-Ins Released - Red Storm has released the 3D Studio MAX Plug-Ins for Rogue Spear :

    This is the exporter plugin for 3dStudio MAX that will export models of weapons or other objects for Rogue Spear. It also includes a few sample MAX files of current Rogue Spear weapons. This needs a version of 3D Studio MAX to run!

Monday, December 20, 1999
Interview with MasterFung
  • Our own Bubba "MasterFung" Wolford was recently interviewed by the folks at 3DFX Gamer. Check it out. Not only will you get to know Bubba a little better but many of the questions are quite humorous to say the least. Click HERE to go directly to the interview.
Flanker2 Millenium Trans Crimea Race
  • is hosting the Flanker2 Millenium Trans Crimea Race. The winner shall be the person who completes a journey around the Crimea flying the Su-27 fighter aircraft making a landing on a runway at each and every airfield in the Crimea in the fastest time. Times will be taken from the TRK which you will record of your flight. The clock will stop when you come to a halt at your final airfield. For more details, click here.
Updates on The Patch Scrolls New Mods @ RogueSpear dB
  • Gallaleo's RS-Stats 3.1 - new features that are new in version 3.1:

    - Able to delete a group of players by choosing how many games they have played.
    - Able to delete a group of players by their "Skill Points".
    - You now have the option to add a comment to the HTML file that the program creates for you.

  • Nihon Enhancement Pack - This package adds these key features to Nihon:

    - More immersive sounds . Every sound from Japanese battle cries to the sheathing of your weapon are now part of the Nihon experience.
    - Oriental interface . Carefully selected portions of your interface have been tastefully redone to immediately set you in the mood for Japanese adventure while at the same time preserving the balance of the original Rogue Spear interface.
    - Play Nihon on the Zone . You can now enjoy this epic mod effortlessly on the Zone thanks to the inclusion of a tailor made TAOW Nihon || 2Mad Launcher.
    - Play with people even if they don't have the NEP. The Nihon Enhancement Pack was designed so that you can download it and still play with those that haven't downloaded it yet.
    - Customized installation . The NEP installer was created to allow you to choose exactly which features you'd like to install and ignore those that you don't want to install. You rarely find this kind of dedication to your convenience in R6/RS mods.

    Download the Enhancement Pack here and the original Nihon (required) here.






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