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Weekend, October 30-31, 1999
  • Interview: JANE'S F/A 18

    F/A 18 represents our ideal for JANE'S Combat Simulations. It's hard core and on the cutting edge for graphics and features, yet typically accessible to the novice via a host of configuration options that simplify the simulation and ease the opposition.

New USAF Virtual Squadron
  • There is a small site dedicated to USAF for the VF-124 (Virtual) Gunfighters called USAF Combat Central. It will be a simple database site nothing special...a place to send in custom art work, sound packs, missions, etc. You can visit the site here: USAF Central
Guillemot Acquires Hercules
  • Guillemot announcd Friday it aquired American manufacturer Hercules Computer Technology Inc. Guillemot Corporation intension for the purchase was to combine Hercules 3D technological know-how with a first rate brand, enabling the company to increase its rate of international development.
Fly Patch 1.01.7
  • TRI has released the new 1.01.7 patch for FLY! Click here to download: Fly! Patch or here: Fly! Patch Site2

    Thanks Jan-Albert for the tip

Friday, October 29, 1999
  • Book Review: JG 26 War Diary
    Donald Caldwell's JG 26 War Diary 1939-1942 isn't your average war book, or your average history book. It is, as its title succinctly states, a diary of the famed Luftwaffe squadron through the first half of WWII.
  • NEWS: Germans Land Russian MiGs at Nellis
    Five Russian-made MiG-29 fighter jets flown by German pilots landed safely Friday at Nellis Air Force Base after a historic flight through U.S. airspace to reach combat training ranges in Nevada. Las Vegas Review Journal.
Combat Mission Beta Demo
  • This long awaited demo is available for download. Click here to download: CMD or here CMD2
Flanker 2 Ships
  • Mindscape Entertainment today announced that their military combat flight simulator Flanker™ 2.0 takes off for retailers nationwide at an estimated street price of $49.99. Developed by Moscow-based studio Flying Legends, Flanker 2.0 ships under the SSI label and is the sequel to the popular military flight sim Su-27 Flanker. Click here to visit the web site F2.
New from
  • New Voodoo 3 Drivers - New Voodoo3 2000 or 3000 AGP/PCI-based Accelerator drivers. New is seperate kits for DirectX 6 and DirectX 7 support, fixed desktop corruption issues and fixed power management and screensaver issues.
  • New Voodoo Banshee Drivers - Version: 1.03.00 reference drivers for AGP/PCI boards running under Windows 9x. This driver kit includes: Glide 2.6, Glide 3.1, DirectX 7.0 (Direct3D and DirectDraw) and the Voodoo Banshee Control Panel.
Jane's Defence Weekly for 27 October
  • USA's secret new missile impacts on UK BVRAAM
    Jane's Defence Weekly has learned of the existence of a highly-classified US Air Force (USAF) ramjet missile system test-fired secretly and successfully during the 1990-91 Gulf War. JDW understands that the UK Ministry of Defence has been made aware of the secret weapon's existence and that the technology is available for the Royal Air Force's Beyond Visual Rang Air to Air Missile (BVRAAM) programme.

  • USA claims France hindered raids
    The US head of the NATO air campaign in Operation 'Allied Force' last week accused the French of hindering NATO's target selection and prolonging the war.

  • Russia's warning on treaty violations
    If the US government insists on amendments to the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty to allow the deployment of a National Missile Defense system, all the strategic weapons treaties between the USA and Russia will be put in jeopardy, according to the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Strategic Missile Force, Col Gen Vladimir Yakovlev.

  • Colombian aid package moves a step nearer
    The US government is moving ahead with a three-year $1.6 billion security assistance package for Colombia and neighbouring countries that would provide new helicopters; transport and refuelling aircraft; patrol boats; state-of-the-art radar and communications technology; and support the formation of additional army counter-drug battalions.

  • US DoD to boost its C-17 fleet
    The US Department of Defense (DoD) is set to increase dramatically the size of its C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft fleet, based on the lessons of recent military operations and a review of its air mobility requirements.

  • Leopard 2 approved for Turkish MBT contest
    Germany has given the go-ahead for Krauss-Maffei Wegmann to provide a Leopard 2 main battle tank (MBT) for evaluation in Turkey's multi-billion-dollar MBT contest.

  • Giat releases details of its L8 bid for French VCI
    Giat Industries has released outline details of its L8 8 x 8 entry for the French Army's Véhicule de Combat d'Infanterie (VCI) infantry combat vehicle requirement.

  • India holds off on bolstering Andaman force
    India is according "low priority" to raising its fourth naval command on the eastern Andaman and Nicobar island territory for fear of "upsetting" neighbouring countries, particularly China.

  • PLA unveils army to act as aggressor
    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has formally acknowledged the creation a year ago of a permanent unit to undertake the opposition role during military exercises.

  • Israeli company licensed to sell arms to Jordan
    State-owned defence manufacturer Israel Military Industries Ltd has received a Ministry of Defence permit to export light arms and ammunition to Jordan in the first formal approval to sell weapons to an Arab state.

  • Dassault may buy back stake to escape EADS
    France's Dassault Aviation could escape falling under the control of the new European Aeronautics, Defence and Space company (EADS) by exercising an option to buy back the 45.7% of its equity held by Aerospatiale Matra if that company merges with another, Dassault officials said last week.

Jane's International Defense Review for November
  • Supermodels go to war
    Air vehicles no larger than the human hand, with the intelligence of an insect, costing only US$1,000 that could provide useful imagery of objects 10km away, may soon go into battle. Machines that flap their wings like a bird will be able to inspect the interior of buildings while miniature crawling robots are also under development. Radical technology in micro motors, insect eye cameras and advanced electronics are making the supermodels possible.

  • Protecting assets against threat from the skies
    This year's NATO campaign against Serbia has reinforced the lesson that effective low-level air-defense systems are of crucial importance for protecting high-value assets against attack by cruise missiles and precision-guided munitions. Integration is the key to successful network air-defense and this feature reviews the latest in air-defense, gun, missile and radar systems.

  • Boosting the staying power of the non-nuclear submarine
    Air-independent propulsion systems are now an operational reality for diesel electric submarine users. Three Royal Swedish Navy Gotland-class boats have each been equipped with two Stirling engines, which allow them to cruise submerged at low speed for over two weeks. IDR examines advances in air independent systems worldwide.

  • Above-water warfare sensors for MPAs
    Maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) are now proving their flexibility across the elements as they take on additional reconnaissance, surveillance and command and control roles. Over land and sea, in joint operations the MPA is vital in establishing pre-strike battlespace dominance.
Russia to start building stealth-assisted missile boat in 2000
  • The St.Petersburg Central Naval Design Office (TsMKB) will start building the Skorpion (project 12300), a modern export-oriented stealth-assisted missile boat (corvette class), in the year 2000, the company's Chief Designer Alexander Shlyakhtenko has said.

    Fierce competition has flared up among Russia's leading shipyards for the right to build these ships, Shlyakhtenko said. These corvettes have good export opportunities because they are meant to replace Tarantul-1 boats which some countries have bought from Russia in previous years.

    The Skorpion has a displacement of 470 ton and unique missile and artillery weaponry including four vertical containers of anti-ship Yakhont missiles and two Kashtan-1 complexes.

    The Skorpion can develop a speed of up to 40 knots and has a sailing distance of 2,000 nautical miles. Similar ships are being developed for the Russian Navy as well, but these will go into production later, after the funds necessary are derived from export sales of Skorpions.

    Basic specifications of project 12300 Skorpion:
    Length overall 56.8 m;
    Beam at crinoline 10.8 m;
    Beam at deck 10.3 m;
    Depth at the fore 6.5 m;
    Depth amidships 5.2 m;
    Depth at transom 5.2 m;
    Full displacement 470 t;
    Maximum speed 38 kn;
    Range at 12 kn cruise speed with:
    - full fuel stores 1,500 nm;
    - maximum fuel stores 2,200 nm;
    Endurance with maximum fresh water and provision stores 10 days;
    Crew, including helo team 37

    Propulsion system

    Triple shaft CODAG plant, comprising the M70FR gas turbine and two MTU 16V4000 M90 diesel engines with total output 20,900 hp.

    Four Yakhont anti-ship missiles in two vertical launchers; two Kashtan-1 close-in missile-artillery system, with the AK-630M gun mount and the PK-10 decoy launcher with four canisters.

    Monument E1 radar system with information exchange interface; Pozitiv-ME1.1 radar system; Puma-E radar control system; Gorizont-25 integrated navigation system; Buran-6E automatic communications complex.
Thursday, October 28, 1999
  • Feature: USAF First Look
    Pending our review of USAF here is a first look at the release version. With three campaigns, eight aircraft to fly and many added features, USAF defines the mid core combat flight sim genre.
  • Editorial: USAF - True Confessions
    I consider myself a serious sim player. I have a fortune invested in my equipment. I am a stickler for realism, generally. I don't use cheats or simplified modes when they are available. F4 is STILL on my hard drive ;) But ... I like USAF. There, I said it. I feel better already.
  • Review: Intel 600B and RDRAM
    While AMD has recently stolen some of the limelight from Intel with its new Athlon processors, Intel is aiming at a strong comeback. The new Coppermine CPU won't make its debut until this week, but a couple of weeks ago Intel announced a new set of processors and a new i810E motherboard.
  • Download: F4 - Goin' Downtown
    This mission was designed by Glen "DENSHO" Armand of the 16th Flying Tigers 164th Wild Weasel Squadron. It comes with an impressive powerpoint slide show and is by far his best work to date.
  • Feature: Home Built F16 Simulator
    For one to enjoy Falcon 4 to its ultimate potential a HOTAS and even maybe some quickshot MFDs are necessary. If one wants to take on the challenge and excitement, he/she can build their very own home built sim cockpit.
SpecOps2 Web Site Open
  • XtremeNetwork™ has released the SpecOps2 Website It contains information and images, features interviews of the Zombie and Ripcord team members. They have just posted online some Q&A with the Zombie team, in regards to Spec Ops 2, which should answer many questions, as well as provide advice for the game. Click here to view the Site: SO2
New @
  • Spec Ops II Demo Patch: This patch will upgrade your demo adding mouse invert if you downloaded the Spec Ops II demo prior to October 27th.
  • New ATI Rage 128 and Rage Pro Drivers - ATI has posted news drivers for Windows 95\98 and NT for the Rage 128 and Rage Pro video cards
  • Jane's Fleet Command 1.2 Patch - This 1.2 update will modify your original Jane's Fleet Command installation by adding many new features and by fixing some issues some people have encountered
  • Aces High Updated - Updated version of Aces High Online multiplayer game.
  • Armored Fist 3 Retail Patch - You should download this file only if you are having trouble obtaining the live update from within the game.
Tuesday, October 26, 1999
  • Column: Command Post - Command Post is a place for combat and strategy game designers to talk directly to our readers. Any member of a design team can write up to 2500 words on a topic relating to simulation and game design in general, their particular philosophy, a topic of importance to the PC gaming community, or a particular aspect of their own game in process.
Warship v. 4.0 for Fleet Command
  • The Warship Database Project and Fleet Command Website has updated their database to version 4.0. Click here to visit their site: WS4.0
Super Horent Hits Gold
  • Super Hornet has mastered and will release Nov.12th in the UK. In the meantime Titus continue to work on the simulation and when the US version is released it will contain any improvements/fixes made to the code up to that point. Expect to see Super Hornet in the US after christmas and include a fully dynamic campaign system and squadron command ability.
  • We are hearing reports that loading USAF may cause problems with your WW2F online connections at JCN. Our multiplayer editor has checked with others who also had to reinstall WW2F after deleting it. We will let you know more when the details become available.
  • For the quiet side of flying, Hangsim will ship in a few weeks. You can visit their website here: Hangsim
Rogue Spear Mods Military News - Kuwait OK's Long-Term US Presence
  • The United States will maintain a long-term presence in this country and with the Kuwaiti government will upgrade U.S.-used facilities here, a senior defense official said Oct. 23.

    Construction is set at roughly $193 million over the next several years. It is uncertain how the United States and Kuwait will share funding, the official said.

    For complete story details, click here: Kuwait OK's US
Monday, October 25, 1999
New @ COMBATSIM.COM DeltaForce2 is Gold
  • Novalogic has reported that Delta Force 2 had gone gold as of 10/20/99. Expect to see it in stores by 11/04/99. For more details you can read their press release.

    Thanks Vernon for the tip.
Flanker2.0 Gateway
  • There is a new website for Flanker2 with links to the best Flanker-related resources on the web called The Flanker Gateway. It's also home of the Flanker Webring.
New Ladders on All Out War
  • All out War has just finished development of a 1v1 Air Combat Ladder for Jane's USAF and World War II Fighters. The ladders are fully automated and track 10 seperate statistics as well as giving the normal ladder rankings. They are also fully searchable, allowing players, and non-players alike, the ability to view pilots, matches, rankings, and top pilots sorted into 8 different categories. Both the USAF and WW2F Ladders are up and running, and pilots can sign up and start participating at any time.

    Ladders for Panzer Elite, Nations: Fighter Command, and MiG Alley will going up next week as well.

    Along with the ladders, AOW continues to run leagues for WW2F and SDOE which are squadron based and mission oriented competitions, as well as pilot listings for online players.






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