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Weekend - October 23-24, 1999
Flight Gear version 0.7.1
  • Flight Gear version 0.7.1 is now available for download at the FlightGear web site. The Flight Gear Flight Simulator project is a free, open-source, multi-platform flight simulator development project. Source code for the entire project is available and licensed under the GPL. For more information, please visit the Flight Gear web site.
Spec Ops II DEMO 37.5 MB
  • The sequel to the genre busting title Spec Ops: Rangers Lead the Way, Spec Ops 2 takes you 5 new locales with improved graphics and gameplay. Control up to 4 rangers in campaign style single player or compete with your friends via internet, modem, or LAN play. Further improvements include ful DirectX support, new weapons, the ability to design and build your own team of Green Berets, stealh movement, and an improved GPS.

    Click here to download: SOII
New @
  • Armored Fist 3 Demo
    As the task force commander for Armored Fist, your orders are clear - advance, engage and destroy the enemy. You control the world's most advanced battle tank, the M1A2 Abrams.

    Click here to download: AF3
New NVIDIA Detonator Drivers
  • nVIDA has released Version 3.53 Detonator drivers for TNT/TNT2/GeForce video cards.

    Click here to download: Det3.53
Friday, October 22, 1999
  • Preview: SWAT III
    In SWAT 3, Special Weapons and Tactics has come home to roost in a first-person tactical simulation. In SWAT 3 you control the element Lead of a five-man squad which is broken into Red and Blue elements.
  • Downloads: Warship Database 3.91
    Warship is an improved doctrine Janes Fleet Command of all military items.
Horse & Musket Demo
  • Shrapnel Games announced today that they are publishing the sequel to the critically acclaimed wargame Dragoon, Horse & Musket: Great Battles of the Eighteenth Century. In a partnership with game designer David R. Erickson, Shrapnel Games has cemented their first game offering since starting operations in August. Horse and Musket is due to go Gold on December 15, 1999 and will be available for mail order shipments starting in January 2000. The demo for this much anticipated sequel is now available here: Horse & Musket
Update on SpecOpsII
  • We reported that Spec Ops II went Gold last Sunday and here are some of the biggest improvements:

    1. The AI. Your squad does a much better job at following you and you can now give them specific locations to defend or demolish (while you provide covering fire). The AI can see you and hear you. Your weapons choice (silenced or not), your posture (laying prone, kneeling or standing), and whether you are in the light or shadows effects how far you can be recognized by the AI.

    2. The graphics engine has been spruced up and supports D3D in addition to 3DFX. All of the lights in the world can be shot out, giving you an advantage and allowing you to use your stealth techniques. The characters in the world are again all take from real world combat uniforms(including the SAS and GSG9) and have 3-4 times as many polys as SO1.

    3. Multiplayer is built into the game. Once again allowing all the single player missions to be played either with (co-op games) or against your friends (combative) (and enemy AI). In addition there is straight up death match, team death match and king of the hill. The host is able to set a wide array of variables for each game, allow for one shot one kill stealth games, or all out frag fests in tight spaces.
Nvidia News
  • Top game developers are integrating transform and lighting into their upcoming titles. By taking advantage of the GeForce 256 GPU's integrated transform and lighting acceleration, you will have a superior gaming experience. Titles include MiG Alley and Panzer Elite.
IJN Yamato Dive
  • One of our news readers came across this site regarding a recent underwater survey of the IJN Yamato - the largest battleship ever built. You can view the site here: IJN Yamato
US Military to use Digitial Dog Tags
  • In the future, US service members may wear two kinds of dog tags instead of one -- the traditional metal ID tags and a new plastic tag bearing digitized medical information.

    US Defense officials are considering using Personal Information Carriers, known as PICs. Similar to the plastic memory cards used to store pictures taken with digital cameras, the PIC holds a service member's shot record and data on allergies and surgical history.

    While the metal tags would continue to serve as the primary means of identification on the battlefield, the PIC would give field medical personnel access to service members' medical records. It could be read by laptop computers at battalion aid stations.

    The military first issued each service member an aluminum dog tag in 1906. During World War I, mindful of the realities of war deaths, the military began issuing two tags, one to be interred with the body, the second to turned over to personnel to record the death. DoD recently awarded Informatec, Inc., a contract to produce an initial order of 5,000 to 20,000 digital tags, which will be demonstrated in simulated operational environments in the next few months. The contract includes options for a total of 2.5 million tags over the next five years, according to Lt. Col. Bradley Dawkins, an Air Force physician and DoDís PIC project manager.

    DoD has not yet decided to employ the high capacity PIC, however. Dawkins said the department is also developing digital Smart Cards to carry an individualís security key and other information. Officials are studying whether the cards could also carry medical information, Dawkins said.

    If the department fields the PIC, the initial versions will hold only text-based data, Dawkins noted. Eventually, as data capacity increases and costs per device decreases, they also may hold X-rays, EKG and MRI results and other multimedia data, he said.

    The PIC is part of the Composite Health Care System II (CHCS II), a computerized system designed to allow providers to track health care services delivered to members of the militaryís health care beneficiary community.

    The PIC would be an electronic theater medical record in settings where computer network connectivity is unavailable. Thus, the PICs would give in-theater health care providers immediate access to accurate clinical information and would allow them to update service members' permanent records in the field.
Thursday, October 21, 1999
  • Downloads: Mission Downloads
    Have you been to our download pages lately? We have custom missions and add ons for virtually every simulation out there. We have now added sections for Fleet Command, Flanker 2, and USAF. We also have patches and demos.
  • Preview: Aces High Beta
    In the beginning there was the Land of Warbirds. Over this land hovered HITECH and PYRO, who had lovingly created it. And many were the men and women from across the globe who came and saw the Land and the Air where dids't fly the aircraft of their forefathers. And the people were amazed.
  • Microsoft and Zipper Interactive yesterday unveiled the first glimpse into their action/simulation game, Crimson Skies. Shipping in mid-2000, Crimson Skies plunges gamers into a world of aerial piracy and daredevil adventures set during the golden age of aviation.

    The planes are faster, the engines are bigger, and the guns are more powerful. In this alternate history, the year is 1937 and the United States is fractured into squabbling nation-states, brought about by the weight of the Great Depression, regional prohibition and mounting isolationism. Giant Zeppelins crisscross the skies carrying both passengers and cargo, and airborne bandits are a constant threat. It is a time of gunship diplomacy and airship piracy, as dastardly villains, beautiful air-privateers and valiant militia forces battle for control of the skies over North America.

    In Crimson Skies, the transcontinental railroad and the budding highway system are useless because they cross the hostile borders of the nation-states. In an effort to maintain commerce and trade, flight becomes the vital lifeline connecting allied countries. America has fallen in love with the airplane, not the automobile, resulting in an explosion of unusual and exotic aircraft.

    Crimson Skies will be available in the Summer of 2000.
Metal Knight
  • Global Village, Inc. announced the release of Metal Knight -- Mission: Terminate Resistance, a futuristic computer game that allows the player to take sides and compete in a complex, challenging sci-fi battle. The player's goal is to gain control of as much territory as possible and neutralize the opposition, and the side that the player chooses to fight on is entirely up to him or her. Boasting such features as 3D animation, a rich audio soundtrack, over 60 individual missions and support for up to eight players.
Gurkha soldier joins ONW operation
  • The squad of militiamen creeps through the swamp, obscured by thick reeds, weapons ready. The leader scans the area, searching.

    As the first hint of dawn illuminates the sky, discernable shapes emerge from the shadows. The figures move swiftly and silently and overpower the enemy from behind.

    Such is part of the legend surrounding the Gurkha soldier, a superior warrior and highly trained mercenary. Lance Cpl. Surya Bdr Thapa is a Gurkha soldier in the British Army Royal Signal Corps on temporary duty here. He works in the Tactical Communications Wing, Detachment Operation Warden here, where he maintains the Euromux trunk communications system, a data, telegraph and voice traffic tactical communicator.

    The term "Gurkha" refers to soldiers of Nepalese origin who, over many generations, served in the legendary British Brigade of Gurkhas. A native of Nepal, Thapa has been a member of the British Army for more than eight years.

    "Joining the military in Nepal is not the same as it is in the U.K. (United Kingdom) or the U.S.," said British Flt. Lt. Nick Limb, Thapa's supervisor. "In our countries, military service is voluntary. We just go down to the local recruiter and sign up. In Nepal, the process is very different," he said.

    Nepalese men gather as a community council with elder members from surrounding villages. Council members examine the applicants from each village and select men to join the Indian and British armies. The selection process takes approximately two to three weeks.

    "It is an honor to be selected to join the Indian army, but it is much more prestigious to join the British forces," said Thapa. For Thapa, induction was more than a way of life. It was a family tradition. His father served honorably for more than 20 years in the British Army also.

    "Nepal is an impoverished country," he added. "Many of the people there are extremely poor and illiterate. For many men, the opportunity is significant. Many men have problems finding jobs in my country, so to be selected to enter the military means a lot to each of them."

    In fact, quite a few come to the council with the clothes on their backs and not much more. They have no job and some are homeless but desperate for work.

    Thapa is married and has an 11-month-old daughter he has only seen in photographs. British military regulations for Gurkhas state families are not allowed to travel with members unless the member is at least a sergeant and only for a period of two years. As a result, Thapa and his wife have spent only seven months together out of the eight years they have been married.

    Military regulations do allow Gurkhas to accumulate two weeks leave every six months. Once a Gurkha member reaches his one-year anniversary, he can request leave.

    Basic training for the Gurkhas is extensive, usually completed in nine months. There, the men are taught military education and in most cases, they are taught basic math, reading and writing skills. Additionally, only Gurkha British soldiers are trained in the special operations arena.

    "Because many of the men selected may not have completed high school, they must learn the basics and learn to speak English," said Limb. In addition, the Nepalese men are taught weapons training to include the 5.56 semiautomatic gun.

    Limb describes Thapa as an extremely hard working, dedicated soldier.

    "Surya is one of the best soldiers I have had the pleasure to supervise," said Limb. "He is very dedicated, highly intelligent and highly skilled and works extremely hard. We value his experience and knowledge regarding here."

    According to Limb, most Gurkha men are highly intelligent and hard working. He said they never seem to tire and are always respectful and honorable.

    Surya said he enjoys the army and hopes to retire. In order to do that, he must make the rank of sergeant before his 15th year. Promotions in the British army are based on evaluation reports. A board is held once a year and selections are made from the packages submitted.

    He has had an opportunity to travel during his military career. His assignments include Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong and Brunei. He said he enjoys his assignment here and the people he works with.

    The name Gurkha is derived from the old kingdom of Gorkha, the territory that roughly encompassed the present-day district of Gorkha.

    Legend has it that Gurkhas never return their service-issued kukri (curved Nepalese knives) to its sheath without first drawing blood, even if it is their own. When asked if this was true, Thapa just smiled. Whether or not this is true remains a mystery.
    To read additional details, click here: Gurkhas
Jane's Defence Weekly - 20 October 1999
  • Confidence over US-Israeli target test of Arrow 2
    The Israeli-US Arrow 2 anti-ballistic missile system is scheduled to attempt its first intercept of a live target early next month, almost a year after it was originally expected to try.

  • Russian funds for procurement reallocated
    Russia is to redistribute defence procurement funds as a result of the continuing military operations against Chechnya.

  • Boeing's study on Apache crash focuses on clutches
    Boeing officials expect to this week to complete a study to verify Israeli claims that a hydraulic fault caused the June 1999 crash of an Israel Defence Force (IDF), Air Force AH-64A Apache attack helicopter.

  • US Army seeks dual route to medium-sized force
    The US Army will pursue a two-pronged approach to fielding middleweight combat forces in its drive to become more strategically mobile.

  • USA, UK look to share common criteria TUAV
    The US Army and UK Ministry of Defence agreed to explore future co-operative uses of tactical unmanned air vehicles (TUAVs) in a Letter of Intent signed on 12 October.

  • Bazan back with lead bid for Norway's New Escort
    The Norwegian Navy Materiel Command will resume talks with Empresa Nacional Bazan for the service's NKr10.2 billion ($1.3 billion) New Escort vessel project, aiming at a final deal for five or six frigates before year-end.

  • Russia to base Su-24 Fencer bombers in Ukraine
    Russia will base 20 Su-24 (NATO codename Fencer) tactical bombers at Gvardeyskoye air base near Simferopol on the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine, following the conclusion of two years of negotiations between the two countries.
  • Australia in search for improved landing craft
    The Australian Defence Force has initiated programmes to improve its amphibious capabilities, with industry briefings held around Australia earlier this month.

  • PLA undergoes a reshuffle
    China has expanded its senior military leadership, most notably through the appointment of state vice president and Politburo Standing Committee member Hu Jintao as vice chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC).
  • Israel sets up plan for Lebanon withdrawal
    The Israeli military high command has begun discussions on a withdrawal from Lebanon.

  • France starts building frigate for Saudi Arabia
    France's state-owned shipbuilder Directions des Constructions Navales (DCN) has begun hull block assembly of the first of three F 3000S multi-purpose frigates ordered by Saudi Arabia under the April 1997 Franco-Saudi Sawari II accord.

  • Canada set to harmonise with US export laws
    Canada will synchronise its defence export laws with the USA, creating a seamless and formal North American defence sales bloc, under an in-principle agreement that will exempt Canada from US export regulations and provide Canadian companies better access to US contracts.
Wednesday, October 20, 1999
New @ COMBATSIM.COM Rogue Spear 2.04 Patch
  • RedStorm has officially released the latest patch for Rogue Spear. You can download the upgrade here (2.4MB): RS2.04 or here: RS2.04
USAF on the Shelves
  • There have been reports coming in that Janes USAF has been spotted on store shelves all over the world. Several on-line stores in the US are offering USAF at discounted rates to customers.
No Half-Life for Mac
  • Gone Gold is reporting that the Macintosh version of Sierra's Half-Life has been canceled and won't be coming back. According to Valve's Gabe Newell the reason for the cancellation of the Mac port were problems with the multiplayer which would have to lack Team Fortress Classic out of the box, wouldn't be able to automatically update, and would not be compatible with the PC version.
SpecOps2 Gone Gold
  • Gone Gold is reporting that Spec Ops 2, the follow-up to the best-selling Spec Ops, is NOW GOLD. It is shipping from the manufacturer on November 8, for an in-store estimated date of Veteran's Day, November 11.
Tuesday, 19 October, 1999
../../index.htm ../../index.htm New @ COMBATSIM.COM Microsoft Allegiance Web Site Up
  • Microsoft today announced that the official site for Allegiance, a massively-multiplayer space-action game, is now live. Coming to stores in Spring 2000, Allegiance will be playable on the MSN Gaming Zone as well as independent game servers worldwide. Allegiance combines the social challenge of squadron-based combat with stunning graphics and immersive environments and sound effects. In Allegiance, players can pilot and customize many different classes of ships, from scouts to fighters to battle cruisers. They also have the ability to switch between a variety of combat roles, including pilot, turret gunner or base commander. Hundreds of players can engage each other in death-match style arenas or in cooperative play with rich strategic elements such as controllable assets, researchable technology and command features. Gamers will be able to represent their identity, through recorded accomplishments and medals, giving combatants the chance to become part of an ongoing, dynamic universe.
Journal Subscribers who chose Flanker 2.0 as compensation
  • If you subscribed to the canceled COMBATSIM.COM print magazine AND chose Flanker 2.0 as part of your compensation package, read on.

    Many moons have passed since the offer was first made, and it's understandable that many of you have moved. So, we have created a form for you to update your address info. Even if you haven't moved, you should fill in the form just so we know you are still around!

    We do know who is eligible so please don't fill in the form to see if it just might get through. To go to the form now, Click Here
    Douglas Helmer
    Site Administrator
    [email protected]
Master Key Mod for Rogue Spear
  • The Rogue Spear Database has posted a new mod by Trigger Happy called Master Key. This mod adds a 12 gauge weapon onto your primary and it acts as your secondary weapon! Download it here.
Monday, October 18, 1999
New @ COMBATSIM.COM Close Combat IV
  • Atomic Games are looking for beta testers for Close Combat IV. Sign up to test the latest in Atomic Games' acclaimed real-time wargame series. SSI is also currently accepting testers for Reach for the Stars. Click here to submit your 'resume'.
Delta Force Cheat Codes
  • We've managed to get some Cheat Codes for NovaLogic's Delta Force: Press the tilde key "~" to access the console, then enter any of these cheats:
    • Code = Effect:
    • iwillsurvive = God mode
    • raindropskeepfallinonmyhead = Artillery call (5 shots)
    • takeittothelimit = Reload ammo
    • hitmewithyourbestshot = Tough computer opponent
    • closetoyou = Invisibility
    • Multiplayer: You go in the ice map. You go to the 2 storage house. Then you go to the second floor you push "7" to try nothing. You run on the stairs and than you jump to the ceiling, then you in side of the wall. No one can see you and you see all In console type "turbo" you walk faster.
New Rogue Spear Mods New Lloyd Mod 4.01
  • The RogueSpear Database has the latest on Lloyd Mod 4.01:

    Just posted an updated version of my weapons mod. Its created using the same sofware so expect AVP to just hate it. New version makes the mod playable from the MODS directory and even creates a shortcut on your desktop for this purpose. That way you don't have to throw my mod in the recycle bin just so you can play Multi-player. I have not got MP working yet but am making progress. The new release adds a couple new textures, adds the M203 to your secondary list, corrects some text errors, fixes a bug with the reticules, and adds 0.50 HE ammo for your Barretts, SR-50, and the AW-50. You can get the mod from the downloads page on my site, or direct link via here (Yep, Sooner, I moved again. Xtreme network made me an offer I couldn't refuse)
    Best regards to all!

    Click here to download from RSD: LM4.0
Army Men Sequel Ships
  • The Adrenaline Valut is reporting that 3DO has shipped Army Men: Toys in Space, the series' third game for the PC and the sixth overall in the franchise. This time out, Sarge joins an all-new race of space toys in a galactic struggle between good and evil. Also returning is Bravo Company to do -- what else? -- battle with the evil Tan Army. The diabolical Plastro, commander of the Tan Army, has enlisted the aid of a depraved race of plastic, bug-eyed aliens. Sarge teams up with the heroic Tina Tomorrow, leader of the Space Troopers, to save the day.

    With new weapons and abilities introduced by the space toys and menacing aliens, Sarge and the Space Troopers do battle through missions based in the real world, the plastic world and even in plastic outer space. The action has been enhanced by a manual control system for individual units, map briefing screens, multiplayer options screens and easy grouping of units into squads. New multiplayer features include the addition of a buy system for initial units and assets, and point-based gameplay.






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