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Saturday-Sunday, September 11-12
11:12AM MST Sunday New Matrox Drivers
  • Matrox has posted new Millennium G400 Series Drivers (version 5.25). You can download them here: G400 New Drivers
  • They have also just publicly released a Beta ICD patch that can be used in conjunction with these new drivers to give a slight performance boost in Open GL titles. This BETA ICD Patch is linked off of our Latest Drivers Page at OpenGL
Friday, September 10
2:40 P.M. MST - New Forum Topics Added
  • There's now two new, much requested topics on the forums here at COMBATSIM.COM: Newbie Zone and FAQ's and Wanted to Buy. Click here to check 'em out!
10:30AM MST - DiD News
  • Several users have recently informed our staff that the Digital Image Design web site ( was not working. After consulting their parent company (Infogrames) for information and news on DiD games or projects, you will need to go to the Infogrames website. Click here for the new link to DiD.
    As a side note: In our search for this information, we also learned that speculation of DiD's Typhoon project is NOT a code or even real name for a European version of a third installment of EF2000 (EF2K v. 3.0). What it will be is still unclear at this time.
9:50AM MST - Delta Force Patch Released
  • Novalogic has officially released the next patch for Delta Force. You can download it from their web site: DeltaForce Patch
9:31AM MST - US Joint-Service Team Develops New Protective Mask
  • The US Department of Defence is reporting their new mask will be the lightest, most comfortable protective mask service members have ever used, Army Col. Steven V. Reeves said. Reeves, project manager for nuclear, biological and chemical defense systems, said the Joint Service General Purpose Mask will replace five different masks used by soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. To view the actual new mask, click here: New Mask
    To view the Defense Article, click here: New Protective Mask
8:00AM MST - 3DFiles News
  • Voodoo 2000 & 3000 Drivers - Voodoo3 2000/3000 drivers for AGP/PCI boards running under Windows 9x. This driver kit includes: 2D Display driver, Glide 2.6, Glide 3.1, DirectX (Direct3D and DirectDraw) and OpenGL(r) v1.1 ICD. Click here to download: V2&V3 Drivers
  • WarTorn Demo - The year is now 2999 AD and WarTorn™, as it is now known, is set for a revival. The people of the world are understandably nervous, and yet uncomfortably excited by the prospect of controlled war. For more information and to download, click here: WarTorn
  • Fly! Beta Patch - Another beta patch for Fly! with another long list of fixes and improvements. Click here to download: Fly Beta Patch
  • DoomGL 1.0 - Thats right, play Doom in OpenGL. This is the latest beta. DoomGL should now be compatible with Voodoo2 mini-gl & Quake3 drivers, dynamic lighting on the torches and clipping problems fixed. Click here to download: DOOMGL
Thursday, September 9
4:53PM MST - New COMBATSIM.COM Hardware Editor
  • John Reynolds is joining the staff as Hardware Editor. John comes to us with plenty of relevant history for his work here, having joined the Ohio Air National Guard in the mid-'80s, serving in his unit's command post for almost 9 years before leaving the service. During this time he completed his Bachelor's in English, and shortly thereafter his Masters, specialising in archival preservation. He is now employed in a large corporate office as a network technician and is currently studying for the MCSE program.
2:21PM MST - Panzer General 3D Assult News
  • Panzer General 3D Assault, the next installment in SSI's military combat series, went gold master this week. The product is scheduled to ship on September 28. For more information on this product, please visit the SSI Web site.
2:19PM MST - New Screen Shots of B-17II
  •, a B-17II fan site has posted 20 new screen shots of the up and coming game. You can view them here: B-17II Shots
1:15PM MST - Hasbro to Acquire Wizards Of The Coast, Inc.
  • Hasbro, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast, Inc. announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement for Hasbro to acquire Wizards of the Coast, the world’s largest publisher of hobby games and a leading publisher of fantasy and science fiction literature. The purchase price is approximately $325 million, subject to adjustment based on the audited net assets of Wizards of the Coast at closing, and certain contingent payment rights. For complete details you can read the press release here: Press Release".
12:11PM MST - Flight Simulator 2000 Add-ons Lining Up
  • A new add-on to FlightSim98 and 2000 has been announced by Wilco Publishing.Wilco's AIRPORT 2000 VOLUME 2 will feature replicas of seven new airports, nine new airplanes, faithfully reproduced instrument panels, and 10 new adventures with fully interactive ATC and internal announcements. For details, visit their web site.
11:09AM MST - New Flanker2 Screen shots at FBO
  • Stinger's Flanker FBO site has posted new screen shots from Beta9 of Flanker2.0. Check it out: Flanker FBO
  • Unconfirmed reports are coming in of "9999" date problems. From Device Drivers to actual computer slowdowns and crashes, the effects are real. Keep checking in for live updates throught the day!
Wednesday, September 8
12:50PM MST - MOUT - Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain
  • A very interesting site designed to aid those researching urban military operations. There is new and original material on MOUT lessons learned and tactics, techniques, and procedures submitted by site visitors. The page is unofficial - maintained on a personal site - and is updated frequently. Great for current military tactics and those involved in professional combat training. You can visit the site here: MOUT
12:45PM MST - Virgina Class Submarine Keel Laid
  • A keel laying ceremony for the lead ship in the Navy's new attack submarine class was held Thursday, September 2. The ceremony for VIRGINIA (SSN 774) was hosted by Electric Boat at their Quonset Point Facility in North Kingstown, R.I.

    The Navy's next-generation attack submarine, the VIRGINIA class, will provide the U.S. Navy with the capability required to maintain the nation's undersea supremacy well into the 21st century. VIRGINIA will have improved stealthiness, sophisticated surveillance capabilities and special warfare enhancements which will enable it to meet the Navy's multi-mission requirements.

    VIRGINIA will be able to attack targets ashore with highly accurate Tomahawk cruise missiles and conduct covert long-term surveillance of land areas, littoral waters and other sea forces. Other missions VIRGINIA will conduct include anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, special forces delivery and support, and mine delivery and minefield mapping. With enhanced communications connectivity, VIRGINIA also will provide important battle group and joint task force support, with full integration into carrier battle group operations.

    The VIRGINIA class attack submarines surpass the performance of any current or projected threat submarine, ensuring United States undersea dominance well into the next century.
12:34PM MST - Rogue Spear Demo Performance Tips
  • Greg Stelmack, RSE Engineer, has posted some performance tips on Rogue Spear Retreat to help make the RS Demo run smoothly:
  • Make sure "Action Music" is turned off. I knew I should have removed this option entirely, but I was trying to disturb the .exe as little as possible. If you turn this on, you will get frequent 2 second pauses during the action phase as no Action Music was shipped with the demo. Note that if the host pauses due to this, clients will see big warps.
  • If you have a modem and are playing an on-line game, make sure everyone in the game has their settings set to "Internet", otherwise you WILL have lag. Rogue Spear does use more bandwidth than R6 (there's lots of new stuff to send), so using the throttling of the Internet setting is more important.
  • You cannot run while zoomed. If you are zoomed in at all, you will walk even if you have the run key held down.
  • Run Speed: the run speed in Rogue Spear is about 10-20% lower than in R6. If you think you are running very slow, see #3.
  • If you don't like the reticule behavior with your favorite weapon, try some others. Assault rifles are lousy shots when running or firing long bursts, but have good range; that's the trade-off. Check my Designer Log for a discussion of the different weapons.
  • Greg also mentioned that there is a problem in the code where when a player joins during the action phase, it sends in the armpatch causing lag for the game in progress. He recommends disabling armpatches on the server.
10:49AM MST - Delta Force Patch News
  • For those of you who may have downloaded the Delta Force Patch announced on 'other' web sites, I've been informed from Novalogic that this patch was not for general release and is NOT the official version. Check here for the release and download link when it is finally made public!
10:47AM MST - FlightSim 2000 AVI's
  • Microsoft has posted two new AVI's for their new Flight Simulator 2000. You can view the page here: FS2000 AVI's
10:30AM MST - Air Power Articles 10:23AM MST - Rogue Spear Wins Award at ECTS
  • Rogue Spear Retreat is reporting that Rogue Spear won the award for "Best Multiplayer Game" at ECTS '99 in London last weekend. You can view the ECTS web site here: ECTS99
10:10AM MST - Announcement for SDOE Tournament
  • Last week we reported about the upcoming Fighter Squadron: SDOE tournament, that will be held on Sept. 25th, 10:30 AM Pacific time. There will be a final announcement of this tournament on Sept. 11th. Click here for the first announcement. The tournament will progress in 3 "levels". Each level will involve competing divisions (four pilots each) in a different type of mission.
    Thanks to Hedgehog from the SBM squadron for this news tip!
Tuesday, September 7
3:52PM MST - US Army Return to Chinooks
  • The US Army announced last week that half of its previously grounded CH-47D "Chinook" helicopter fleet will return to limited flight. For complete story details, you can click here: Chinook
2:00PM MST - ROGUE SPEAR DEMO! 9:45AM MST - Canada Plans Big Cuts to Air Force
  • CBC News is reporting that Canada's Department of National Defence is planning to eliminate about one third of the remaining aircraft in the Canadian air force, according to an Armed Forces Report. For complete story details click here: RCAF Cuts
9:40AM MST - Patch for Internet Explorer
  • CNET has posted a patch for Microsoft Internet Explorer that fixes a couple of security bugs. You can visit the site here to download the patch: IE Patch
9:25AM MST - PC Pilot - New Magazine
  • PC Pilot is a new magazine dedicated to flight simulation. It's a professionally produced 68 page magazine, delivered bi-monthly. PC Pilot launches September 28th.
9:13AM MST - Rogue Spear News
  • The list for supported video cards has been posted: Video Cards. The new Roster section is up with 10 new playable characters: Roster. The playable Rogue Spear Demo is due out some time this week, rumour has it will be today. If and when it is posted, you can check here for the URL!
Labour Day Long Weekend - September 4-6
Monday 11:25PM MST - COMBATSIM.COM Desktop Backgrounds with Calender Sunday 1:00PM MST - Monitors making the move from analog to digital
  • CNN.COM has reported that IBM announced last Tuesday that it supports the new DVI specifications in its Aptiva S Series, which is now available. IBM representatives say its PC 300 and IntelliStation desktop PCs, and both its P Series CRT monitors and T Series flat-panel displays will be infused with the technology by the end of September. For the complete story, click here: Finally! Digital Monitors
Sunday 11:48AM MST - Starfleet Command 1.01.00 Patch Sunday 11:45AM MST - Rogue Spear Beta
  • Rogue Spear Retreat is reporting that the playable demo for Rainbow6:Rogue Spear may be released later this week. We'll let you know as soon as it becomes available!
Sunday 11:39AM MST - SDOE Fans - Phonebook for Pilots Sunday 11:33AM MST - New plane in the works for SDOE
  • There is a new plane in the works for Fighter Squadron:The Screaming Demons Over Europe. Peter Hawk, administrator of the Fighter Squdron Extreme web site, is wrapping up a new plane - the German GO-229. For some amazing pictures you can view the plane at the SDOE forum on Peters Site: GO-229.






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