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Labour Day Long Weekend - September 4-6
Monday 11:25PM MST - COMBATSIM.COM Desktop Backgrounds with Calender Sunday 1:00PM MST - Monitors making the move from analog to digital
  • CNN.COM has reported that IBM announced last Tuesday that it supports the new DVI specifications in its Aptiva S Series, which is now available. IBM representatives say its PC 300 and IntelliStation desktop PCs, and both its P Series CRT monitors and T Series flat-panel displays will be infused with the technology by the end of September. For the complete story, click here: Finally! Digital Monitors
Sunday 11:48AM MST - Starfleet Command 1.01.00 Patch Sunday 11:45AM MST - Rogue Spear Beta
  • Rogue Spear Retreat is reporting that the playable demo for Rainbow6:Rogue Spear may be released later this week. We'll let you know as soon as it becomes available!
Sunday 11:39AM MST - SDOE Fans - Phonebook for Pilots Sunday 11:33AM MST - New plane in the works for SDOE
  • There is a new plane in the works for Fighter Squadron:The Screaming Demons Over Europe. Peter Hawk, administrator of the Fighter Squdron Extreme web site, is wrapping up a new plane - the German GO-229. For some amazing pictures you can view the plane at the SDOE forum on Peters Site: GO-229.
Friday, September 3
6:51PM MST - Exciting Airshow Pictures at MAKS'99! 4:00PM MST - EAW Control v1.6
  • For those of you who may have missed it, Al White has released his latest version of EAW Control with a whole whack of improvements.
  • Fixed up the code, a major revamp. Now it doesn't matter where/what you have in your ini file, the values are written to the correct areas. The last versions didn't like anything but a bog standard ini file when changing values.
  • Launching EAW will now close down the control.
  • Changed the overall look of the control to match Fighter Squadron(tm) Control (SDOE Control).
  • Added a few new commands available with the 1.2 patch for both single and multiplayer.
  • Patch readme file included and viewed via a button on the control.
  • Added a page where you can add names and IP addresses for internet/network connections. It was written primarily for use with Roger Wilco to help aid the retrieval of user names and IPs.
  • A button to launch Roger Wilco if it exists on your system.
  • Click here to download: EAW Controlv1.6
3:21PM MST - DDay V1.0 Released for Combat Flight Simulator
  • DDay V1.0 has been released by the VOD&DOD Headquarters. It is the first 3D scenery maker for the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator. To learn more about D-Day, click here: DDay.
2:35PM MST - CNN: Computer virus threatens Microsoft Word users
  • CNN.COM is reporting a new computer virus has been identified that infects Microsoft Word documents and threatens to wipe out computer hard drives on Dec. 13, but experts agreed on Thursday the threat has been caught early enough to prevent its widescale spread. Story can be fond here: VIRUS
1:12PM MST - Jagged Alliance 2 1.05 Patch
  • has reported a patch for Jagged Alliance 2, version 1.05. You can download it here: JA2-1.05
09:57AM MST - GameBlazer has gone Gold
  • ZeBlazer Systems announced the immediate availability of GameBlazer version 1.0 today.

    GameBlazer provides PC game players with fail-safe control over save-game and configuration files. With GameBlazer, you don't need to ration save-game slots; just swap-and-play, then save-at-will. For example, when you use GameBlazer with Falcon 4, you can swap out the save-files for one campaign before you start a new campaign. Swapping back is fast and easy. GameBlazer also allows each person sharing a computer to have their own set of save-game or configuration files. In addition, GameBlazer includes a quick reference to Web sites and custom tools for featured games.

    Download GameBlazer Here: GameBlazer1.0
09:46AM MST - Rogue Spear Intro Movie
  • Red Storm Entertainment has released the intro movie for Rogue Spear. You can download it from their main page by clicking here: Rogue Spear Intro Movie. (MPG format). (Ed note: Due to high demand, you may find the movie slow to download or experience timeouts.)
09:00AM MST - Shadow Watch Hits Beta
Thursday, September 2
2:41PM MST - Abacus Fall Lineup 2:25PM MST - New Patch for Spec Ops: Ranger Team Bravo
  • has two patches for SO:Ranger Team Bravo by Zombie Studios. One for OpenGL and the other for Voodoo1/2 video cards. For information on the fixes and to download, click here: SO:RTB Patch.
2:06PM MST - NVIDIA Announces New Chip - GeForce 256 GPU
  • Nvidia announced Tuesday their new "graphics processing unit" called the GeForce 256 GPU. For complete details and pictures, visit their web site press release.
11:35AM MST - Saitek News
  • Saitek Industries will be at the ECTS show in London this weekend, stand N410, left of the entrance to the National Hall. They will be demostrating their latest joystick and controller lineup. Saitek also indicated that they are hoping to release the X-36 in USB format later this month.
  • For our US readers:

    The Department of Defense will host a Tiltrotor Technology Presentation on the Pentagon's River Entrance parade ground to demonstrate the capabilities and versatility of tiltrotor technology from 9:15 to 10:30 a.m. EDT, on Sept 8. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen will preside at the event, which begins with the arrival of the test prototype XV-15 tiltrotor technology demonstrator, followed by arrival of a production-model MV-22 (Marine Corps variant of the V-22 series) Osprey at the Pentagon River Entrance. Cohen will be available to the press immediately following arrival of the two aircraft on the River Entrance parade ground. The XV-15 and MV-22 will remain on display for public viewing until 4 p.m. EDT to afford Pentagon employees and interested parties the opportunity to see the world's first production tiltrotor. Media interested in attending this event may contact Capt. Bakkar-Poe or Sgt. Lisbon at (703) 614-4309/6252 for further coordination of parking and Pentagon access.

10:02AM MST - New JANES USAF Squadron
  • Joseph "Badger" Taylor is starting up a USAF Squadron. If your interested, drop by his site. He's looking for new and old pilots to "kick this game off with a bang." You can find this site here: USAF Squadron
8:41AM MST - New Patch for Hidden & Dangerous
Wednesday, September 1
3:07PM MST - Flight Unlimited III Editor
  • Electronic Arts and Looking Glass Studios today announced details about the scenery editor featured in Flight Unlimited III.
    Key features include:
  • the ability to modify existing scenery
  • an extensive objects library
  • create objects with moving patchs across the ground and attach specific sounds to each object
1:05PM MST - Iron Strategy Demo
  • Iron Strategy gives players control - as either pilots or generals - of huge fighting robots (called Warbots). The game is the perfect mix of a warbot simulator and a real time strategy game. Reality is the key word. Differing terrain, alterations of day and night, fog, rain, snow and even thunder will challenge the player's mind and reflexes. A gamer can play in a pure action mode or direct a platoon of warbots in battle, while a strategist can issue precise orders to his army from his well-protected bunker. There are tons of gameplays, a complete campaign of 12 missions on 4 different planets, two instant action missions and several multiplayer missions - everything a gamer or strategist could hope for.
    You can download the demo here: IRON STRATEGY
    Iron Strategy is by Binary Bards and Nikita Ltd.
11:30AM MST - New Video Drivers
  • 3DFILES.COM are reporting new drivers for OpenGL video cards.

    The latest version of GLSetup, Build 107, is now available. Build 107 has updated drivers (compared to Build 106) for the following chipsets: 3dfx Voodoo3, 3Dlabs Permedia 2 and Permedia 3, ATI Rage 128, Matrox G200 and G400, NVidia Riva TNT/TNT2, S3 Savage3D and Savage4. See the Release Notes for the complete list of supported cards. GLBug has also been updated to Build 104 with a bug report corruption bug fixed. GLSetup detects your 3D graphics card and installs the matching OpenGL drivers. Games supporting OpenGL will include GLSetup to ensure your system has drivers available to accelerate OpenGL 3D rendering.

    Download: GLSetup

  • Matrox has released new drivers for the G400 video card. You can download the files HERE.
9:53AM MST - New Stuff for Fighter Squadron!
  • For you SDOE fan's, Mposis, Yardstick and Vanderstok proudly present their first (beta) Bf109 for SDOE. You can try out the beta aircraft here: BF109_Beta

  • Gun Jam has released new sounds for SDOE. They include improved machine gun and cannon sounds. Download here: GunJamSoundsV1.Zip

  • Also availabe is a 3 plane pack - a modified FW-190 with a Zero paint schemes and changed physics model to fly like a real Zero, the A-36 Apache, and the latest beta of the He-100. You can download the par file here: 3PlanePack

  • Note: 3rd party patches and files are not supported by Parsoft or Activision.
8:27AM MST - Fighter Squadron: SDOE Tournament
  • There is an upcoming Fighter Squadron: SDOE Tournament, which is scheduled for September 25th, 1999. The Screamin' Blue Messiahs squadron is hosting the event, and are currently accepting applicants. For more information please see SDOE Tourney
8:17AM MST - BattleCom 1.2 Price Reduction and an apology
  • ShadowFactor has announced the price reduction of BattleCom 1.2, which allows up 64 people to talk via realtime voice communications during multiplayer gaming sessions. The new price is $14.95, down from $24.95. Users who licensed BattleCom 1.2 between August 21, 1999 and August 31, 1999 will automatically receive a $10 rebate on each license purchased.
    An Apology

    ShadowFactor would also like to apologize to our users for the unacceptable level of support they have received during the transition to Microsoft ownership. Problems have been identified and steps taken to resolve them. Users who have not received response to support requests send prior to August 21, 1999 are asked to resend their request to ShadowFactor.

    For more details see their Website
7:51AM MST - Battlezone Demo
  • Activision released the demo to Battlezone II last week. You can download it here - B2 Demo

  • FLIGHT SIM CENTRAL has announced "The P-51 Ride Giveaway Sweepstakes" - your chance to win a flight in a P-51D Mustang during the Planes of Fame Air Show at Chino, CA in the Spring of 2000. Prize includes roundtrip airfare and lodging for two. Contest runs from August 31 to December 7, 1999. For contest rules and entry information please see P-51 Ride Giveaway Sweepstakes
7:02AM MST - IL-2 Sturmovik to be at London Airshow
  • MADDOX Games will be at the ECTS show in London England this weekend. They will be demostrating IL-2 Sturmoik for the first time at the Microsoft DIRECTX Hospitality Suite and in room N182 on the ground floor. Check out our IL-2 Preview on COMBATSIM.COM.
Tuesday, August 31
3:41PM MST - William H Wilson Jr. (COWBOY) has died
  • COMBATSIM.COM learned from the SimHQ site that William H. Wilson, Jr. had passed away. Needless to say, we were incredulous when we first heard the news, but we have independent confirmation that the news is, unfortunately, true.
    Many of you know William (Bill) Wilson as "Cowboy," the founder of the Thrustmaster Users Group and author of numerous TM config files.
    All of us at COMBATSIM.COM wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to Bill's family. He will forever be remembered as one of the true originals of the combat simming community.
    To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.------ Thomas Campbell.
2:36PM MST - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Gold Edition #1
  • PC Data has reported that Redstorm Entertainments Rainbow6 Gold Edition was the top seller for the week of August 8-14. Congrats to Redstorm!
2:26PM MST - SpecOps II Hits Beta
  • Our source at Zombie has indicated that SO2 has officially hit beta. They are currently working to bump up the frame rate and tweak the AI and Multiplayer. Expect to see SO2 on store shelves before Christmas. Check out the SO2 Web Site
1:34PM MST - Microsoft "ZONE" News
  • "The Zone" has finally received a much needed facelift. Check it out at THE ZONE

  • Microsoft's "Fighter Ace II" has reached BETA. Check it out here Fighter Ace II
10:01AM MST - The Official Microprose Falcon 4.0 Pilot Training Program
  • The Official Falcon4 Training Program is underway.

    From Tom "Prophecy" Eagles:

    This is the first officially Endorsed Microprose Falcon 4.0 flight school run under the auspices of the MicroProse Instructor Pilot program, The Schools are based on real world courses and tactics, and have been designed in full consultation with Real World Falcon Pilots. Several Hardware Manufacturers have expressed an interest in sponsoring the school with prizes for the best students in each course rotation.

    To give you an idea of response so far We officially opened 1st September but word of mouth led to us recieving in excess of 200 applications within 48 hours of the application form being on a partially live site. The web site finally went live in its entirety last night.

    Check it out here - Falcon Tactical Weapons School
9:23AM MST - HOTMAIL USERS - Check your mail!
  • CNN has reported that all HOTMAIL accounts suffered a major break-in when hackers disabled all passwords to all accounts. By simply knowing the user id of the person, you could simply log into the account. For more information, check out the CNN story online at CNN.COM
9:02AM MST - News from Mindscape
  • For all you hardcore Flying Simulation fans, Flanker2 is still on schedule for a October 26 release!

  • Mindscape will soon release the official Harpoon4 site. It currently under development and should be launching within the next few weeks.
Monday, August 30
8:44PM MST - News from Microprose
  • Our sources at Microprose have indicated that B17 II has been delayed until Q1 2000.

  • Reports of a possible F-15 add-on for Falcon4 - the official word is that they are looking into the idea behind F15 Strike Eagle, but they do not have any firm details ready yet. They did say it "would make an excellent edition to our flight sim line."
8:48PM MST - New Flanker2 Screen Shots!

9:00PM MST - Rogue Spear Details Released

  • Greg Stelmack - Core Engineer for Rogue Spear has released details about weapons included.

    Greg: "Everyone out there is anxious to know more about the weapons included in Rogue Spear. In addition, many of our fans do not know a whole lot about guns and so get confused when presented with all the options available. So I've put together a quick guide that should help people get a jump-start with the new weapons that are available.

    To see Greg's list of weapons, check it out at the official Rainbow6 Rogue Spear Web Site.






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