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Wednesday, August 30th, 2000

2332Z: September Desktop Calendar

  • Our September Desktop Calendar is ready for download. Click on the image above to view and install.
1717Z: B-17 II Surveys
  • Hasbro announced recently that they were removing the multiplayer element from its upcoming B-17 II: The Mighty Eighth simulation. In our Upcoming Game Purchase Survey this title was the clear favourite, but that was before the announced cancellation of the multiplayer feature. Click HERE to answer our survey, or HERE to go to Arjan van de Logt's European Air Force site to fill in a similar survey.
1700Z: X-Plane V5.34 Update
  • The latest version of X-Plane has been released. Click HERE to download from
1737Z: Blue Byte Shipping Improvements
  • Since the announcement earlier this year to sell its games online only in North America and Canada, Blue Byte has today unveiled a list of benefits that can be enjoyed by their customers using their online ordering service, Blue Byte DIRECT. Features include:
    • Same-Day Shipping
    • Low-Cost, Fixed 2nd Day Shipping Rate
    • Multiple Purchase Program
    • Secure online ordering using Verisign
    • Online confirmation and tracking information for all orders
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
1702Z: Simfiles
  • Simfiles is an online database for a variety of combat simulators including:
    • Combat Flight Sim
    • European Air War
    • Falcon 4
    • Fighter Squadron
    • Mig Alley
    • WWII fighters

    Click HERE to visit.
1700Z: Battle for Mars
  • Terra: Battle For Mars has just been released for a Beta testing. Terra is an Online 24/7 massively multiplayer game where players are on the planet mars in futuristic tanks , armored cars, and helicopters. Players start or join clans, and defend, build or attack forts that other players build in the game. It is currently free now but there will be service fees in the future. Click HERE to visit.
Tuesday, August 29th, 2000

2026Z: No Multiplayer for B-17
  • We have learned from Hasbro that the multiplayer element in B-17 II: The Mighty Eighth, has been removed from the final product. Due to time restraints and their wish to have the product released this year, it was decided to remove it from the simulation. There are no plans to include multiplayer in a future patch. B-17 II is due to be released late November. This news was originally surfaced in an article on Games Domain by Mike Smith. Click HERE to join a discussion about this news item. In other news, COMBATSIM.COM corners market in flameproof underwear.
1633Z: NVIDIA Files Lawsuit Against 3DFX
  • NVIDIA announced today that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against 3dfx Interactive® Inc. in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. NVIDIA's lawsuit involves five NVIDIA patents and seeks an injunction restraining 3dfx from manufacturing, selling or importing infringing graphics chip and card products including VooDoo3, Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 and VSA-100 family of products, as well as monetary damages. The lawsuit alleges that 3dfx's graphics chip and card products which are used to accelerate 3D graphics on personal computers, infringe on the following NVIDIA U.S. Patents: No: 5,687,357; No. 5,721,947; No: 5,758,182; No: 6,023,738; and No: 6,092,124.
1620Z: Ubi Soft Buys RedStorm
  • Ubi Soft Entertainment announced today their definitive agreement to acquire Red Storm Entertainment. Completion of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including approval of stockholders of both companies and regulatory approvals, including U.S. antitrust review. Following completion of the transaction Red Storm Entertainment will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Ubi Soft Entertainment and a Ubi Soft brand, and it is anticipated that Red Storm will continue to be operated as an independent company.
1455Z: Team Factor Update

  • The Team Factor website has been updated with two screenshots of a member of SOCOM and a short clip of shooting from Glock17. Click HERE to visit.
1400Z: Big Bear 3 LanMeet
  • The third annual Big Bear LanMeet is a go for this year. This years guest visitor is Jim Mackonochie, the "Father of Flanker". It is organised and run by members of the Royal Netherlands Virtual Air Force. The LAN meet is held in Holland at the Grote Beer in Apeldoorn, from the 26 - 29 of October. Click HERE for more info.
1400Z: Akella to make PT-Boat Sim

  • Akella, the makers of Age of Sail, have express interest in a PT-Boat Sim. They have some thoughts about a project name and would like to hear your opinion the history of Torpedo Boats in their project. Click HERE to send your comments.
1355Z: Delta Force Land Warrior Website
  • As promised, Novalogic has posted the official website for Land Warrior, the sequel to Delta Force 2. Click HERE to visit.
Monday August 28th, 2000

1645Z: Land Warrior Demo

  • Novalogic has released a demo for their new FPS Delta Force: Land Warrior. Click HERE to download from
1620Z: Counter-Strike Version 7.0 Released 1345Z: Meet Col. Bud Anderson Online
  • The Official Database for Pilots will have Col. Bud Anderson in their Officer's Club this August 31 at 6:30PM PST. Col. Anderson is a WWII Triple Ace and veteran military test pilot having served 30 years in military, decorated 25 times and flown 130 different types of aircraft. He will also be available to answer a few questions after his talk.
1300Z: Flashpoint Unit of the Week

  • The Flashpoint Unit of the Week is a Russian Sniper. Click on the image above for more screens and a video.
0720Z: WDP Version 10 Previews Posted
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Friday, August 25th, 2000

2030Z: Search and Rescue 2
  • The demo for Search and Rescue 2 is now available. Click HERE to download.
1620Z: F4 Alliance B-1B Fix
  • The F4 Alliance have sent us the fix for their B-1B Mod for Falcon 4.0 that deals with the F4Patch V2.1.1 problem. Click HERE to download. We are also hosting the B-1B mods, located on the same page. Follow the link to download the lite (40Mb) or the full version (53Mb).
1601Z: Combat Mission 1.05 Patch
  • The Patches-Scrolls have posted the latest patch for's Combat Mission version 1.05. Click HERE to download for MAC and HERE for PC.
1535Z: Lonely Cat Games
  • A new game-development studio named Lonely Cat was established by core of a team developing the original Hidden and Dangerous called. Lead programmer Michal Bacik and lead designer and artist Radek Bouzek have set up a new company located in Brno, Czech republic. They did not go far from the seat of Illusion Softworks, a company they worked with on the creation of Hidden and Dangerous in the last few years. The new team is currently working on design and scenario of yet unannounced game, which will be powered by a new, enhanced version of Insanity Engine. The technology used in Hidden and Dangerous and H&D: Fight For Freedom is a property of its developers, thus Insanity Engine becomes the base ground of Lonely Cat's technology and code libraries. Click HERE to visit their site.
1300Z: Fleet Command V1.3 Mega-Patch
  • The Naval Warfare Simulations Team and Mike Kolar of the Sonalysts Team have announced the preview list of the upcoming Fleet Command V1.3 mega-patch. The FC patch has 66 fixes and enhancements and when used with the Warship Database Project increases Fleet Command's realism, accuracy, playability, and play balance. The patch preview list can be downloaded at the Naval Warfare Simulations Website ( They have set a tentative release date of WDP(c) V10 and FC V1.3 sometime on the weekend of September 1-3, 2000.
1200Z: Steel Beasts Out
  • Shrapnel Games has released Steel Beasts today for all those who have pre-ordered their Armored Sim. Click HERE for more info.
Thursday, August 24th, 2000

1712Z: Matrox and Intel AGP8X
  • Matrox today announced its participation in the development of the new AGP 8x specification proposed by Intel Corporation. The new spec will double the 1 GB/sec maximum bandwidth offered by the current AGP 4x standard.
1612Z: iENT Possible Merger
  • iEntertainment Network, Inc. today announced it has recently been approached by an entertainment-focused company regarding a potential merger. iENT also announced that Concordia Capital Technology Group, Inc. has been retained to advise on alternatives being considered by the company’s board of directors.
1600Z: Game Commander and AETI ProFlight 2k
  • Sontage Interactive today announced that a trial version of Game Commander will be included with AETI ProFlight 2000 add-on for Microsoft's FS2000. With over 25,000 included audio voice clips, ProFlight replicates the actual voice commands used between the pilot and air traffic control facilities. All phases for both visual and instruments flight are accurately created - from checking in with ground control for taxi clearance, to takeoff, departure, center, approach and taxi-to-terminal at the end of the flight. AETI ProFlight 2000 will be available in late August 2000 from AETI.
1545Z: B-1B Mod Issue
  • We have received an email from the F4 Alliance regarding the B-1B Mod and problems they have found with it:
    From: F4 Alliance
    Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2000 10:57 PM
    Subject: B1 Issue detected with F4Patch 2.1

    Please be advised:
    We have been investigating several installation problems and have determined the problem and solution. A conflict has been traced to a file structure change in F4patch version 2.1. The problem occurs during installation of the Realism patch with this version of F4patch. A series of modifications are being done to remedy the problem. Those installing with version 2.0 should show acceptable results with the mod(Lite,Realism,Nuke). For owners of 2.1, please continue to use the standard install version or the lite version along with the Tac-Edit campaign. Also, it is recommended that you utilize the version of F4patch that is compiled with ibeta 108i2.exe; as conflicts have been detected with the noexe install and application to the unbundled 108i2.exe file. We appologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
1520Z: NVIDIA and Intel AGP8X
  • NVIDIA announced today will be the first 3D graphics company ready to deliver a product to benefit from Intel's new AGP8x interface, the next generation of the parallel AGP interface. Like AGP4x it is a 32 bit wide bus, but the new specification allows a doubling in speed to 533MHz. Intel is releasing the rev 0.9 specifications in August 2000. NVIDIA and Intel have been engaged to gather feedback and validate the implementation in the AGP8x specification.
Wednesday, August 23rd, 2000

2008Z: Troff's Art Gallery Update
  • Troffmeister's sim art gallery has a special focus this week on DI's Super Hornet. Click HERE to visit.
1705Z: Roboto Soundpack for Warbirds V1.1
  • Incognito Soundworkds has released ROBOTO Soundpack for Warbirds" Version 1.1. This version of the soundpack contains alot of improvments and enhancements compared to the 1.0 version. Click HERE to visit.
1700Z: Beta Voodoo 2000/3000 Beta Win9x Drivers
  • 3DFX has posted new beta drivers for their V2000/3000 video cards. Click HERE to download.
Tuesday, August 22nd, 2000

1946Z: New Beta 3DFX Drivers for 3500TV
  • 3DFX has posted new beta drivers for their 3500TV video cards. Click HERE for Win2k and HERE for Win9x.
1629Z: Combat.Net Down
  • Electronic Arts/Jane's has taken down their Combat.Net again. We will let you know once it is back on-line.
1620Z: BoB Website
  • To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Britain (July 10 to October 31, 1940), the Royal Air Force has constructed a Web site for military history buffs. The site offers the complete Fighter Command Operational Diaries, published in full for the first time and placed online day-by-day over the actual period of the battle. Click HERE to visit.
Monday, August 21st, 2000

2144Z: No More Reality for iBeta
  • From: "iBeta - Eric Marlow"
    Subject: Changing of the Guard in the Falcon 4.0 Realism Patch Project
    Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 14:11:19 -0600

    The time has come to facilitate a changing of the guard. Backing during the Falcon 4.0 1.07 patch process, Glenn Kletzky offered his services to Microprose to help manage the iBeta process and assist in the resolution of the sim s single and multiplayer issues. After the Alameda labs closed down and the hex editing processes started, I started to involve myself more with the formation of the Falcon 4.0 iBeta Realism Patch team . This team was highly dedicated and showed their mettle during the transition from a testing-only group, to one that managed the entire hex editing development process. I was honored to offer my services as the Executive Producer, overseeing the development as well as participating in thoughtful discussions on military equipment, capability, and performance.

    While the iBeta name became synonymous with Falcon 4.0, many people did not realize that Glenn and myself were actually building a quality assurance company from the ground up. While the company was in the building stages, we continued to support Falcon 4.0 from a hex-editing standpoint. We both loved the genre and respected the sim. The process of managing the RP team gave us much pleasure, especially with the long-lasting friendships that have resulted.

    However, as our company s business grows, we find it increasingly difficult to participate in such activities as it affects our personal and professional time. Our lives have become dedicated to the development of the business, as unfortunately this leaves little time to oversee external projects such as the RP team. As such it has come time for us to hand over the reins to some of the more active members on the team so they can carry the torch in our absence.

    Make no mistake, the RP team will continue the dedication of the current members is stronger than ever. It will just do so without the iBeta name or our participation. Leo Rogic aka Apollo11 has been a strong Associate Producer, and I believe that he and others on the team will continue to improve on the data changes within F4. Leo et al will be letting everyone know shortly as to how they intend on proceeding. The next version of the RP is imminent, as we have been working on this continuously since the release of RP 3.0.

    Also make no mistake, this doesn t mean that Glenn or I will be leaving the community either. Military sims have always been our favorite genre, and its basically the reason why we started our company. If anything, this will give us more time to play the other sims and get back into our community-participation mode.

    Thank you to all who have supported this process and us since it started. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the community.


    Eric Marlow aka Snacko and Glenn Kletzky aka Sleepdoc

1723Z: Falcon 4.0 B-1B Mod
  • The B1 mod for Falcon 4.0 is now available. The Falcon 4 Alliance has been working hard to finish this mod and it is now available on their website at They have released 2 versions: Realism, and Lite version. Realism fixes the load out configuration, skins and adds new weapons, and has the B1 flyable in any campaign. The lite version contains cockpit, sounds, and a tacedit campaign.
1700Z: Combat Mission Patch 1523Z: Pentium IV News
  • Sharky Extreme has posted an article about Intel's new Pentium IV CPU. Click HERE to view.
1500Z: Jane's: Did Collision Trigger Explosion?
  • Jane's investigates whether or not a collision triggered the fatal explosion which took the Russian ‘Oscar II’ nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine (SSGN) Kursk (K 141) and its 118 crew to the bottom of the Barents Sea. Click HERE to view.
1445: IL-2 Update
  • Oleg Maddox has posted new screenshos from IL-2. They include screens of the P-39N-1, Li-2, and the 109K-4. Click HERE to view.
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