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Friday, August 18th, 2000

1807Z: Rainbow Six: Covert Ops
  • The shipping date for Rainbow Six: Covert Ops Essentials has been delayed. The game will now ship on September 18th.
1800Z: Flashpoint Unit of the Week
  • This weeks Unit from Flashpoint is their Sovite Tank Crew. Click HERE to view.
1735Z: COMBATSIM.COM Surveys 1725Z: COMBATSIM.COM Reader Profiles Database
  • This database has been set up so any user can view any other user's information. Click HERE to enter your own profile!
Thursday, August 17th, 2000

1725Z: Iron Strategy
  • Iron Strategy gives players control, as either pilots or generals, of huge fighting robots (called Warbots). The game is a mix of a Mech Combat and real-time strategy game. The game also features alterations of day and night, fog, rain, snow and even thunder. Click HERE to visit this latest creation from Russia.
1700Z: SpecOps 2 V1.2 Patch
  • The latest patch for SpecOps 2, version 1.2, has been released ahead of schedule. It includes:
    • all 25 new levels (artic and desert maps)
    • 3 new death-match types:
      • Capture the Flag
      • Last Man Standing
      • King-King of the Hill
    • Tweaked AI to improve Route-Following
    • Tweaked graphics to allow higher resolutions

    The 25 new maps can be played as single player, cooperatively, or combatively. The are however, designed more towards death-match play. You need to download both graphic and the base download on your graphic card type (D3D or Voodoo). Click HERE to download from (22.7Mb Voodoo, 33Mb D3D)
1630Z: Armored Task Force
    Armored Task Force now has a web page up for the new game from ProSim. Click HERE to visit their site.
1620Z: NavSim 2000
  • SUBSIM.COM has informed us of a new game in the works called NavSim2000 from Tiger Technologies. NS2K is a real-time tactical naval simulation using the latest DirectX 7 graphics and sound. Click HERE to visit their site.
1610Z: SHOGUN Tourney
  • Planet Total War is hosting an unofficial Shogun Tournaments which is to begin on Friday, August 17th. The official rules and the list of events that will take place, for round one, on Thursday night and Friday morning. Click HERE to sign up.
1235Z: Team Factor Update
  • 7FX has informed us that they have updated the The Team Factor website. Click HERE to view.
Wednesday, August 16th, 2000

1728Z: Codename Eagle Patch
  • We have learned that a patch is in the works for Codename Eagle. Tim Beggs from Talonsoft posted on their message board that Refraction (now digital illusions) is ready for another update to Codename Eagle. They have not specified a date though they are hoping to have it ready for the end of the summer. The patch will address gameplay and multiplayer concerns in addition to "opening up" the program for players to do more creative things.
1700Z: Troff's Art Gallery Update
  • Troffmeister's Flight Sim Art Gallery special focus this week is Janes USAF. Click HERE to visit.
1635Z: Matrox GOTW - CFS II
  • Matrox's Game of the Weeek is Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 2 demostrating the Dualhead capabilities of the G400 video card. Click HERE to view.
Tuesday, August 15th, 2000

1754Z: Rogue Spear Tutorials
  • The Rogue Spear Database has a new tutorial up for Rogue Spear. This tutorial will show you, step-by-step, how to make a 3D Weapon Model for Rogue Spear. The tutorial goes over every part of the process thoroughly, including preperation, modeling, textureing, rending and exporting the model and getting it position correctly in the game. Click HERE to view.
1745Z: Spearhead Revival at
  • has dusted off Spearhead and are scheduling regular multi-play matches every Sunday at 1800 hrs Central Standard Time. They have updated their review and will be offering new custom scenarios. Click HERE to visit their site.
1735Z: Lowland Tiger Meet
  • The Last Resort Clan proudly presents the 1st official Dutch Falcon4 and CFS championship (LAN). Click HERE to visit and for more information.
1635Z: Jane's Combat.Net Up
  • For our Jane's fans, their on-line network Combat.Net is back up and running.
1630Z: F-16 Parts For Sale
  • Dakota Air Parts Int'l has been commissioned by a foreign government to sell their excess spares for the Lockheed-Martin F16. To view the list of items, go to: All items were manufactured by the OEM, Lockheed-Martin or an approved sub-contractor.
1600Z: Microsoft Launches Sidewinder Websites
  • Microsoft today announced the launch of the redesigned SideWinder Web site. The official site features new sections dedicated to the line-up of their Game Voice, Strategic Commander and Force Feedback 2. Click HERE to view.
1530Z: Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold
  • Saitek have announced the release of their Cyborg 3D Digital Stick Gold. The new joystick features dual connections: USB and Gameport and comes packed with the proprietary Saitek Gaming Extensions (SGE). The 3D Gold is expected to retail at $40 USD.
1508Z: Hercules GeForce2 Ultra
  • Hercules has announced the 3D Prophet II Ultra, featuring the GeForce2 Ultra processor. 3D Prophet II Ultra will be available in September 2000 in the $500 (USD) range.
Monday, August 14th, 2000

1644Z: Falcon 4.0 Terrain Website
  • A new Falcon 4.0 terrain website has been created to host a Vietnam (1965-1972) addon and Operation Desert Storm addon terrains . They also have made Terrain Tutorial guide, which hopefully can give step-by-step instructions to people of how to build Falcon 4 terrains. Click HERE to visit.
1630Z: Jane's Combat.Net Down
  • Jane's has temporarly closed their Combat.Net to address a security issue. They will have the service back up after their investigation is complete.
1620Z: nVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra
  • nVIDIA announced today the most powerful 3D graphics processing unit (GPU) ever produced, the GeForce2 Ultra. Its advanced rendering subsystem provides a fill rate of up to one billion pixels per second, and two billion texels per second at resolutions up to 2048 x 1536, in 32-bit color. Click HERE to read the press release.
1600Z: Detonator 3 for GeForce GPU
  • nVIDIA announced today the availability of its Detonator 3 unified driver for the current GeForce family of nVIDIA GPUs. The new D3 software delivers up to a 50% performance gain in Microsoft DirectX 7.0 and SGI OpenGL applications. Click HERE to download.
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