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Friday, July 14th, 2000

2327Z: Blue Byte to Publish IL-2
  • Blue Byte Software today signed a contract to publish its first flight simulation game, IL-2 Sturmovik. The PC CD-ROM game will be available Q1 2001 through the Blue Byte Direct online store at
1804Z: WDK Mod Program
  • Shrapnel Games announced today the Wargame Development Kit Mod Program. Shrapnel Games will offer talented game designers the opportunity to receive royalties for their game designs. Click HERE for more info.
1733Z: TacOps 3.0 Patch for PC and Mac
  • Battlefront have release a patch for TacOps 3.0 to version 3.05 for both PC and Mac platforum (1 Meg). Click HERE for PC and HERE for Mac from the Patches Scrolls.
1720Z: 12 O'Clock High: Bombing the Reich Patch
  • Patches Scrolls have posted a patch for 12 O'Clock High: Bombing the Reich Patch to version 1.05 (873k). Click HERE to download.
1700Z: CPU Prices
  • Looking to upgrade your CPU? Sharky Extreme has posted this weeks prices on all CPU brands and speeds. Click HERE to view.
Thursday, July 13th, 2000

1834Z: PapaRomeo EAW Gunsight Pack
  • The PapaRomeo EAW Gunsight Pack contains authentic nine replacement gunsights for US, German, British, and Japanese aircraft, along with 13 "alternate" versions to try. Each has been researched to accurately and authentically simulate the illuminated gunsight crosshairs projected on World War II reflector gunsights. They are easy to use, and are designed to be fully compatible with Viper's Gunsight Manager. Click HERE to visit PapaRomeo's EAW Page.
1646Z: Falcon 4.0 Bosnia Theatre Mod
  • Beta Bosnia Terrain for the Falcon 4.0 is available. Click HERE for installation instructions and HERE to download from our FTP servers. (7Mb)
1620Z: Flanker 2.0 Terrain Update
  • Roald Julin has released his update for Flanker 2.0 terrain. Click HERE to download (18Mb)
1600Z: Beta Voodoo3 for Windows 2000
  • 3DFX have posted beta Voodoo3 drivers for Windows 2000. Click HERE to download.
Wednesday, July 12th, 2000

1935Z: iBeta Realism Patch 3 (RP3)
  • We've learned from the folks at iBeta that RP3 is close to completion. The team will be working throughout the weekend on its completion. Barring any unforeseen problems, the new patch should be available for download from their site some time during the first part of next week (week of Monday, July 17th, 2000). Hi-lites of the new patch include the following:
    • Scan capabilities of both Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground radars have been made more authentic. Translation: they may be less friendly than before, but they will be more realistic.
    • Adjusted the flak-burst patterns for the larger caliber AAA guns so they'll be less deadly.
    • A-10 fuel weight and hardpoint loadouts have been made more realistic. Overloading problems should be eliminated.
    • G-Lock improved: Grey-out at 25 seconds; Blackout at 30 seconds.
    An improved flight model for the A-10 will not be in this release but is scheduled for RP4. Lots and lots of other tweaks and improvements will be listed in the ReadMe when the file is released.
1933Z: Internet Explorer Version 5.5 Released
  • Microsoft has released an update to Microsoft Explorer Version 5.0 to 5.5. You can use the 'Update' feature inside Internet Explorer or visit Microsoft's IE 5 website HERE
1630Z: Spec Ops Platinum
  • The Adrenaline Vault is reporting that Spec Ops Platinum has hit gold master. Click HERE for more info.
1620Z: M.O.U.T Gets Name
  • The Adrenaline Vault is also reporting that M.O.U.T. 2025 has been officially named Shrapnel. Click HERE for story details.
1600Z: TANGO LAN Party
  • TANGO (Texas Area Network Gamers Organization) is hosting its second lan party at the Plano Convention Center just north of Dallas on Saturday, July 15th, 2000 from 10:00am to 12:00am. There is a $15 admission charge and the event is BYOC (bring your own computer). Click HERE for more infomation.
1540Z: Microsoft Acquires Netgames USA
  • Microsoft Corp. has acquired Kansas-based NetGames USA, a developer of scoring, matchmaking and other enhancements for retail and Web-based games.
Tuesday, July 11th, 2000

1631Z: nVIDIA and Matrox Square Off
  • The Adrenaline Vault have reported that nVIDIA and Matrox have exchanged lawsuits in a dispute over personnel recruitment. Click HERE for complete details.
1600Z: Halflife - Initial Encounter
  • For our European readers, the Patches Scrolls have posted Half Life: Initial Encounter version (26MB) (European Edition). Click HERE to download.
1500Z: Guadalcanal Raid for CFS
  • Abacus Publishing have released a new add-on for Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator called Guadalcanal Raid as a "download only" from their web site. It includes new aircraft, new scenery and new missions in the South Pacific seas. Click HERE for more info.
Monday, July 10th, 2000

1727Z: B-17 Flying Fortress Site
  • Hasbro has created an official web site for their up and coming WWII Bomber simulation, B-17 Flying Fortress. Click HERE to visit the site.
1720Z: Skins-n-More V1.1 for EAW
  • Skins-n-More Version 1.1 has been released. This update allows registering of ".spt" files (i.e. gunsights). Click HERE to download and HERE to visit Relent's EAW Skins Page.
1700Z: Covert Ops Release Date
  • Rogue Spear Retreat has received official confirmation from Red Storm Entertainment that the shipping date for Covert Operations Essentials, is August 29th. You can expect to see it in stores the first week of September.
1645Z: Bang! Gunship Elite Gold
  • Red Storm Entertainment, Inc., today announced that its space action title Bang! Gunship Elite has reached Gold Master. Developed by Rayland Interactive, Bang! Gunship Elite is an arcade style space action game with 19 missions across aa real-time 3-D universe. Bang! Gunship Elite will be distributed in the U.S. and Canada by SouthPeak Interactive, and is shipping to retail stores July 19, 2000.
1600Z: Aces High Hi-Res Updated
  • The optional add-on for Aces High, HiTech Creations' massively multiplayer WWII simuation has been updated. Included are new hi-resolution updates and sounds. Click HERE to download from HiTech Creations.
1550Z: Voodoo5 for the Mac
  • 3dfx InteractiveŽ Inc. today announced a pre-order program for the Voodoo5(tm) 5500 PCI graphics card for the Apple Macintosh. The new Voodoo5, powered by 3dfx Interactive's VSA-100 chipset, provides 2D and 3D performance for the Mac platform at a price of $329.99 USD. Click HERE for more info.
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