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Friday, June 30th, 2000

1733Z: Combat Mission Now Available
  • Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord, the new 3-D squad-level tactical simulation from is now shipping to customers again. Earlier this week announced that due to unexpectedly high consumer demand, Combat Mission's entire inventory had sold out. The currently shipping product is version 1.02, which incorporates several user-suggested enhancements plus the AI improvements and new explosion graphics of version 1.01. An update patch will be provided shortly on Battlefront's website. Click HERE for more info.
1700Z: 3DMark Version 1.1 Released
  • 3DMark2000 Verision 1.1 has been released. 3DMark2000 is the latest installment in the popular 3DMark series. Combining DirectX 7.0 support with completely new graphics, it continues to provide benchmark results designed to empower you to make informed upgrade decisions. Click HERE to download from
1630Z: Combat Mission Demo Updated
  • This new demo is based upon the 1.02 code that shipped with the retail version of the game. Combat Mission is a 1-2 player, turn-based, simulation of WWII tactical warfare. Click HERE to download from
1535Z: Aces High Version 1.033 Released
  • HiTech Creations have released another update for their Massively Multiplayer On-line WWII simulation: Aces High. Click HERE to download.
1500Z: Troffmeister's FS Art Gallery
  • Troffmeister's Flight Sim Screen Shot Art Gallery has been updated with a special focus on "TOTAL AIR WAR". Click HERE to view.
Thursday, June 29th, 2000

1500Z: Beta Win2k Voodoo5 Drivers
  • 3DFX have posted beta Windows 2000 drivers for their Voodoo5 video card. Click HERE for more info.
1400Z: Warship Database Project V7.7
  • Warship Database Project Version 7.7 has been posted. This is a minor update aimed at correcting some further items that were reported over the last two weeks. Improved sub detection routines have also been added for ships. Click HERE for more details.
1300Z: Star Trek Conquest
  • Strategy gamers and Trekkers can test their skills of mind and might in Activision's Star Trek ConQuest Online, the first Star Trek® game played exclusively over the Internet. The title delivers the characters, ships and weapons from the Star Trek: The Next Generation® world to the PC in a strategic race to rule the galaxy. Star Trek ConQquest Online is currently available in stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $29.99.
1253Z: Mosquito Meeting 2000
  • The longest standing virtual pilots' convention in the world, Mosquito Meeting, is about to happen for the 6th time. The Nordic convention takes place in Finland and will be a four day long session of flying in the World War II virtual skies and meeting similar minded aviation fans. Click HERE for more details.
Wednesday, June 28th, 2000

1711Z: New 3D ProphetII MX Video Card

  • Hercules has released an update on the 3D Prophet II MX and 3D Prophet II MX Dual-Display. These two new gaming engines are based on the GeForce2 MX GPU processor from NVIDIA. 3D Prophet II MX Dual-Display offers the possibility of displaying on multiple screens (including 2 monitors or a monitor and a TV). 3D Prophet II MX will be available on July 10th for $149.99 (USD) and the 3D Prophet II MX Dual-Display will be available at the end of July for $199.99 (USD).
1700Z: F-16 For Sale

  • have a US Military surplus F16 for sale on their web site. The first $100 000 (non-refundable) deposit reserves the aircraft. Click HERE to view their ad.
1635Z: NWS Newsletter

  • The Naval Warfare Simulations site has received 7 new Fighting Steel scenarios today from Brian Thomas and have been posted in the FS section. The site has added a new 688i Hunter / Killer section with links to editors, patches, info, and scenarios. There is also a new hotkey chart designed by Mike Akers for Fleet Command. Click HERE to visit the site.
1600Z: Strike Force 1.26 Beta Released

  • Strike Force (Unreal Tournament mod) is an ambitious project that hosts numerous improvements and features, including new player models, weapons, game types, a whole new gaming dimension and even Roger Wilco (VoiceCom). Click HERE to visit their site and download.
1530Z: Half-Life Patch

  • This patch for Half-Life is just a fix-me-up patch, a few bugs fixed, mostly cheats and performance updates. Click HERE to download from
Tuesday, June 27th, 2000

1852Z: Buddy Lasing for Jane's F/A-18
  • Robert "Gonzo" Ross has sent us a guide on Buddy Lasing for Jane's F/A-18. Click HERE to view.
1748Z: Beta Enemy Engaged Patch
  • The Patches Scrolls have posted another beta patch for Enemy Engaged RAH66 Comanche Versus Ka52 Hokum, version 1.4.3X. Click HERE to download.
1727Z: CGDA Renames to IGDA
  • The Computer Game Developers Association’s Board of Directors announced the renaming of the non-profit organization to the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). The renaming of the organization will coincide with the launch of the official IGDA website on Monday, June 26, 2000. The site can be viewed HERE. IGDA is dedicated to providing networking, education and business resources to the interactive entertainment development community worldwide.
1700Z: Combat Mission Update
  • For those looking to buy Battlefront's latest title, Combat Mission, they hope to have it restocked and available again next week.
1634Z: Video Card Drivers 1624Z: Intel Celeron 700MHz CPU Review
  • Sharky Extreme have posted their review of the Intel Celeron 700MHz CPU. Click HERE to view.
Monday, June 26th, 2000

1719Z: Naval Warfare Sims Site Moved 1700Z: Microsoft's Allegiance
  • Microsoft have announced that for the month of July, all players of Allegiance will be able to play in the Allegiance Zone for free. To be eligible for the free month of Allegiance Zone access, players must be a registered subscriber as of July 1, 2000. Click HERE for more info.
1634: Combat Mission Sold Out
  • have informed us that their new 3-D squad-level tactical simulation, Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord, is temporarily sold out.
1600Z: Steel Panthers At War 2.0 Released
  • Matrix Games have released verion 2.0 of their Steel Panthers World At War mod. It contains over forty-five enhancements and more than thirty bugs fixes. Click HERE for more info.
1545Z: Intel Released New Celerons
  • Intel Corporation today introduced three new Intel® Celeron™ processors at 700, 667 and 633 MHz. Click HERE for more info.
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