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Friday, June 16th, 2000

1700Z: Steel Beasts 100k Downloads
  • Shrapnel Games announced yesterday that SteelBeasts, their 3D tank simulation featuring the M1A1 and the Leopard 2A4, has surpassed the 100,000 downloads. For more info visit the web site or click HERE for more info.
1654Z: Combat Mission Patch 1534Z: AURAN Jet
  • Auran have announced that AURAN Jet(tm) - a fully integrated 3D game development application with a FREE ACCESS Licensing agreement. The package includes a 3D game engine and fully integrated construction kit that will act as a turn-key solution for developers. Click HERE for more details.
1456Z: Beta Win2k 3500TV Drivers
  • 3DFX has posted beta Windows 2000 drivers for their 3500TV video card. Click HERE to download.
Thursday, June 15th, 2000

1954Z: Soldier of Fortune
  • has posted patch version 1.05 for Soldier of Fortune. This will patch Soldier Of Fortune to version 1.05. You must upgrade to v1.05 from the retail version v1.03. Do not apply this patch file to the v1.04 Beta Patch. Click HERE for more info.
1900Z: Fighter Ace II Update
  • Microsoft has releasedt the new update for Fighter Ace II,'s massively multiplayer WWII air combat game. In addition to other enhancements, the update adds three new planes to Fighter Ace II arsenal. Click HERE for more info.
1830Z: Sudden Strike Hits Beta
  • In-house beta testing has commenced for Sudden Strike. They have posted various screenshots for viewing (HERE). Click HERE to view their web site and for more info.
1645Z: Jane's Defence Weekly
  • Jane's have released their latest Defence Weekly. Click HERE to view.
1600Z: 737 for Fly!
  • Wilco Publishing has released their latest add-on for the Fly, Boeing 737-500 Airliner. Click HERE for more details.
Wednesday, June 14th, 2000

1709Z: WWII Fighters RM Updated

  • The newest edition of Jane's WWII Fighter Resource Manager(WW2FRM) now includes full JPEG support, accounts for errors in SQZIP, and various other improvements. Click HERE to download the newest edition (, and HERE to download the users guide.
1700Z: Hunt For The Red Baron Demo
  • HFTRB Demo allows you to get behind the controls of a WW1 fighter plane and take to the skies in a WWI action game. Click HERE for more details and to download from
1635Z: Horse and Musket Sold Out
  • Shrapnel Games announced that the initial run of Horse and Musket has completely sold out. They hope to have a new batch out shortly. The game will only be available via back ordering. Click HERE for more info.
1630Z: Combat Mission Ships
  • Combat Mission has started shipping this morning. The patch 1.01 will be available on their web site shortly and will include new views and explosions. Click HERE for more info.
1625Z: All American On Hold
  • Shrapnel Games announced today that their follow-up to 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy, All American: The 82nd Airborne at Normandy, has been temporarily put on hold due to increased demand for their currently published titles. They do not have an updated release date, but are hoping the release will come at the end of the year.
Tuesday, June 13th, 2000

1711Z: Stormbird Update
  • Brent Ward from Crosswind Simulations have send us a FAQ to answer the many emails they have been receiving regarding their new product called Stormbird:

    Hello everyone,

    This update will answer some of the most common questions I receive about Stormbird.

    What haven't I received an update in several months?
    Stormbird has experienced unavoidable delays over the past year. At this moment, Stormbird is still not in development but we hope to start within the next year. Because of these delays, we are updating the initial Stormbird design. Thanks to RainMan over at Rain's Gaming, we now have a Stormbird Development forum where users can discuss features they would like to see implemented. The link to Rain's Gaming and the Stormbird Development forum is on our home page.

    What's New?
    The Crosswind Simulations web site has been updated with a new look. Stormbird's artist, Mario Merino, has rendered new Me 262 images for the site. Expect to see more web site enhancements within the coming weeks.

    Are you still going to create Stormbird for the Mac?
    Yes, we are still planning to create a version of Stormbird for the Mac platform.

    When is the release date?
    We can not determine a release date at this time for a PC or Mac version of Stormbird.

    Can I beta test Stormbird?
    We currently have all the external beta testers for the PC version of Stormbird we need. If you were selected as a beta tester over a year ago, we encourage you to participate in the Stormbird Development forum. You will receive a separate e-mail by Sunday night with more information. We will post a beta test sign-up form on our web site once we determine the requirements for the Mac version.

    If more beta testers for the PC version are needed, we will announce it on our homepage and through the Stormbird mailing list.

    Thank you for your patience,
    Brent Ward

    Crosswind Simulations
1525Z: Pilot's Assistant 1.5
  • Pilot's Assistant is a toolset for helping the pilot with various tasks in planning a flight (including fuel planning), navigating, and carrying out some common flying manoeuvres. It is provided as an Excel multi-sheet spreadsheet, with one tool on each sheet. These tools include calculations and information as follows:
    • Flight profiler / fuel planner
    • Performance data for a number of simulated aircraft
    • Altitudes and altimeter settings
    • Standard Atmosphere table
    • Speed conversions (KIAS, KTAS and MACH)
    • Wind corrections
    • Descent planner, climb and descent calculations
    • Lat/Long calculations (distance, heading, great circle routes)
    • Turns, bank angles and manoeuvres involving turns

    Click HERE for more details.
1452Z: We Pay For Articles
  • COMBATSIM.COM pays for articles written by you, our readers. We are looking for the following types of articles:
    • Guides for Campaigns and Mission Editors
    • Modern military or historical articles and interviews.
    • Interviews with Veterans.
    • Essays on vintage aircraft.
    • First-person accounts from pilots, navy, army personnel.
    • Guides for hardware, peripherals, specialty products.
    • Step-by-step installation guides.
    • Tweaking for performance.
    • Home-brewed components and devices.
    • Gaming community lifestyle and human interest stories.
    • Forum life, personalities, overviews of threads.
    • Event coverage.

    Our regular contributors handle most previews and reviews of games and gaming hardware; however, if you feel you are eminently qualified to review something we might normally not look at, send us an email. Click HERE for more details.
Monday, June 12th, 2000

1604Z: Beta Rogue Spear: Urban Ops Patch
  • The Patches Scrolls has posted a beta patch for Rogue Spear: Urban Operations. Click HERE to download.
1550Z: GTT Assists US Air Force
  • GTT, in conjunction with the UCONN-AFOSR Research Project, are working on a software tool to assist the team. This tool is designed to tell if a pilot performed a task as assigned, and how effectively the mission was completed under laboratory control. Click HERE for more details.
1545Z: New Warship Database Project Site
  • The Warship Database Project has a new home: As well, the first of a series of 2-3 installments for Falklands War 1982 is now scheduled for sometime next weekend (June 16-18).
1423Z: New Guillemot nVIDIA Drivers
  • Guillemot has released new drivers based off of the nVIDIA Detonator 5.22 set. Click HERE for more details.
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