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Thursday, May 18th, 2000

1550Z: Ground Control Demo
  • Ground Control is a action/real-time strategy game from Sierra Studios and Massive Entertainment. It combines strategic combat with fast-paced 3D action elements. Click HERE to download from
1500Z: Nato3 for Rogue Spear
  • A patch was released last week for Rogue Spear's Nato3 mod that fixes the Benelli shotgun. Click HERE for more information.
1430Z: Surveys at COMBATSIM.COM
  • We are running three surveys here at COMBATSIM.COM:
    • Reader Demographic Survey - This is the survey that tells us, your fellow PC gamers, and the game producing world who the combat simmers and strategy gamers are as a group. By filling out this survey you'll be helping us and the industry a great deal. Click HERE to enter.
    • Screen Resolution Survey - This survey helps us determine what screen resolutions are currently being used by our readers. Click HERE to enter.
    • Game Genres Played - This survey lets us know what our readers are currently playing. It allows us to shift our focus to keep you informed of game types that matter to you. Click HERE to enter.
Wednesday, May 17th, 2000

1645Z: Comache vs. Hokum Patch
  • Razorworks have released a new patch for EE:Comanche vs. Hokum. Click HERE to download.
1634Z: C6Team Patch 2.30US

  • C6Team Technologies have put together a "all in one" patch for Falcon 4 V1.08US. Version 2.30 us features iBeta Realism Patch 2.0, F4bubble v1.8, and the Bases Rellocation Patch. Click HERE for more info.
1620Z: F4 Cockpit 2.0 Wide & Lighting Mod

  • The C6 guys have released an update for the Falcon 4.0 Cockpit Wide & Lighting mod to version 2.0. Click HERE for more info.
1535Z: Rogue Spear Database Caption Contest
  • The Rogue Spear Database's "Caption Contest" has entered Round 2. Anyone who entered the week before may re-enter for a second chance to win. They are giving away two signed copies of the Rogue Spear Mission Pack, Urban Operations (from the game developers) and five Prima Games Platinum Strategy Guides. Click HERE for more info. Round 2 ends this Sunday.
1435Z: Horse & Musket Scenario Pack

  • Shrapnel Games announced today that the Horse & Musket Scenario Pack add-on is now available for download from their website. The Horse & Musket Scenario Pack begins 1670A.D. to the American Revolution. Other features include historical military luminaries as Turenne, Luxembourg, Saxe, Frederick and Arnold in the battles that made them famous. Battles include Saratoga (1777), Landen (1693), and Hochkirch (1758). Click HERE for more info.
Tuesday, May 16th, 2000

1945Z: MicroProse Cancels Tank Platoon
  • It's confirmed: MicroProse has cancelled their Tank Platoon armor sim. Tank Platoon was to be the follow-up to the highly successful M1 Tank Platoon II. "Tank Platoon just wasn't going to be a profitable title for us and we felt we could better use the resources elsewhere," said MicroProse PR representative, Jason Hill. When we asked where "elsewhere" would be he said that they will be redirecting the resources to their Sony PS2 and Microsoft X-Box projects.
1600Z: Warship Database V6.5
  • The Warship Database Project V6.5 has been reposted in order to make some critical corrections to the files that were causing some problems with Fleet Command. Click HERE to download and for more info.
1520Z: Flanker 2.0 Winter Mod

  • Pretzelworks has released a custom built mod for Flanker 2.0 that changes the entire Crimean Peninsula into winter. Click HERE for more info.
1450Z: Horse & Musket Patch
  • Shrapnel Games have released a new Patch for Horse & Musket: Great Battles of the Eighteenth Century and is ready and available for download at their website by clicking HERE. The Patch, version 1.11, fixes many smaller bugs and adds a Fall Back maneuver requested by fans.
Monday, May 15th, 2000

1530Z: PC-Dash 2
  • COMBATSIM.COM's Kurt Giesselman twisted Saitek's Ali Farmer to give us the first ever public viewing of their new, streamlined PC-Dash 2. The new dash has been completely re-styled and looks to be a real winner. The buttons have a new grippy texture and a very satisfying feedback when depressed. In addition, the new dash includes a joystick and fire buttons so the entire unit can be picked up and used as a standalone game pad. The picture below shows the prototype with USB connector but the retail models will be dual port compatible. Woo hoo!

    Saitek's PC-Dash 2. Click for a larger image.

1435Z: GTT's F/A-18 ACMI
  • Game Tool Technologies Lava Systems, Ltd. have released FA-18 ACMI for Jane’s F/A-18 ®. FA18 ACMI is a Windows 9x utility whose main use is to allow players to review missions from a gun camera perspective, allowing review of flight operations for every aircraft in theatre. Players can save missions and save mission tapes. FA-18 ACMI adds functionality originally missing from F/A-18. Click HERE for more info.
1400Z: Flanker 2.0 Su-25/39 Mod
  • The first version of the Su25 Frogfoot and Su39 Naval Frogfoot cockpit addons are now available for download on HAM Technologies website. The cockpit addon is to create the illusion of a different aircraft using the existing 3D cockpit in Flanker 2.02. Used in conjunction with the 'fly Su39' patch (available onsite). Click HERE for more info.
1315Z: Combat Mission Demo
  • has released a demo of Combat Mission. Click HERE to download.
1300Z: Comanche-Hokum Demo
  • Razor Works have released a demo of their Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum. Click HERE to download.
1200Z: iBeta Falcon 4.0 RP2
  • iBeta have released the latest Realism Patch Version 2 for Falcon 4.0. Click HERE for more information.
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