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Friday, May 5th, 2000

1653Z: Nato3 for Rogue Spear
  • ARMM has released the highly anticipated NATO v3.00 mod. Designed primarily for Rogue Spear and the Urban Operations expansion pack, it adds new weapons, models, sounds, reticles and more. Click HERE for more info and to download.
Site Information
  • Did you know that COMBATSIM.COM hosts downloads for various add-on's and mods for your favorite combat simulations? Did you also know that our database for listing these files are completely user driven? You can add your own favorite fan site or links to other resources you feel your fellow readers may find of interest. Finally, our database has a powerful search utility that allows you to find that HOTAS setup you need or skin for your aircraft. Click HERE to view our Links and Downloads section.
Thursday, May 4th, 2000

1530Z: Shrapnel Games Contest
  • Shrapnel Games announced that the Steel Beasts Tank ID Contest has started. The contest, which runs through May 31, 2000, will feature weekly drawings for copies of the upcoming Steel Beasts tank simulation game to be released in July. In addition, there will be a grand prize drawing for $50. Click HERE for more information.
1500Z: EAW Add-on: Skins-n-More
  • SnM puts an easy-to-use interface and a clearly arranged skin-managing system together to one program. The registration of new skins gives you tha ability to give them long names with explanations, etc. plus a thumbnail-picture of the skin. A very good feature is the clearly done replacement of 3dz-files if you use PAW-wireframes for planes and they have to be replaced by the original aircraft - SnM does that automatically and by just one klick. ECA-users will experience no loss of performance of the flyable planes by this feature. Click HERE to download.
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2000

1713Z: EAW Petition
  • A few of the better-known EAW'rs came to us here at COMBATSIM and asked if we would help promote their petition / request to MicroProse-Hasbro for more access to the game's code. We wanted to help out and so we decided to host the petition here. For more details go to this link: EAW Petition
1645Z: New Flashpoint Trailers
  • Bohemia Interactive Studios have released two new trailers for their new game Flashpoint. Click HERE for more information.
1500Z: New Matrox Drivers
  • Matrox has released various beta Windows 2000 drivers various video cards (Rainbow Runner G series, Marvel G200/G200-TV, and Marvel G400-TV). Click HERE to download.
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2000

1800Z: Let's Dogfight! V1.0 Released
  • The first official version of Let's Dogfight 1.0 has been released. This version contains a lot of improvements. Click HERE for more information and to download.
1745Z: Eurpoean Air War STAB V2.2
  • Matt Thompson-Moltzen has released the latest (and final) version of European Air War Stab Version 2.2. This release incorporates a number of functional changes. Click HERE to download.
0028Z: May Desktop Calendar
  • Martin "Obizzz" Öberg has sent us his latest monthly desktop calendar with an EAW theme. Click HERE to view.
0001Z: Janes to Develop New WWII Sim
  • Janes is in development of a WW2 Flight Sim called "ATTACK SQUADRON". The game was called before Flight Combat:Thunder Over Europe which was being made by Looking Glass Studio. Both Janes & Looking Glass are owned by EA, EA decided they would give the already in progress game to Janes, who renamed it ATTACK SQUADRON and made some changes to it. Source: COMPUTER GAMING MAGAZINE, MAY 2000, Pg.83
Monday, May 1st, 2000

1818Z: Close Combat 3 Vietnam Mod
  • This is modification for Close Combat 3 that is a near-total rework of the game. Tons of new weapons, new graphics, new maps and units depicting all Allied and NVA/VC combatants that took part in the war. Click HERE for more information.
1745Z: Flanker College
  • The Spanish Ala Su-27 del Escuadrón 111 (111th Squadron's Su-27 Wing) proudly presents its latest project for all the Flanker pilots to enjoy: The Russian Air Force Staff College. Every two weeks a new assignment will be posted and Flanker pilots worldwide are welcome to try and execute it. They will be asked to deploy a wide array of air assets in order to inflict maximum damage to the enemy, following a clearly established set of rules.
1530Z: Take2 Acquires Gathering of Developers
  • Take-Two Interactive Software today announced it has acquired Gathering of Developers. Gathering of Developers will act autonomously as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, and continue to publish its properties and games in North America. Click HERE for more information.
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