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Friday, April 7th, 2000

2030Z: Jane's F/A-18 Patch
  • The latest patch for Jane's F/A-18 is available. Click HERE to download.
1522Z: Air Warrior 2000 Convention
  • The Air Warrior 2000 Convention will be held in Indianapolis, IN from July 13-16th. It is hosted by Mike "JORDI" Bowman and the AVENGERS Squadron. Click HERE for more information.
1500Z: Jane's Fleet Command Add-on
  • Virtual Skunkworks 3d Modeling Group has a new Fleet Command section that opened this week. Their add-ons are completly free and are currently available for download. Click HERE to view their website.
1440Z: Armies of Armageddon WDK Ships
  • Shrapnel Games have shipped Armies of Armageddon: Wargame Development Kit 2K. Owners of the first version of Armies of Armageddon, can upgrade to the Deluxe Version for free by downloading the patch at Shrapnel Games website by clicking HERE.
1400Z: SDOE Akizuki Destroyer Add-on
  • There is a new add-on created for SDOE by Nat, a Fighter Squadron community member. The Akizuki Destroyer available for download HERE. Two screen shots: PIC1 | PIC2
1300Z: All Out War! Version 2 Launched for WW2F and EAW
  • All Out War has just finished development of a virtual war to compliment European Air War and WWII Fighters online fighting. Their new system simulates a conflict over Western Europe that can be tracked with their dynamic map. Squadrons will register, take control of a sector, and then fight to gain and defend territory using either EAW or WW2F. The leagues also track a full range statistics for all pilots and squadrons involved and provide rankings so that pilots can see where they stack up against the competition. Visit their site for more details
Thursday, April 6th, 2000

1600Z: European Air War Stab Version 2.0
  • This is a major functional release which incorporates Skin Management. Click HERE to download.
1500Z: MicroWINGS Flight Sim Conference
  • MicroWINGS conference takes place from May 18th to May 21st in Seattle, Washington. Click HERE for more information.
1430Z: CFS Aces Annual Convention
  • The Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator Aces Convention will be held in Lexington, Kentucky June 2-4 2000. Meet members from virtual squadrons that offer training, competition and camaraderie unique to CFS. The event will include guest speakers on a variety of subjects related to CFS and virtual flight, as well as what it's like to fly a real warbird. Click HERE for more details.
1400Z: Matrox G400 Win2k Drivers
  • A Win2k certified driver has been added to the Matrox website. This driver supports *ONLY* the Millennium G400 standard editions, not the Max. Click HERE to download.
Wednesday, April 5th, 2000

1619Z: Urban Ops in Stores
  • We have a confirmed report that the new addon for Rogue Spear:Urban Operations is now available at most computer stores in the US. Urban Operations is the new addon for Rogue Spear that contains new maps and some older maps from Rainbow6 with several new game enhancements. (source: Rogue Spear Retreat)
1515Z: Flanker2 Patch Released!
  • SSI has released the latest patch for Flanker 2.0 to version 2.02. Click HERE to download and HERE to view the readme.
1500Z: Klingon Academy Demo
  • and Interplay have released a playable demo of Klingon Academy, the highly anticipated space strategy/action game. Click HERE to download.
1430Z: Brigade Combat Team Patch
  • Shrapnel Games and ProSIM have released BCT: Brigade Combat Team Patch version 1.25b. Patch Fixes Four Bugs, Readies Game for BCT Construction Set. Click HERE to download.
1245Z: Got a News item or a Special File?
  • If you have a news item you wish to share with us, please send us an email and we will gladly post it. News items we are looking for:
    • New Virtual Fan websites
    • Game Scoops
    • Patches or Demos
    • Mods or Custom Editors and Utilities

    If you have a mod/skin/utility that you have made but don't have a place to host it, send it to us and we will add the file to our database.

    Click HERE to send us news and HERE to send us a file.
Tuesday, April 4th, 2000

2321Z: Gunship! hits Gold
  • Gunship! from Hasbro Interactive has gone gold and is now available in stores. Players can take command of the AH-64D Apache Gunship, the German Eurocopter or the Russian M1-28 Havock. Click HERE for more information.
1810Z: New Reader Profile Database
  • We now have a searchable Reader Profile Database at COMBATSIM.COM. If you ever added your profile to our original People Behind The Posts forum, then you'll want to re-enter your info in this new system. You'll be able to create your own account with a private user name and password and add your info. If you want to update your info at a later date, you can login and change your listing. Check it out HERE.
1630Z: 3DFX and Intel Enter Patent Agreement
  • 3DFX today announced that the company has entered into a mutual patent cross-licensing agreement with Intel. As part of the agreement, 3DFX and Intel have amicably agreed to dismiss all pending patent infringement lawsuits between 3DFX and Real 3D. Intel acquired Real 3D's technology portfolio last year.
1400Z: Microsoft Woes
  • A US Federal judge Monday ruled Microsoft Corp. violated the nation's antitrust laws by using its monopoly power in personal computer operating systems to stifle competition. Since the release of the report, Microsoft's shares have lost over $80 billion in market capitalization since Monday. For complete story details, click HERE. (Source:
1200Z: New Diamond ViperII Drivers
  • Diamond Multimedia has released new drivers for their ViperII video card. Click HERE to download from
Monday, April 3rd, 2000

1602Z: Mattel to Sell the Learning Co.
  • Mattel Inc. announced plans today to sell the Learning Company. Mattel has retained Credit Suisse First Boston to arrange a sale of the money-losing unit. Mattel hopes to sell the software division soon. The software division has lost about $300 million since Mattel bought it last spring for $3.5 billion - losses that led to the resignations of Jill Barad, Mattel's chief executive, two months ago and more recently its president. (Source CNN.COM)
1500Z: Subsim's Contest Results
  • SUBSIM.COM have posted the results of their contest and a breakdown of the survey data. To view the contest page click HERE
1400Z: April's Calendar is Available
  • Our April calendar is available by Martin Öberg. Click HERE to view and install. Our thanks go out to Martin for an impressive piece of work.
1300Z: IAF Contest
  • The Simulator is hosting a spring tournament of IAF on the end of April. The spring tournament of ‘The Simulator’ will open on the 20 of April. The best IAF pilot wins a complete SFS suncom Combo set. You can register for the tournament HERE. The Simulator is the first and only Hebrew internet source for flight sim, dedicated to bring news, info, reviews and support in Hebrew for the Israeli virtual pilot. For any further information, please contact them at : [email protected].
1200Z: Hengist's MiG Alley Update
  • Hengist's Mig Alley site has updated their section on Command and Control. They have posted many commands essential to MiG Alley game play that are not mentioned in the manual. Click HERE to view.
1150Z: Newsletter Problems Fixed
  • Several readers were experiencing problems with the unsubscribe function of our weekly newsletter. This problem has now been fixed and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
1030Z: EAW Forum Hits 30000 Posts!
  • COMBATSIM.COM's EAW Forum has surpassed 30'000 posts. Our congrats go out to the community members for achieving this record.
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