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Friday, March 31st, 2000

1627Z: Fighter Ace II: Stupid Plane Tricks Night
  • Microsoft will host a Stupid Planes Tricks Event, tomorrow night on The Zone. In order to participate in the event you need to be a registered Fighter Ace II(FAII) player. FAII is a pay for use on-line WWII multiplayer arena similiar to Aces High. Click HERE for more info.
1600Z: Updated Rage Pro 128 Win9x Drivers
  • has posted the latest drivers for the Rage Pro 120 video card. Click HERE to download.
1200Z: Let's Dogfight Updated
Thursday, March 30th, 2000

1606Z: CFS Add-on: Behind Enemy Lines
  • "Behind Enemy Lines" is a fictional voice-accompanied adventure for Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator. Click HERE for more info.

1548Z: Anothter FS2000 Patch
  • Microsoft has released another patch for FS2000 due to a number of issues that arose from lasts weeks patch version. Click HERE for the standard edition and HERE for the professional edition paches. For more information click HERE.
1500Z: F16/Mig29/F22 Game Server
  • A fan has posted his own online server for Novalogic's F-16/Mig-29/F-22 games. The server is used to host private games for the Integrated Battle Space or IBS arena. It is available to anyone that wants to play the downdated or the updated versions for a number of game titles. Click HERE to visit the site and for more info.
1450Z: Dogs Of War
  • Warmonkey is releasing a new game called "Dogs of War". Dogs of War is a real time action tactics game set in a full 3d environment. Battle takes place with up to 200 individual units split between 3 opposing forces, across sprawling battlefields of up to 10 square kilometres. Click HERE to view their website.
1440Z: Video Card Driver Updates
Monday, March 29th, 2000

1521Z: Shrapnel Games to publish Steel Beasts
  • Shrapnel Games have announced that they are publishing the modern tank simulation game, Steel Beasts. Steel Beasts will be available for mail order shipments starting in July 2000. Click HERE for more info.
1500Z: Battlefrount announces date for Combat Mission
  • Battlefront has announced that the release date for the shipping of Combat Mission is Late May. They have also released a 10 meg preview movie of actual scenes from the game. Click HERE for more info.
1430Z: Earth2150 Demo Released (English Version)
  • Topware, the makers of Earth2150 have released the english version of their highly successful action/strategy game. Click HERE to download from
1400Z: New Video Drivers for ViperII
  • Diamond has released updated video card drivers for the Viper II (version 9.10.34). Click HERE to download from
Tuesday, March 28th, 2000

1520Z: Game Patches 1500Z: KA-52 TA Flight Model
  • ZeroG has released a flight model update for KA-52 Team Alligator. Click HERE to download and HERE for more info.
1200Z: Win2000 Video Card Drivers 1200Z: Subsim Review Contest Closing
  • Just a reminder to enter the Subsim Review's Contest2000 which is closing April 2. Click HERE to enter.
Monday, March 27th, 2000

1657Z: Flanker2 TrackPacker Utility
  • One of the great features of Flanker is the ability to record tracks. Flanker 2 made this feature even better by allowing voice-over to be recorded. TrackPacker allows you to create compact track packages for Flanker2.0. Click HERE for more information and to download.
1530Z: Update for Let's Dogfight
  • This version contains a lot of improvements including direct support for the game server Click HERE for more info.
1100Z: SDOE Fokker DVII Updated
  • A new version of the SDOE Fokker DVII has been released as part of the SDOE Design contest. Click HERE to download and more information.
1200Z: Aureal Turmoil
  • Aureal Inc. last week announced the departure of it entire executive officer staff, including the president, CEO, chief technical, financial, and operating officers, the general counsel, along with all senior staff members. The Board of Aureal stated that it is seeking replacement or turnaround management and is considering all necessary actions to either sell the Company or its assets or wind down the Company. Click HERE for more details.
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