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Friday, March 3rd, 2000

1400Z: RogueSpear Urban Ops Site
  • Red Storm Entertainment have released the Urban Operation web site, the upcoming new add-on for Rogue Spear. The website includes a list of features for Urban Ops, screenshots, and a couple designer logs. Click HERE to view.
1350Z: 12 O'Clock High Patch
  • Patches-Scrolls have posted a patch for 12 O'Clock High: Bombing the Reich version 1.04. Click HERE to download (.8Mb)
1200Z: Command & Conquer II Patch
Thursday, March 2nd, 2000

1340Z: March Desktop Calendar
  • Our March desktop calendar is now available. Click HERE to view and install. We apologize for the delay.
1251Z: Aces High Updated
  • HiTech Creations have released another update (ver 1.011) to fix problems associated with the 1.01 upgrade. Click HERE to download the full 1.011 version and HERE to download the incremental upgrade from 1.003 (or 1.00).
1200Z: Let's Dogfight!
  • Let's Dogfight! is an arcade styled dogfight/combat simulator. It is designed to allow a single player to fight computer-controlled planes, or many players to join a multiplayer dogfight over a very large landscape. Click HERE for more info and to download from (2.2 Mb)
1137Z: New Creative & Leadtek Drivers
  • Creative Labs have released new video card drivers for their TNT/TNT2 and GeForce. Click HERE to download.
  • Leadtek has released a new video card driver for their GeForce256 DDR Windows 9x, 2000. Click HERE to download.
Wednesday, March 1st, 2000

1825Z: GTT Releases Jane's F/A-18 Camo Editor
  • Game Tool Technologies had released F/A-18 Camo Commander. The applications main use is to allow active switching of the aircraft color schemes between the default schemes shipped with the game and a number of alternative schemes created by Game Tool Technologies and others. Click HERE for more information.
1731Z: Page Load Times Increased
  • Thanks to the feedback of several readers, we discovered that we had really done a number on the page load speeds with the site upgrade. We believe we found the reason for the slowdown and have corrected the problem. If you still believe the pages are loading too slowly, or if you now notice the improvement, we'd like to hear your thoughts: SITE CONVERSION QUESTIONS & PROBLEMS FORUM.

1540Z: Aces High Updated
  • HiTech Creations have released an update for Aces High. This upgrade includes a new Spitfire V and a P-38J. Click HERE to download the FULL install Version 1.01 (6.9Mb) or HERE to simply update from 1.003 to 1.01 (3.0Mb)
  • Also available from HiTech's web site are new add-ons for Aces High. Click HERE to download improved sounds, HERE for the high-resolution upgrade, and HERE for the new gunsights.
1445Z: New Asus V3400-6000 Drivers
  • Asus has released updated video card drivers to solve problems for Windows 2000 users. Click HERE to download.


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