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Tuesday, February 29th, 2000

1250Z: SWAT3 Planned Upgades
  • Sierra Studios have announced a series of upgrades planned for SWAT3. The first is SWAT 3: Battle Plan, the official expansion for SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle. Battle Plan adds new weapons, a customizable skins editor, a level building utility, six new missions, and multiplayer action via LAN or the Internet. The second is SWAT 3: Special Edition which will combine the 16 original missions found in the original SWAT 3 game with the additional features of SWAT 3: Battle Plan in one box. SWAT 3: Special Edition will launch alongside SWAT 3: Battle Plan in August 2000. Click HERE for details on SWAT3:Battle Plan and HERE for details on SWAT3:Special Edition. Click HERE for the Swat3 demo.
1247Z: New Voodoo3 Drivers
  • 3DFX has released two sets of new drivers for Voodoo3 video cards. The first is beta drivers for Windows98. Click HERE to download from The second are new Windows 2000 drivers - click HERE to download.
1243Z: New Canopus Spectra 2500 Drivers
  • Canopus released new Spectra 2500 drivers version v3.07 based on nVidia reference drivers v3.75. Click HERE for a complete re-install or HERE for just the drivers (source:
Monday, February 28th, 2000

1623Z: Fly! Patches for Mac & PC
  • TRI has released the latest beta patch for Fly! on both Mac and PC format. The latest version is 1.01.86. TRI have also released an update of the Fly! editor. All files are from the Patches Scrolls.
    • Click HERE for the full Mac update (47Mb)
    • Click HERE for the full PC update (27Mb)
    • Click HERE for the 1.01.85 to 1.01.86 PC update (.7Mb)
    • Click HERE to download the PC editor for Fly!(7Mb)
1420Z: BattleZone2 Patch V1.1 1400Z: Operational Art of War Patches 1400Z: Gallaleo's RS Stats 3.5
Friday, February 25th, 2000
1800Z SDOE Control 2000
  • SDOE Control 2000 is a configuration tool for Fighter Squadron:SDOE. It contains many upgrades over previous versions and is Windows 2000 compatible. Click HERE to download.
1748Z EAW Code Workgroup
  • The EAW Code Workgroup's website is up. People can visit the site and (most importantly) volunteer to contribute and discuss code and related issues about EAW. The aims of the group are described in 'The Big Plan' section. Click HERE to visit.
1532Z New Matrox Drivers
  • Matrox have added new drivers for their product line of video cards to tackle Win2000 issues. They have also added new drivers for Windows NT4.0. Click HERE for more information.
1440Z BattleZone II Patch
  • has posted the code released 1.1 patch for Battlezone II. It enables worldwide multiplayer gaming. Click HERE for complete details and to download.
1000Z Got News?
  • If you have a news item you wish to share with our fellow readers, please send us an email by clicking HERE. Another site feature here at COMBATSIM.COM is our self managing links and downloads departments. Link in your favorite mission or fan web site yourself! Simply click here and enter in all the required information.

    Any questions or comments about our news section, please send us an email on how we can serve you better.
Thursday, February 24th, 2000
2141Z Swat3 Internation Patches
  • Sierra has released the latest International patch for Swat3 (Version 1.2). Click HERE for more information and to download the proper country version. You can also update SWAT3 with Sierra's Autoupdate application.
1930Z USN F/A-18E/F Super Hornet OPEVAL
  • WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy announced Feb. 16 the results of the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet operational evaluation (OPEVAL). The OPEVAL report awarded the best possible grade to the Super Hornet, calling it "operationally effective and operationally suitable." Click HERE for complete details.
1614Z RogueSpear Toolkit 2000 Released
  • There are two different versions with this release. The Full version features all of the versions but is an 8Mb download and the LITE version at 2Mb but does NOT feature the Online Server Listings to browse servers online. Click HERE for more information and to download.
1030Z Turtle Beach New Soundcard
  • Turtle Beach is making a new sound cards to be released later this year. It is called the Santa Cruz Audio Accelerator. Click HERE for more information.
1000Z Jane's Defence Weekly 23 February 2000
  • TRW, Lockheed move ahead in $2b space deal

    Teams led by TRW and Lockheed Martin have edged out Raytheon in the first phase of the US Air Force's Integrated Space Command and Control competition.

  • US-Israeli defence pact remains an option

    The USA could include a defence pact with Israel as part of a comprehensive Middle East peace agreement. Israeli and US diplomatic sources said that the issue has been raised by the Clinton administration with the government of Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

  • Turkey again delays helicopter choice

    Turkey's Defence Industries Undersecretariat has again postponed the final selection of a preferred tenderer in its $4 billion attack helicopter requirement from 21 February to the 6 March.

  • US Army chief details support for 'Legacy Force'

    Army Chief of Staff Gen Eric Shinseki has provided further insight into the "transformation" process intended to improve the US Army's ability to deploy rapidly to future crises around the globe.

  • Super Hornet success depends on upgrades

    Following a rigorous six-month test programme, in which the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet has been found 'operationally effective and suitable' by the US Navy, the long-term success of the strike fighter in defeating enemies and political opponents alike appears to lie in key upgrades.

  • Air Foyle ups game in short-term airlift race

    Civilian charter company Air Foyle of the UK last week released details of a revised bid to satisfy the UK Ministry of Defence's short-term strategic airlift requirement, just days before a potentially decisive Equipment Approval Committee meeting set for 21 February.

  • UK invites tenders for artillery rocket

    The UK's Defence Procurement Agency has issued invitations to tender to six international companies for the Lightweight Mobile Artillery Weapon System risk- reduction demonstrator.

  • RAN looks at its options for AAW

    The Australian Department of Defence is considering a number of options for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) that are expected to shape its anti-air warfare (AAW) capabilities for decades to come.

  • Indonesia puts bigger navy high on priority list

    The Indonesian Defence Forces has outlined its spending priorities for the upcoming fiscal year, an abbreviated period covering just nine months.

  • Israel, USA claim Egyptian missile links with N Korea

    Some sources in Israel and in the USA are concerned about what they believe is the Egyptian transfer of US missile technology to North Korea. US and Israeli intelligence sources allege that Western and US technology obtained by Egyptian government-owned companies is being sent to Pyongyang and is adapted and returned as advanced missile components for Egypt's medium-range ballistic missile programme.

  • EADS walks a political tightrope

    The latest steps in the formation of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS) company from France's Aerospatiale Matra, Germany's DaimlerChrysler Aerospace and Spain's CASA have highlighted many hurdles in the search for solutions.

Jane's Navy International March 2000
  • Danzig studies Dutch 'lean manning'

    The Royal Netherlands Navy's experience of reduced manning and implementation of improved ship habitability standards, of interest for the US Navy's next-generation DD 21 land attack destroyer, were the subject of high-level discussions when US Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig visited the RNLN base at Den Helder in January.

  • China's first Sovremenny leaves for home

    The first of two Russian-built Sovremenny-class guided missile destroyers, ordered by the People's Republic of China in 1996, left the Baltic Sea for home waters in January. The second Sovremenny is currently being fitted for delivery later this year.

  • Saudi trainer comes on line

    The Royal Saudi Naval Forces have taken delivery of an Atlantis Aerospace Corporation (Toronto, Canada) developed, advanced tactical combat trainer. The Action Speed Tactical Trainer supports synthetic surface, undersea and air warfare scenarios, as well as operator function and command decision-making simulation.

  • Australia's Super Seasprite cuts its teeth

    The first production prototype Kaman SH-2G(A) Super Seasprite for the Royal Australian Navy is undergoing initial flight tests. Kaman is under contract to provide 11 re-manufactured Super Seasprite multimission helicopters to Australia to embark on the RAN's eight ANZAC-class frigates.

  • South Korea selects KDX-2 guns

    The Republic of Korea Navy has selected the Mk 45 Mod 4 5in/62-calibre lightweight gun system, to replace the Otobreda 5in gun, for use aboard its three next-generation KDX-2 guided missile destroyers, due to enter service between 2002 and 2004.

  • Minister hits at RAN acquisitions

    Costing three times more than planned, Australia's Amphibious Transport Ships (LPAs) suffered delays that were described by Defence Minister John Moore in a February statement as "totally unacceptable". He has called for an urgent status report on the 15 major projects currently being undertaken by his department.

  • APAR evaluation gets under way

    The Royal Netherlands Navy's next-generation Active Phased-Array Radar (APAR) reached a milestone in January with the installation of single array engineering Development Model at the RNLN's land-based test site at Fort Efprins, Den Helder.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000
2000Z Fighter AceII Update
  • Microsoft has released the first update for Fighter Ace II. The update adds five new airplanes (Ki-84 Hayate, IL-2 Sturmovik, and the Ju-87G Stuka. Click HERE for more information.
1805Z Wings of Destiny Update
  • GoneGold is reporting that Wings of Destiny is headed to stores today and should be on shelves by Thursday or Friday of this week.
1620Z Regarding the Two-Column Article Layout
  • As of today, all new articles posted on the site will be in a one-column format. We were unable to convert all of the older articles to the one-column format because of the sheer complexity of the task. We hope the new one-column layout will solve, once and for all, the problems we all had trying to print articles. Further to this issue of printing articles, we will be attempting to implement a rather nifty technology that will allow you to print an article with the touch of a single button.
1551Z Site Upgrade Complete
  • We have completed the site upgrade here at COMBATSIM.COM. If you find pages that just do not look right or are missing the pictures, please send us an email to our site support guys and they'll fix the page in question.
1530Z EAW Stab Version 1.2a
  • EAW Stab Version 1.2a has been released. This is a maintenance release and copies *.3DZ files as well as *.TPC files when copying Skins. The Ok and Cancel buttons have also been released by custom buttons. Click HERE to download.
1500Z SOF Demo Patch
  • The demo for Soldier of Fortune requires a patch that fixes several issues. Click HERE to download from
1200Z New Diamond ViperII Drivers
  • Diamond Multimedia has released new video drivers for the ViperII. Click HERE to download from
0900Z CloseCombat IV Patch
  • SSI has released both UK and US versions of CCIV Patch 4.02. Click HERE to download the US version and HERE for the UK/International version from Patches-Scrolls. (15Mb)
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2000
  • It's been over a year in the planning stages and today, God willing, we will be upgrading the entire site with a new look. As with all undertakings of this magnitude, expect to see some weirdness for the first couple of days as we work out any unforeseen wrinkles. For those of you who have bookmarked certain sub-index pages, you may receive a rude shock when the page doesn't appear. This is because almost every page that was created prior to November of 1998 will have been moved to new directories. We hope our new Departments listing page will help you out in this area.

    If you see any pages that are messed up after the conversion (and we know there will be a few), please send an email to our site support guys and they'll fix the page in question.

    Today is just the first and biggest stage of our upgrade efforts, more upgrades will be occuring over the entire week so please bear with us if things get strange.


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