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Monday, February 14th, 2000
  • Since our first survey regarding the Software Angels concept received fewer responses than we'd hoped (probably due to the email requirement) here's a new, ANONYMOUS survey that gets a bit deeper into the specifics of the concept. The results of this survey are also viewable by all. After this has run for a couple days, we'll re-open the Software Angels forum again. Click HERE to enter your opinions.
9:18AM Blue Angel for Janes F/A-18
  • Pretzelworks just posted a new TRUE BLUE ANGEL for Janes F/A-18. Click HERE for more info.
8:32AM Warship Database Updated
  • The Warship Datbase Project is now up to V4.83. The following items have been added; F-22 Raptor, Eurofighter Typhoon, B-52H Stratofortress, Mig-23, Mig-27, and Tu-95G, AGM-142 Raptor, AGM-86C CALCM, Storm Shadow, New Airbases, AIM-132 ASRAAM, GBU-31/32 JDAM, R-24R Apex AAM. Several new and updated scenarios have been posted with more photos. Click HERE for more info.
8:01AM Games Patches at Patches Scrolls
Friday, February 11th, 2000
9:15AM - Kahn is Now Free
  • Stargate Networks is now offering their online multiplayer utility for free. Kahn allows players to connect via IPX over the internet and offers a IRC chat window. Click HERE to download.
9:11AM - Aces High Patch (1.03) 8:04AM - New Matrox Beta Drivers
  • Matrox has informed us they have added new beta drivers for a wide variety of video cards.
7:00AM - Did You Know?
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    Another feature is our downloads and links database. You can add your favorite fan site, virtual squadron, or even add-ons for your games. Don't have a site to post your add-on? Email it to COMBATSIM.COM.

    Finally, our COMBATSIM.COM's forums contain over 70'000 posts from our readers and fans. From Civilian Aviation to Joysticks, we host a variety of discussion forums for our members to chat about subjects of interest.

    • Click HERE to visit our links and downloads database.

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6:32AM - JAS Gripen update with Avionics
  • We have just received military info on the JAS Gripen update. Click HERE to view.
Thursday, February 10th, 2000
EAW Stab Version 1.2
  • European Air War Stab Version 1.2 was released yesterday. Click HERE for more info.
North Africa Terrain for EAW
  • Pretzelworks has released the Noth Africa terrian set for EAW. Click HERE for more info.
F/A-18E Super Hornet Patch
Wednesday, February 9th, 2000
  • At the request of Rod Hyde of Rowan Software, we have temporarily suspended the operation of the SOFTWARE ANGELS forum. Rod and his team need some time to digest all of the great suggestions offered over the last few weeks. Rod also wants to extend his personal thanks to everyone who has participated to this point. Further to this, there will be a new, updated survey in the next day or so regarding the Software Angels concept. After the info from this survey has been gathered and sifted, the Software Angels forum will be started afresh.
11:13AM - SDOE Chamelon Updated
  • COMBATSIM.COM has received an update for SDOE Chamelon. This update fixes a bug when copying the Bf-109 tif files from the dover theatre folder into Fighter Squadron. Click HERE for the full version, and HERE for the 'manual' lite version.
9:13AM - BZFlag 1.7d
  • has posted BZFlag 1.7d, a multiplayer 3D tank battle game that uses openGL and is open source. Click HERE to download.
8:00AM - BCT Expansion Pack2: Light Fighers
  • Brigade Combat Team Expansion Pack 2:Light Fighters from Shrapnel Games has gone Gold. BCT - EP2:LF is the second expansion pack for the series. Click HERE for more info.
Tuesday, February 8th, 2000
4:29PM - Exclusive Typhoon Screen Shot
  • Rage has sent us an exclusive in-game screen shot for Typhoon. Click HERE to view.
2:02PM - iBeta Falcon 4.0 Realism Patch
  • iBeta has announced information on their Realism patch for Falcon 4.0. Click HERE for complete details!
10:07AM - AMD 1.1GHz AMD Athlon™ Processor
  • AMD yesterday demonstrated a 1.1 GHz(1100 MHz) version of the AMD Athlon™ processor manufactured in its Fab 30 facility in Dresden, Germany. The demonstration featured the newest version of the AMD Athlon processor that integrates high-performance on-die Level 2 (L2) cache. The device is manufactured utilizing AMD's leading-edge HiP6L 0.18 micron process technology featuring copper interconnects. The demonstration required no special cooling techniques and was shown in conjunction with a presentation at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). Click HERE for more details.
9:18AM - New RogueSpear Mods @ RSdB
  • Nishi's Model Mod v2 - This version is version 1, the 1.1 and 1.15 patches and a totally new 3d model/weapon all rolled into one! Includes 12 primary weapons and 14 secondary weapons, all of which have new 3D models.
  • NATO*SPO v3 - This mod adds nothing new, but it has an easy to use installer/uninstaller. To correctly install NATO*SPO 3 though, you will have to uninstall Rogue Spear, and delete it's folder, and than install NATO*SPO 3.
  • Terrorist Hunt Mod - This mod makes the tangos in the terrorist hunt missions A LOT smarter and tougher to bear. For experienced players only.
9:00AM - Fly! Update for Mac
  • TRI has released an update for Fly! Macintosh. Click HERE to download.
  • Preview: GUNSHIP!: First Look

    We've had our first look at the pre-alpha copy of GUNSHIP! sent to us courtesy of Microprose. It is still a bit early to evaluate the game's features, but we'll give you a glimpse of what we've seen so far.


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