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Monday, January 31, 2000
11:20AM - Flanker2 Crimea Race Results
  • The results of the Flanker 2 Trans Crimea Race are now available. Click HERE for more information.
10:50AM - TAOW Interview
  • Rogue Spear Database has conducted an interview with the TAOW Team, creators of the TAOW: Nihon series and the upcoming TAOW Nihon ii: Japan mod for Rogue Spear. The interview goes over new information about the mod and includes an exclusive screenshot of the mod. Click HERE for more information.
10:32AM - Falcon4.0 Skins
  • We have added two new Falcon 4.0 skins in our downloads department. The first is replacement files for tail, body, wings, and hort stab. Tail art based on actual 140 Sqn patch from Tengah Air Base, Singapore. The second is a South Carolina Air National Guard "Swamp Fox" F-16 skin. Click HERE for the Singapore, and HERE for the Nationl Guard skins.
10:30AM - EAW Control 2000
  • Al 'Spyder' White has released an update for his EAW Control. Click HERE to download.
9:15AM - Falcon 4.0 Korean Sky Fix
  • A Falcon 4.0 fan who lives in Korea has created a Sky fix that matches the actual skies in Korea. Click HERE to download.
9:01AM - Got News?
  • If you have information on new products, breaking game stories, or add-on's for your favorite Combat Simulations. Click HERE to send us email.
8:45AM - New Voodoo 2000/3000 Drivers
  • 3DFX has released new drivers for Voodoo 2000/3000 chipset video cards. Click HERE for more information and to download.
8:12AM - KA-52 Team Alligator Demo
Sunday, January 30, 2000
KA-52 Team Alligator Demo
Friday! January 28, 2000
1:18PM - Armies of Armageddon: WDK 2K Gold
  • Shrapnel Games announced today that Armies of Armageddon: WDK 2K is being readied for duplication & printing. Armies of Armageddon goes Gold today and will be available for mail order shipments starting in early March 2000. Click HERE for more information.
  • Our downloads and links department overwent a huge overhaul last night. After hearing lot of complaints of bad links and missing files, we went through hundreds of the entries and cleaned up the listings. We are currently looking for new files and fan web sites to add to our database, in particular Rogue Spear, FA-18, USAF, and SDOE. Click HERE if you wish to add to our database. Got questions email us!

  • Today our video card review is due out. Check back later this afternoon for more details.

  • Got News? Send us email!
Enemy Nations Patch
  • Patch-Scrolls has posted the latest patch for Enemy Nations.The previous version 1.02.006 had a few bugs so they have updated it with this current version. Click HERE to download.
Thursday, January 27, 2000
  • Review: Mouse Roundup - Three not so Blind Mice!

    We take a look at the three hottest gaming mice currently available. Will the electronic eye win out over the ol' reliable rollerball?

Warship Database Project Update
  • The WDP has gone through a major overhaul. The primary goals of the project are to focus on realism, accuracy, and playability in order to balance the game. The WDP upgrade is for Janes Fleet Command. Click HERE to download.
MechWarrior 3 MultiplayerMaps
  • has posted 5 new multiplayer maps for MW3. Click HERE to download.
Aces High Version 1.0
  • HiTech Creations has officially released version 1.0 of Aces High, their on-line multiplayer WWII simulator. Click HERE to download.
Finnish Blitz'2000
  • Finnish virtual pilots who fly in the online only multiplayer World War II flying simulation WarBirds are going to meet in the annual winter meeting, Blitz, next weekend. The convention will take place in middle of Finnish winter countryside near one of the major cities in Finland, Tampere. Convention will be connected to the Internet and there will naturally be hectic amount of online combats. Click HERE for more information.
Wednesday, January 26, 2000
Mods @ Rogue Spear db
  • Rogue Spear: Combat Phase 1 - This mod contains 16 new primary weapons, and 12 new secondary weapons. The mod also contains a Grenade Launcher, new ammo, new sounds, new graphics, new arm patches and more!
  • BTS Map Pack - This map pack includes 11 server-side maps for multiplayer use. Refer to the readme included in the .zip file for descirptions of each map.
  • Neo Skin - Skin based on the character Neo from the Matrix.
  • Casey Ryback Skin - Skin based on the character from the Under Siege movie series, Casey Ryback.
  • NATO SPO 2000 - Includes the same new features from NATO SPO 2.1 (more rounds, automatic snipers, silenced snipers, etc.) but fixes a couple bugs in the installer and removes the grenade launcher due to multiplayer incompatabilities. Must have NATO SPO for this mod to work.
Digital Upgrade Kits for Thrustmaster F22
  • The SWF22 Digital Upgrade Kits are available for the ThrustMaster F22 or F16 FLCS Joystick and the ThrustMaster TQS Throttle to operate in a 'digital' mode. Click HERE for more info.
Tuesday, January 25, 2000
  • Review: Brigade Combat Team

    Lt. Colonel Mike Robel takes a look at Prosim's Brigade Combat Team (BCT). BCT is a stragtegy game similar to the JANUS training simulator used by U.S. military forces.

  • Feature: Software Angels - Yes or No?

    How would you like to be directly involved in the development of a new hard core sim title? Rod Hyde of Rowan Software (developers of MiG Alley) wants to ask you if you'd be interested in this approach he calls "Software Angels".

  • Review: MiG Alley Close Air Support

    Bob "Groucho" Marks gives us his take on close air support operations in MiG Alley.

Soldier of Fortune Demo Redstorm 'Offically' Announces Rogue Spear Add-on
  • Red Storm Entertainment, Inc. yesterday announced it will release Rogue Spear Mission Pack: Urban Operations, an add-on to Computer Gaming World’s 2000 Action Game of the Year, Rogue Spear.

    Urban Operations will include fantastic new spaces with new game types for each one, all set in famous cities around the world. Players can also look forward to new multi-player spaces as well as new weapons types and five classic levels from the original game, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. RS:UO is expected to be released early spring 2000.
Rage Aquires Wayward
  • Rage announced yesterday that it has acquired Wayward Design Ltd ("Wayward"), a Bristol based games developer. Wayward was established in 1997. Its first title, which is currently nearing completion, is a flight simulation game called B17: Flying Fortress - the Mighty Eighth.
Monday, January 24, 2000
SDOE Contest Update
  • The contest hosted by is proceeding well. There have been 32 plane entries made and the entrants have begun construction. The way things are going, there be a lot of new planes available by the end of March.
    There have also been several new planes released or being worked on recently (not associated with the contest) which are worth mentioning.
    • F-14 Tomcat - Click HERE & HERE
    • Albatros DVA (as well as several other WWI planes) - Click HERE & HERE
    • HE 162 - Click HERE & HERE
    • Junkers Lilli - Click HERE
Swat 3 Patch
  • has posted a patch for Swat 3 (Ver 1.1). Click HERE to download (1.7 Megs)
Mods @ Rogue Spear db
  • Blood Mod - This mod includes new bullet hole textures which gives the blood on the bodies a new look!
  • NATO SPO v2.1 - This update to the NATO SPO mod increases the rounds per magazine, magazines per gun, accuracy and zoom for the guns. This update also makes the sniper rifles silent and automatic.
  • Killa Bee's Server-Side Mod - Includes 5 server-side maps designed for 8-player multiplayer games.
  • Real Cops Weapon Mod Part 3 - An update to Part 3. Includes everything from Oarts 1, 2 and 3 and fixes bugs that were in the previous version of Part 3.
  • RA Map - Server-side map for multiplayer.
  • Silent Night - A mission mod based on the Perfect Sword mission. Be sure to read the briefings so you know what you have to do.
  • Coldwar Bunkers - A retextured bunkers map. Be sure to extract BOTH files in the zip file for it to work correctly.
  • AnKO Map Pack - Includes 3 server-side maps (=AnKO= bunkers, =AnKO= desert strike, =AnKO= Snow counterblast).
  • ETSC Bogart/Arnavisca Multiplayer - The same mod where Bogart and Arnavisca are the terrorist, but this time it's for muliplayer.






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