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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

PC Game and Hardware News

Eurofighter Typhoon Developer Closes Doors
Sorry, we are a bit slow off the mark here, but Fatbabies.com reported on January 29th that "Rage Software in the UK has closed itís doors, laying off all but a few employees who will remain to lock the doors and turn off the lights. Creditors failed to support an 11th hour plea for additional funding, and as a result Rage was forced to close up shop, sending over 100 employees to the unemployment line."

Website: Fatbabies.com
BF1942 Update (5 items)

Desert Combat's AC-130 gunship. Very nice.

  • New Models from CWR
  • Parallel World Mod
  • Star Wars Mod
  • New Tool: Atolicus Launcher
  • Desert Combat's AC-130 3 Comments

Full details at the PlanetBattlefield.com website.

Website: PlanetBattlefield.com
Operation Flashpoint Update (2 items)

Flyable Resistance BD5 mini-jet includes 30cal light MG with 500 rounds.

  • Operation Codeblue Screenshots
  • Resistance BD5 JET

Full details on the above items can be found at the OpFlashpoint.org site.

Website: OpFlashpoint.org
Wargamer.com Sold
AVENEL, NJ — Virtual Business Designs, Inc. owners of MilitaryGamer, is pleased to announce formal plans to acquire The Wargamer web site.

Shaun Wallace, Director of Operations at MilitaryGamer said, "The Wargamer is a quality web site with great content and years of service to the gaming community. It's that dedication and quality that makes it a perfect fit for our readers and growing community. This acquisition will allow us to corner the market as the definitive source for coverage of war and strategy gaming." Shaun Wallace is one of the Executives at Virtual Business Designs, Inc and been with VBD working at MilitaryGamer for 2 years.

"After seven years, having founded and grown The Wargamer from a one-man operation to a 50-member global team effort that responds to more than 1 million visitors each month, I am unable to continue dedicating the time and level of effort that the site requires to remain at the top of its game; I find myself unable to respond adequately to economic and operational changes that have transformed the industry over the past years. For our hard working staff and our readers, I felt it important to ensure that the site continues and grows under rejuvenated, focused, and strategically thinking leadership. Meanwhile, I can no longer postpone rededicating the bulk of my personal time to neglected friends, family, graduate school, and my full time employer," said Mario Kroll, outgoing CEO, owner, and Publisher of The Wargamer. "I and my management team are very impressed by Mr. Wallace's leadership, demonstrated through MilitaryGamer, and believe a great synergy and growth is possible; we are excited to see Mr. Wallace take the network to the next level." Mr. Kroll will remain as part of The Wargamer management team and focus on his role as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, keeping his industry expertise and depth of knowledge of strategy and military games within the fold of the web site.

Website: MilitaryGamer
Website: Wargamer
Soldner Secret Wars Update
The official Soldner Secret Wars site has added some pics and info about the soldiers and vehicles in the game. They have also started a developer's diary.

Lots more pics at the official site. See link below.

Website: Soldner Secret Wars

Defense & Aerospace News

Typhoon - First Aircraft Rolls Off The Production Line
BAE SYSTEMS is delighted to announce the maiden flight of the first British Typhoon series production aircraft.

Aircraft BT001, piloted by Derek Reeh, BAE SYSTEMS Director of Flight Operations and Archie Neill, BAE SYSTEMS pilot and Typhoon Entry into Service Manager, took off from the company's site at Warton, Lancs, for a successful 21 minute flight on Friday 14 February.

Bran' spankin' new Eurofighter rolls of the assembly line.

The flight was part of a major achievement for the Eurofighter Typhoon project, as all four of the European Partners in the consortium have seen their first Series Production Aircraft make their maiden flights in the last few days - at EADS Deutschland in Germany, EADS-CASA in Spain and Alenia in Italy, along with BAE SYSTEMS, Warton.

Typhoon Managing Director, Chris Boardman, said: "The first flight of BT001 is a significant step towards our major goal this year - getting the aircraft into service with the Royal Air Force, where it belongs. It was rewarding for us all to see the aircraft fly today, and to know that another 10 aircraft are advancing along the line at BAE SYSTEMS to join it - not to mention the 96 aircraft in different stages of production across Europe."

Wing Commander David Chan, based at Warton to bring Typhoon into service for the RAF, commented: "Seeing BT001 fly proved to me that the programme is making real progress. Typhoon is important for the RAF and important for our national security. It will form the cornerstone of RAF Air Power for decades to come. My team continues to be fully involved with the programme, and we eagerly await the handover of BT001 later this year."

Derek Reeh commented: "It has been a privilege to fly the first British Series Production Typhoon. As is always the case with Typhoon, the aircraft was a real joy to fly. The achievement was made all the more significant as it represented the culmination of a great deal of hard work across all four partner nations."

Each of the four aircraft will now undertake a selection of tests as part of the four-nation Type Acceptance process, which will culminate with the handover of the aircraft to individual customers later this year. BT001, the first of 232 aircraft for the Royal Air Force, will spend the next few months at Boscombe Down where it will undertake EMC testing for the programme.
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