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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

PC Game and Hardware News

Ultimate CPU Comparison
Tom's Hardware Guide has published a ginormous article comparing 65 CPUs from 100 MHz to 3066 MHz. They have lovely benchmark graphs that show you in a glance which CPU rules over the others. Great article for you "My CPU is faster than yours" types.

Website: Tom's Hardware Guide
IL-2: Forgotten Battles Going Gold?!
SimHQ is reporting on a rumour that IL-2: Forgotten Battles is going Gold tomorrow. Well, we picked up the phone and called Matt Wagner, Producer for IL-2:FB and he had no comment. Public Relations has also been quiet. Our own anonymous sources have told us that they think an announcement is coming today, but they've been saying that for a couple of weeks now.

Suffice it to say, an announcement is probably imminent.

Website: IL-2 Sturmovik
Operation Flashpoint Mod / Add-on Update (10 items)
As per usual, Sentinel and crew over at OpFlashpoint.org have been busy scouring the Internet highways for the latest mods and add-ons. Here's the headlines from their site.
  • Message from Klesk2001
  • Starship Troopers Update 2
  • Operation Codeblue M249 improved
  • BAS Delta and Ranger Released
  • Starship Troopers MOD Update
  • Cargo Animations
  • Scudo Van
  • Invasion 1944 Update
  • Swordfish Trilogy Mission Pack

Full details and lots of pics illustrating the above to be found at their site.

Website: OpFlashPoint.org
BF1942 Update (12 items)
What with the long weekend and all, we got a little behind. Here's all the headlines from the biggest BF1942 community site:
  • Trench Rats Update
  • Road to Rome Review
  • Soldier9 Update
  • GameSpy Grudge Match
  • Another R2R Review
  • New Desert Combat Images
  • Game Center Action
  • Code Name Eagle Released!
  • Star Wars Mod
  • New Custom Map Intel
  • Official EA Update: Plans for v1.31:
    • Wall Hacking
    • Parachuting Into Objects
    • Single Player and Co-Op Crashes
    • Stand Alone Server Error
    • Text display on-screen time

  • CiS Update Comment!

Website: PlanetBattlefield.com
CAL RavenShield Division Opens for Team Signups
PR Info:
The Cyberathlete Amateur League is pleased to announce that our recently started RavenShield division is now allowing team signups! and.. The Cyberathlete Amateur League is pleased to announce that our recently started RavenShield division is now allowing team signups!
Website: CAL Raven Shield
Fighter Aircraft Repaints (5 items)
Fly! II: P-51D Mustang H-307 Royal Dutch Airforce (AVSIM)
This repaint gives an impression of the P51D-Mustang , H-307 wich served in the Royal Dutch Airforce. By J.Sabatier, L.Claudet and TJ ( ROTW ) / Repaint by Leen de Jager.

FS2002: P-51D Mustang (Royal Dutch Airforce)

FS2002: Sikorsky H-60 Black Hawk Helo Package (AVSIM)
Package contains numerous H-60 Blackhawk models and textures, as well as sounds. All built in gmax; UH-60 clean, HH-60 with IFR probe, HH-60 with skis, and UH-60 with Night equipment. Textures include 160th, 55th SOS, and 210th Rescue. Model features reflective windows, moving and highly detailed rotors, opening doors, and compressible suspension. By Daniel M Dunn, TLUK Aircraft Design.

FS2002: H-60 Black Hawk

FS2002: Hughes MH-6 Littlebird Helo (AVSIM)
GMax built Hughes MH-6 Little Bird, to accompany the GMax Blackhawks released in tandem. Features reflective glass, opening cockpit, highly detailed rotors, compressible gear legs, and sounds. By Daniel M Dunn, TLUK Aircraft Design

FS2002: MH-6 Little Bird

FS2002: Aircraft Ampjet Amphibious Jet (FSPlanet)
Version 1 of a new style Amphibious jet. GMAX model! This release is to gain user feedback for improvemants. Look in the Readme file for contact info. Features include a fully functional DVC, all moving control surfaces, Working reverse thrusters, visible heat exhaust,working gear suspension, opening canopy and cargo door,rolling wheels,stearable nose wheel, working water rudders, ofcourse it floats, plus much more. By John Fay,John Walker

Strike Fighters: German Airforce F4-F (GermanAirForce SkinSet)
by Goose [Source: BioHazcentral.com]

German Airforce F4-F

Tornado! Version 1.05 Released
From LAGO:
We just released the files that update ALL versions to 1.05. Not only are all open issues fixed, we also perfected a few other files so they are even better than before. You will need a serial code to install these files. And do note that using shared codes on the Internet is at your own risk. You are warned during installation but if you DO insist on using them the consequences are yours...
Download the update from this link. The complete new version 1.05 can be downloaded from this link.

A CFS3 version of the Tornado is to be released this weekend.

Website: LAGO
IL-2: Forgotten Battles Story and Screens

Ian Boys has written a new story with screenshots

Ian Boys has a new IL-2: Forgotten Battles fiction story complete with new screenshots. Judging by the screenshots, it's apparent that Oleg and team certainly are raising the bar again.

Website: IL-2: Forgotten Battles: "Umbrella" by Ian Boys
IL-2: Forgotten Battles System Specs
Here are the updated minimum system requirements for Forgotten Battles:

  • Windows(r)98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium III 800 or better
  • 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)
  • 3D video card (DirectX 8.1 compatible) w/32MB RAM (64MB recommended)
  • Sound Card (Direct 8.1 compatible)
  • DirectX 8.1 or higher (included on disc)
  • 4X CD-ROM or better (Not recommended for use with CD-RWs)
  • Internet connection (56 kbps or better) or LAN for multiplayer
  • Hard Drive Space 1.1 GB

Website: IL-2 Sturmovik
NWS: Warship Combat-WW2 v1.10 Released
NWS: Warship Combat-WW2 is a NWS Team designed tactical computer naval simulation covering the surface battles of WW2.

Website: Naval Warfare Simulations
Vietcong Weapons Movie

New Vietcong Weapons movie

Gamer's Hell has the latest Vietcong movie. This one features the weapons. Previous movies featured the vehicles and jungle environment.

Movie: Vietcong Weapons [20.1 MB] (from Gamer's Hell)
Homepage: Vietcong Official Site
Command & Conquer Generals Retail Patch v1.02
This patch brings C&C: Generals to version 1.01 and then immediately to v1.02.

Homepage: C&C: Generals
Download: 3D Gamers
Splinter Cell New SP Demo #2
Ubi Soft has released another SP Demo for this amazing FPS. This demo contains the Tbilisi 1, Tbilisi 3 and Kalinatek missions from the full game.

Homepage: Splinter Cell
Download: 3D Gamers
1C's WWII RTS Gets New Name
Justin Calvert at Gamespot has reported that WWII RTS has been renamed to Battlefield Command.

Full Story: Gamespot
Homepage: Battlefield Command
New WWII FPS: Sabotage 1943
The Story:
France 1940. Behind the façade of stability a secret, desperate, and cruel war of liberation has already begun. As a spy, saboteur, and partisan of the French resistance movement, the Résistance, you will also get involved in this fight.

The omnipresent enemy keeps everything under control and reacts on every kind of resistance in a barbarous and brutal way. An open military confrontation would be a lost cause.

Therefore, another way has to be found to fight the enemy. You conspire against the Nazis, operate underground, and pretend to be a harmless civilian. This way you can deceive and infiltrate the Nazis to strike secretly. But don't fall in the hands of the Gestapo that even plants spies in the resistance groups ....


  • Engine Specs

    • 3D tactical first-person shooter with the newest technologies offers extremely realistic game visuals. Dynamic real-time light and shadow effects perfectly reflect the sinister atmosphere of the background story.
    • Particle system makes the explosions look extremely realistic. Environmental effects, such as dust, rain and leaves, create a dark and gloomy atmosphere.
    • Flexible camera control and exact details of the game world even allow the player to peek through keyholes.

  • Game Features
    • 22 levels will lead you through the cruel story, which is based on true historical facts.
    • Scenarios in authentic French theaters of war in 1943/44, such as Paris occupied by German forces.
    • Seven different characters with various specific attributes
    • Complex enemy AI with numerous surprising behavior patterns
    • Various clothing and uniforms allow the player to operate secretly in military areas behind the enemy lines.
    • Player’s behavior has a direct effect on the relationship between the population and the Résistance (betrayal, assistance, etc.)
    • By skillfully sneaking up on the enemy, soldiers can be overwhelmed and forced at gunpoint to open doors and reveal vital information
    • When under fire, the player can fake death by using the “Playing Dead Mode” to deceive the enemy

Homepage: Official Sabotage 1943 Website
AirStrike 3D: Operation W.A.T. Demo & Patch
DivoGames has issued a new patch for AirStrike 3D: Operation W.A.T., updating their 3D top-down helicopter shooter to version 1.22.

Airstrike 3D helo shooter

Homepage: AirStrike 3D
Download: 3D Gamers

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