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MarkShot's STK/EAW Guide
In a major update of Shoot to Kill / European Air War, Mark "MarkShot" Kratzer puts us in the cockpit with him as he describes how dogfights are won and lost.

H o w - T o
Flight Model modification for Jane’s WWII Fighters
Thanks to Steve “Judge” Dickson’s Sqzip extraction utility, fans of Jane’s WWII Fighters now have the ability to extract and modify the flight parameter files of the combat planes in the game. Joe Hong takes us on a technical overview of this complicated, physics-riddled, and mathematical world of flight model editing.

T r a i n i n g
SDOE Mission Making Tutorial - Part 1
Good missions are an important part of a good game. Even more so is understanding how to make good missions. SDOE came without an effective tutorial on Mission Creation. Contributor Scott Verge took upon this task to create an in-depth and resourceful SDOE Mission Making Tutorial.
Target Area Mechanics
Click to Proceed John "Zambo" Zambie has written an excellent article about target area mechanics based on his experience as a Harrier pilot in the United States Marine Corps. Zambo has been an excellent source of information in our forums, and he's been kind enough to share his knowledge of real world tactics with his fellow simulation pilots.
Aircraft Systems    Training
   by Bill Hewett      A2A Radar
IMAGE The Multi-sensor integration on the F/A 18E takes target information from various sources, correlates them and displays the result to you as a fused MSI trackfile. These files are displayed on the A/A Radar page and on the Situational Awareness (SA) page.

Air Combat    I n t e l l i g e n c e
        Strategy and Tactics

Need help with tactics in Janes F15? Confused about emissions in EF2000? Trying to survive escort reprisals in Silent Hunter? Struggling to stay stealthy in Janes Longbow? Need to understand the EMCON system in F22: ADF? Going after bombers in EAW? Go to the Strategy Center:

Air Combat  T r a i n i n g
  USAAF     B17 Defense
B17 This report reproduces a study dated 11 November, 1943 by the Third Bombardment Division, VIII Bomber Command, covering German fighter attacks against Flying Fortresses.
Air Combat  B r i e f i n g
by Bob "Groucho" Marks     Flanker 2.0: Mission Editor
F2 "Groucho" briefs us on the Flanker 2 mission editor, a component destined to add hours of sim fun to the lives of Flanker fans around the world.

Air Combat  T a c t i c s
by "Spectre" and Dave Pascoe     Falcon 4.0: SAM Avoidance and SEAD Debriefing

SAMs, as most of you well know, come in three distinct and deadly flavors. Radar guided, whether its CW (continuous wave) or TVM (track via missile), IR and Optical. Optical guided SAMs are not really a separate SAM type but more of a back-up.

Air Combat  T r a i n i n g
  F4: Various Writers     Formation Flying, Bullseye Calls, IFR, Building Gorillas
Mustangs Real pilots attest to the fact that they are trained on formation skills long before they go into advanced topics such as dog fighting. Here too is a training article on Bullseye calls.

Air Combat  T r a i n i n g
     Air Combat Maneuvering: What, Why, and How!
ACM Training

Check our ACM and BFM series, hosted by Bill Costello, Dan Crenshaw and others.

Air Combat  Communications
     Military Flight Comms

How do pilots talk to each other? Check out these articles:

Air Combat    T r a i n i n g
  by Joseph Hong and Leon "Badboy" Smith      Energy Management and ACM

Sim pilots will usually know the corner velocity and the sustained turn velocity of their favorite fighter planes, but have only a rough idea of the flight envelope of their favorite mount. A tool that real fighter pilots use to analyze an aircraft's performance is the Energy-Maneuverability Diagram, or E-M chart.

Air Combat    P l a t f o r m s
        Weapons, Systems, Doctrine
MiG 1.42

Need info on that particular aircraft or submarine or tank? Want to read the theories behind Desert Storm? Interested in the development program for the JSF? Go to:



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