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What? Lost your AWACS link again? Don't fret, call RED BUSTERS!! Yes, you too can ReViVE your AWACS, and even Nuke some Russians!

Mission Planning

Strike Missions

  • Note that wingman loadout will mirror your own. This means that if you enter the planner and choose a runway assignment for yourself and an 8 plane hangar for each of your wingmen, they will carry the same durandals as you! Swap two durandals for two GBU12s and your wingmen will be happy.
  • Wingmen who have been assigned dumb bombs by WARGEN do not always do as well with smart bombs. If you want to trade them in for smart bombs, carry two of each. This way your wingmen will be more likely to perform to your liking.
  • If you plan to rearm and refuel later and have debarked from a base in the far south, set one waypoint on your return route over a nearer base so that you have an easy task finding the nearest friendly runway. Why go all the way home?
  • Note that your escort are slaved to the waypoints of LEAD. You can use this to your advantage in two ways. If you have an AWACS link and want to send your escort ahead of you, plan a waypoint that will allow them to save some distance. Whenever you like you can switch to this waypoint and they will follow it, even if you stay on course.
  • By the same token, be sure to set your waypoint for home, even if you have skipped any waypoints because of engagement with the enemy. Otherwise your escort will hang around the current waypoint til they are picked off. Ugly scene.
  • Carrying a couple of ALARMs is always a good idea, since the Weasel boys sometimes use their weapons on targets of opportunity on ingress, or are shot down before they can be useful...

Mission Preparation

  • Scan carefully the different missions BEFORE you go to the mission planner area. THEN use your common sense to add your own mission into this arena
  • Plan a mission with takeoff schedule a little later than another mission from the same or another nearby airport. Thereby you will get support from other planes - you can "draw" the other planes into the battle or wait until planes from the other group(s) have destroyed SAM´s in strike areas.
  • Note: you have to make notes before taking off - draw or print out waypoints for the other group(s). Only in this way you will have enough information to stay on the top of it.
  • In similar fashion, note the assignment numbers of your escort and wild weasel. This way when you hear a MAYDAY call you will know whether it is elements of your own mission who are threatened, and which escort flight is responding

Refuel and Rearm Flights

  • If you plan a refuel and rearm flight, and you are embarking from a base in the deep south, set one return waypoint over a more northern base. This will allow you to easily find a nearer friendly runway later.
  • If you do not reset your waypoint to the point of origination, and if your wing has sufficient fuel remaining, he will circle til you refuel and you can call him back into formation
  • If you intend to rearm and refuel, take the minimum A2G load possible. If you can get away with one GBU, mount it centerline. Remember, you can refuel later so you don't need the extra tank. This will give you space for two more A2A weapons.

Using Alternate Base and Refuel Feature

  • If you find your wingmen being taken out by the SAMS at an airfield, place an ingress waypoint over the base nearest to your target
  • Add a couple of ALARMS to your strike load, fly to the Nato base closest to the target, and get clearance to land so that your wingmen land also.
  • Fly to target (with any WW/Escort) and take out the SAMS, using cannon on the ones left after the ALARMs run out, don't worry too much about AAA.
  • Check for any intercept planes taxiing to take off and down them.
  • If you survive, go back and land at the Nato airfield, refuel and re-arm by stopping on the runway, move off the runway to get "Runway Clear" and select waypoint 1 to get clearance to take off.
  • Go airborn with your wingmen in tow and head back to the Airfield. Your chance of getting all your wingmen to hit target have now improved. If there are Bandits around, avoid them if possible until after the strike when your aircraft are lighter.

General Tips

General Engagement Tips

  • Speed is life. Remember that energy is both potential and kinetic. The greater your altitude, the greater your potential energy and the further away you can engage.
  • The same goes for manouverability; don't waste energy!
  • Split your wingmen off when you engage more than one bandit. Give commands in this order: MUSIC ON; RADAR ON; ENGAGE; BRACKET RIGHT/LEFT. Splitting into two attacking groups will make it easier for you to see missiles coming your way and will often force the attackers to break up also. It will also mean that your attackers have missiles coming from two directions.
  • Learn to use other tactics, such as having your wingmen try to drag bandits
  • Although AWACS will show bandits at greater than 100 miles, your radar will not show nor lock any bandit greater than 60 miles. Don't turn it on until its useful.
  • Keep all IR missiles at your 10 or 2 oclock and drop flares and pull up when they are within 2 km.
  • If you are faced with more than 1 IR missile at a time, you may be forced to go low and use terrain to mask you.
  • If you engage an SU35 in a knife fight, he will try to maintain his best corner speed. This means that use of your airbrake can allow you a shot as he passes you. You may only have one chance since your own energy state will be low.
  • Do NOT engage an SU35 above 10,000 feet in a knife fight: you will lose..
  • Standard doctrine. One on one always becomes one on two. Make the kill and get away. The longer and higher you fight, the more likely you will attract attention.

Payload Management

  • While on the runway, order RADAR OFF. Otherwise your wingmen will be broadcasting your position to every radar receiver in 100 miles.
  • Immediately after takeoff, fire off 1000 rounds from your cannon. By doing so you will reduce your weight by 5000 kg.
  • If you don't need the extra fuel, jettison your center tank ASAP or when reaching cruise altitude.
  • Prior to engaging, be sure to gain any altitude needed. Remember that your weapons have greater range and effectiveness from high altitude. You can engage a target at 50 miles from 35,000 feet and mach 1.5

Hydraulic Failure

  • Hydraulic Failure: You have less than five minutes of flight time until you will lose control of your aircraft. Here are some tips:
  • If possible, get into friendly airspace
  • Get to an airfield, or you may attempt to set down on a road
  • Switch your waypoint to final to ensure your wings make it home
  • If landing is not an option, get to about 10,000 feet, slow to 350K, then eject
  • If this is not possible, try to cover your wingmen's getaway. How many enemy can you take out before you eject?

Auto Level as One-Key AP

  • Use the "L" auto level key as a one key AP for present heading and alt.
  • DO not engage the Auto Level function below 390K or reheat will engage
  • The auto level will allow you to set your own speed while remaining locked in AP

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