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Gamestick 14

This past year there have been some solid entries in the mid range of the market for price and complexity, and the CH Products Gamestick 14 fits nicely in this class. Just think: for about $130 you can have a separate stick and throttle and easy programming for your favorite games. But this stick comes with its own throttle, so you can make the upgrade when your pocketbook allows. Lets take a look at the Gamestick 14.

Compared to the standard Gamestick, the G14 replaces the single button with a 4-way hat. There are two 8-way D-pads on each side of the front of the base, and therein lies the key to the greatness of the stick.. Well, that and the ability to program four commands to every single button position on the stick!


The stick works in either chorded or Pro Throttle mode, and the Gamestick lets you know what mode it is in by two LED lights on the top front (green means chorded mode is selected, making it function as a Combatstick and yellow means you're in discrete mode, making the stick function as a Jane's Combatstick or Fighterstick).

Discrete mode lets you use each button independently of the other. Moving between modes is simple: hold down the two buttons at the top rear of the base for five seconds. Programming is easy also, and you can use the stick on its own or connect it to the Pro Throttle. I was up and running with the stick on its own in Flying Corps in just a few minutes.

FL B17

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There are actually four modes for the Gamestick, and each is represented by a slot in which configurations can be stored. For the Total Air War beta I programmed the D-pads in mode 1 for emcon and sensors, and in mode 2 for weapons and HUD modes. Mode three and four could then be used for comms and nav and ATC. Come to think of it, you will want a Pro Throttle and Masterpilot along for the ride with a sim this complex!

The stick is quite comfortable and has a nice response. The throttle resides on the back of the base, sort of an odd position, but most serious sim fans are only going to use this as a step toward a full HOTAS anyway.

However, if you are left handed, you might be unusually interested in this stick which is designed so both left-handed and right-handed gamers can take advantage of the functionality. And if you also do Quake style gaming, the D-pads become especially functional as directional controls in the arcade action style.

You're wondering about reliability? The trigger is rated for 10 million shots, and the Gamestick 14 sports a three year warranty: the best in the business. Playing prop sims? Better look into some Rudder pedals too...



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