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by ... Maurice Fitzgerald
  The interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing you to pick it up in one sitting. Sierra really has made this game an enjoyable experience from the first minute of play. All aspects of your city are controled from this all-encompassing interface, allowing easy access to information on any portion of your city as well as help from advisors.

A city alive.

Helpful hints don’t stop at your advisors either, as you can easily right click on any of your citizens as they roam about your city and get instant feedback from them. “This city needs more workers” is one you’ll hear from them quite often (especially if you build more structures than you can furnish employees for early in the game). It’s best to pace your building in accord with how many citizens you have living in your city or you can find yourself short on cash in a hurry, with no people to do the work.

The citizen animations are quite nice and amusing, a lot of good detail here. Build a theater and watch as people sit down to enjoy the performer onstage; see school children skip about through the town after class lets out; carts get pushed by workers from farms to granaries and more. The animations bring this city to life and make you feel involved in the game, giving you a sense of caring for your citizens.

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An empire in the making.

The bottom line on this one is that I love it. If you’re looking for a challenging strategy/building title this is one you should not miss. The combat model is not great but it does do the job; this is a game of building and management. Add to that some excellent graphics and citizen animations and we have an instant winner!


  • Core Rating : 80 
  • Gameplay : 85 
  • Graphics : 85 
  • Sound : 80 
  • Intelligence/AI : 80 
  • User Interface/Mission Planner : 90 
  • Fun Factor : 85
  • Learning Curve (in hours) : 2-3 hours 
  • Overall Rating : 84 


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