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IL-2 Sturmovik

by Peter Robbins

Damage Modeling/Systems Modeling:

1.) I am a stickler myself for a good damage model. Without one, the greatest in FM and Object modeling can be ruined. How much damage modeling can we expect from IL-2 Sturmovik and how much of this will be graphically rendered in object modeling?

This is secret information, but for now I can say: Almost all units will be destructable. Flight model of partially damaged plane will be comparable with realistic flight in this case.

Damage modeling of some of units: tanks - partially, cars - total or partially, depending of using weapon.


2.) How much effect can be found from the damage modeling on the handling of the aircraft? How many targetable, damaged areas are their modeled on the craft and do these include major systems modeled in the simulation? Can you explaing these systems a little bit and their effect on the simulation?

For planes: many points of partial damage and several for fatal damage, comparable with the realistic flight model.

We are working much with this features....

MiG 3


1.) Ok, can we expect Ivan the Terrible AI or Peter the Great (Forgive the stab at Russian History.. I only got a B in it during College) How much emphasis was placed on this? Considering the simulation looks to be more of a ground attack sim, was this relaxed at all?

We hope to get life AI instead of robotic AI. For now that's all about it.

2.) Is there ground AI? (alluded to above).

Ground AI: in short words - tanks have the general task... any successful attacks to them will change their "plans" :).

3.) Is there "fuzzy logic" involved in the AI or do you have a rather simplified system of AI (not necessarily a bad thing) Could you please take the time to describe what you have already programmed and what you plan on emphasizing in this area of the simulation?

We did many games, including 3D games. We plan to get all the best from old our titles (if possible) for the new game.

4.) Wingmen commands? Radio chatter? what can we expect?

Both of them, and in additional network and Internet real voice communications.

5.) Was there less emphasis placed on air to air AI? or more? Are computer pilots smarter than the ground units?

Of course, "pilot's" AI will be more complex than AI of ground units

MiG 3

Single Missions:

1.) Are they scripted? Is there any randomness to the design? How many missions can we expect? Etc. Etc. How many ground attack v.s Air to Air?

Single missions are pretty scripted. But player can win by different way. 70-80% of missions will contains both of Air to Ground and Air to Air goals.

2.) Will there be a mission editor included?

We are planning. If we'll have not enough time to include it with the game CD, it will be later on the web site with friendly users interface:). Earlier with the game StormFighter we had excellent respond from users - creators of new missions, and we have enjoyed their new missions.

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MiG 3


1.) How many, how long, what have you already worked on physically, and do you feel in the slightest that this will be the first cutting point as far as your on site claims go. I am REALLY excited about this area of the simulation. It seems as if it will not specifically be dynamic, which is ok, as long as it is full of historical data and does not bore us to death! So, whats the haps on the campaign structure and what is already on the drawing board?

How many... Still don't know... At least 6 campaigns with 5-6 flights in each.

Yes we don't plan to develop dynamic campaigns, because we prefer to use real historical data and to get realistic battles.

On the PC drawing board we have the following areas: maps of the European part of USSR with Smolensk, Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, Crimea, and the maps of Hungary and Germany.

Multiplayer: You have some strong claims on site as to the massively multiplayer possibilities of the simulation?

Yes I hope to get it in final version.

2.) Can you cooperate the many campaigns you seem to want to develop? Can you cooperate the single missions? Can you cooperate edited missions?

Hope yes for all.

3) Do you think the min spec (PII 300) will rise between now and release date?


Editor: In addition, we should have answers to these questions early next week:

Will you model wind in the environment? How many types of cloud formation are modeled? Will there be low level turbulence?

What is the maximum resolution of the graphics engine? Will we see dynamic lighting?

Damage model: how will you show damage on the aircraft? Will you show partial wings, broken tails, bullet holes etc?

Tell us about the larger strategic picture. Will Russian units use a different strategy than German units?

Will the player be able to fly as either wing leader or wing? How does a player achieve promotion to command?

If we fly as leader what command options will be available?

You are not planning a fully dynamic campaign. What factors keep the missions from getting repetitious? Does one mission affect the next physically? If I destroy an airfield in mission 1, will it still be unusable in mission 2?

Is resource management modeled? If ten of my aircraft are shot down in a few missions will I be forced to wait a few days for replacements? And how does resupply occur?

Does the ground war impact the air war in this sense? For example, if I attack a truck convoy carrying supplies to the enemy will it impact his ability to fight?

Tell us about physics modeling. Will gear compress on landing? Is secondary damage possible when an object explodes? (for example I hit a fuel truck and it is parked near to a building.)

Tell us about ballistics modeling. Will bullets drop due to air friction and gravity? Are guns modeled individually for muzzle velocity and calibre?

How will missions be connected? Tell us a bit about briefings, debriefings etc. Will statistics for each pilot be available?

How many skill levels are modeled for AI pilots? Will pilots increase in skill with experience?

AI. Do you model the pilot losing sight of his target? Is there a panic model in place?

Will AI pilots use the same flight model as the player?


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