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Interview: Oleg Maddox of Maddox Games: Part I
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Equations-of-motion module includes standard nonlinear six degree-of-freedom equations of motion used for aircraft flight dynamics analysis.

Aerodynamic model consists of several sub-modules for determining forces and moments produced by various parts of the plane. We use various graphs for WWII planes to determine aerodynamic forces. The model computes aerodynamic effects due to Mach number, angle of attack, angle of sideslip including compressibility, temperature, and density of air at altitude, and stalls. Aerodynamic effects due to configuration changes include flaps, landing gear, external stores and airframe damages. Aerodynamic effects due to ground effect are also modeled, so it is possible to fly at level of 4-5 meters over the ground as in the real flights.

Propulsive system module includes engine and propeller models. Engine model computes the current power of engine depends of controls state, temperature and altitude. Temperature mode of engine depends of water and oil radiators state. Propeller model includes airspeed and altitude effects and propeller moments.

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Mass properties model takes into account plane construction model, its "empty mass", fuel mass, ammo load, mass moments and products of inertia.

Landing gear module computes forces and moments of takeoff/landing.

The result is that we have a computer model that is very close to real one. The common FM model, described above is tuned for each aircraft with single- or multiengine. Tuning is based on real trial docs and drawings.

Our FM and physics programmers and myself have the experience of controlling real planes (with a trainer pilot). Most flights were in the cockpit of a Yak-52, a two seat sport plane. We had a chance to take the flight controls and perform many intense maneuvers including those with a high degree of overloading. The most important aspect of the Yak 52 for us is that this plane itself was created with the benefit of the experience of Yakovlev's WWII fighter development and has very similar construction, characteristics and cockpit details to WWII fighter planes. I'm sure that the personal experience of real flight control is one of the most important requirements for any developers who are developing a flight simulation.

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The FLYABLE planes include the following:

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