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Author Topic: Message to MS.
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posted 10-28-2000 03:04 PM     Profile for Jv44~Siggi   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Hi guys;

I'm kind of bemused. Why oh why did you create a sim of such utter brilliance only to leave it's multiplayer nothing more than a sick joke???

4 vs 4, in-your-face, respawning air-quake crap.

A lot of people set up serious squads in good faith, expecting a quality MP facility. What is this continuing pandering to console-level MP?

Ok, criticism over, constructive suggestions follow:

Please, oh please, give us a patch/add-on that addresses this major lack. There are HUNDREDS of serious squad players out here who want, nay, NEED quality MP.

All settings need to be switchable. From console level to ultra-hardcore. We need to be able to create missions with the mission builder, and then be able to host them on our home PC's as MP arenas. We need the ability to have the rumoured 32 players in-game, not the 8 currently allowed. We need to be able to CHOOSE the start-point of opposing teams, on the ground or aboard carriers, NOT 1km apart console-stylee.

Please guys, this really sucks. It's not as if the campaign compensates, flawed as it is by un-attainable mission goals. As things stand CFS2 is nothing more than a trainer (Quick combat and single mission modes).

You've taken us up to dizzying heights with this masterpiece, only to drop us like meteors with the wholly inadequate MP.

Please finish this sim properly and give us an MP that matches the excellence of the sim.

Thanks guys.

Taka Chutai

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posted 10-28-2000 03:23 PM     Profile for Gambler_78th   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

Rumors I have heard from some fairly reliable sources are that co-op multiplayer will be addressed in CFS3. Guess this is Micro$oft's way of whetting our appetites.


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posted 10-28-2000 04:00 PM     Profile for MaxxG   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
You are asking the richest man/company in the world, who/that has been releasing an "operating system" in one "beta" form or an other for eight (I believe) years, to care about a game!

Please tell me you're joking!

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posted 10-28-2000 04:00 PM     Profile for ramstein   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Not to mention...double dipping our pockets...
Poor Bill, down to is last 80 Billion !! $$$$$

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posted 10-28-2000 04:23 PM     Profile for Schatten   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
What about this "Landing on carriers in MP" Wingy posted earlier, lower down on the forum. Seems like someone managed to get carriers into MP at least for training, etc. If the whole deal works as advertised, and my fingers are crossed because we have a whole squadron (VMF-124) tranisitioning from the EAW PTO to the CFS2 PTO (sounds like something from the Phillidelphia Experiment...) who are chomping at the bit for something more than mayhem. AI for coop would be great but at the very least a force on force team game with ground targets, set starting points (and we thought EAW's 25,000 feet was too close...) would be better than a mayhem situation.

If they work like they should, and I haven't DL'd them yet, it could be possible to run an online war battle to battle in campaign form with a rules of engagement and TO&E based on real historical battles.

Just an idea and a big sigh of relief that other guys are thinking along the terms of real MP not just Quake-in-the-sky.


- Schatt

"The Mediterranean era died with the discovery of America; the Atlantic era is now at the height of its development and must soon exhaust the resources at its command; the Pacific era, destined to be the greatest of all, is just at its dawn." - President Theodore Roosevelt

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posted 10-28-2000 04:51 PM     Profile for Franz_von_Baron   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I feel your pain...

Many of those statements are the word for word sentiments of hardline CFS users over the last few months.

Myself, I quit playing CFS multiplayer months ago. They told us then multiplayer wasn't being addressed this time. What they didn't tell us was they were gonna make it worse. Almost like they're trying to drive us toward something else.....

Ironic that they decided to "graciously" give us a free sample of Fighter Ace, don't ya think? (oops sorry Alannis, I bet I owe some royalties now)

If Il-2 Sturmovik turns out to be all that it's promising, thats where I'll be doing my online flying, cause there is no way I'm gonna pay-to-play weekly or monthly or however it is they do it. Il-2 has promised a mission builder that will work offline and online, and co-op play, and ground units that actually engage each other. If this is half as good as they're saying, no one will care about a CFS3.

Whyen I saw that little Fighter Ace icon pop up on my desktop I was quite insulted. Almost like an apology for a crappy CFS2 multiplayer section....

or a development team in-joke maybe


The Boneyard

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