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Author Topic: My opinion of CFS2
The Ghost of Silverswift
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posted 10-19-2000 11:24 AM     Profile for The Ghost of Silverswift   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Well, I have'nt really been posting too much, since getting it last Friday. Fastest EBW service I've seen. Well, the first thing that really struck me was how hard most of the planes are to fly, especially the Corsair.
So, I first thought, "Either we've been fooled by "realistic FMs" in the past, or we're being fooled now. And the truth is, I really don't know which, or how important the answer is anyway. Truth is, CFS2 is pretty fun and challenging the way it is now. And, you have to take into account, if you take CFS2 flight model to be realistic, is that American fighter pilots had 400+ flight training hours in just the plane they were supposed to fly, not to mention 200 or so in trainers. In addition, they received field training. So they knew how to handle those planes. So, when we start amassing 400 sim hours in a Corsair, maybe we can fly it like the pros.
Next, I was dissappointed in the 2d & 3d cockpits. The no prop thing bothers me too. If only the could've borrowed the excellent 3d cockpit engine of JWW2F. Oh well, can't do nothing about that. Moving on, the weather is outstanding, and tops any past sim in that department.
Well, this is starting to sound like a mini review, which would be like beating a dead horse now, aroung here. What I really wanted to get to is this; great sim, but I feel if the designers went only a little further, 2-4 months maybe or less if they hired more guys, it would've been the ultimate king. Right now, it's tops on my list, but 3 sims that come to mind which are easily more enjoyable, gameplay wise, is F4, EAW, and MiG Alley. What do they have in common? A dynamic campign.
I admit, dynamic campign missions can get a little repetetive, but if programmers could though in a random scripted mission, such as shoot down Yamamoto, or bomb the prison gates of (what was the prison camp they did that too?), that would be excellent. Got to go now, fiance home.
Well, I'm back (betcha did'nt even know I was gone ). Fixed a couple of errors here, but back to what I was saying. I think simmers these days expect a little more than the simmers of the JF-15 era. To me, if I'm goiong to spend 3-5 hours on a game, I want some rewards,not just a "Congratulations on completing the mission." The "growing" wingmen is very cool and well implemented, but there's nothing like in F4, when you completely destroy an armored brigade and pave the way for a new offensive. Now that's gratifying.
But, I'm not knocking this game by any means. It is what it is, which is great. But, IMHO, it falls short, gameplay wise. On the other hand, I am drooling about the mission editor. I'm searching my military history books now, amassing a ton information on battle plans, tactics and equipment used for a bunch of battles.
So, I like the game, obviously. I just hope it sells good so they will do an expansion pack that addresses a lot of what I would call short comimgs.

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Something to keep in mind is how much these CFS designers rely on outside add-ons to make thier sims great.
I've been flying FS sims since FS5.0 and to be honest the flight models are really good. Nothing I hate more then a FM that feels like a tight rope.
These sims actually force you to FLY the aircraft as well as fight with it. Each plane is different and has it's own strong points. Travel in pairs, strike from above, etc.
With a little time all the add-on missions and planes will make this puppy the best on the block.
Can't wait to fly some Cougers and Panthers off that flight deck.

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