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Author Topic: "Betty Fly's Like A Zero!
Der Jager
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posted 10-18-2000 10:06 AM     Profile for Der Jager   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I've seen some posts here on new flight models for CFS2. I did d/l ver 1.3 of well's new fm. But I did not see a new (needed!) fm for the Betty bomber. I was flying a Wildcat against some Betty's last night, and my jaw dropped! The Betty's were zipping around almost like a Zeke!! Plus they were scoring hits on my Cat well out of range!!!!

Now IF Microsoft WOULD have used the Betty fm for the P38 and vice versa!, I would love to fly the P38!!

I've had the privilege to speak to some of the pilots that flew in WW2 and the consensus is that the Betty was a slow, clumsy target that caught on fire from only a few strikes. Now compare that description to the Betty in CFS2!!

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posted 10-18-2000 10:33 AM     Profile for Blond_Knight     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I havent noticed that Betty's act like anything other than targets. Remember those tail guns are there for the sole purpose of hitting you, so follow the lessons of the ones that were there and attack them from a shallow angle, say their 7 or 8 oclock, with a slight deflection shot. Sure they tried to maneuver a little, but to me they acted like a loaded bomber should.


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posted 10-18-2000 11:40 AM     Profile for rsalo   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I agree BK, I'm still checking it out for this one (Zero fm's in the Betty). Flew some Wildcat's mission's against some G4M2's last night, had there skill level set to ace, and they flew straight and level like they should. I would like it if anyone having this problem's could post exact setting's and mission paramiters they had when this happen's. On another note, I did sit back on one mission and just watched my wingies. Boy did they make all the rookie mistakes when attacking bomber's, they just attacked from the rear, flying level, coming in straight and one at a time, giving the Betty tail gunner's all the time in the world to pump 20mm lead into them. Also because they came in single, all four Betty tail gunner's set up a murderous crossfire, poof down that wingie went. I sat there and watched my other two wingies do the same dumb thing's with the same result's. Now I tried it, I climbed high over the Betty's got ahead of them, turned, dived making a head on pass, flamed one Betty. With in a matter of 20 min's I had downed all the Betty's (actual combat report's are right, it does not take much to flame these guy's) and only recieved a few bullit holes for my troubles. Tactic's my friend's, it's all about tactic's! One last word on the Betty, the game does state that this is the G4M2 model, that probably mean's this a/c has 4 20mm cannon's (tail, dorsal, beam position's) so keep that in mind, even if they have a low rate of fire, they still can throw allot of lead your way if you give them the time. One last note, didn't M$ state that your wingies are real rookies till they get mission's under there belt's and gain experiance? I thought that's why they said to take care of them, because once there experianced and if you lose them because you use them as cannon fodder, your probably going to get another rookie to get up to speed. I like this aspect, rather then getting a squadron of pilot's that you can just select, veteran or ace you have to work to get these guy's! I think I'm going to get serious this weekend and see just how good the AI wingies get with alittle experiance!
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posted 10-18-2000 11:53 AM     Profile for Hunedog   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
The Betties Fly, Shoot, Drop Bombs and Burn like Betties to me. This looks like the old Bf109 Rear Gunner issue many had with EAW initially to me. I say "Deal with It!"
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