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Author Topic: Graphics in Helo sims ??

posted 11-23-2000 10:33 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Hi Out there,

Is it just me or is the graphics in Helo Sims in general not as good as in fixed wings Sims?

I have Falcon 4.0, F/A-18 and USAF just to name a few, now I have bought Apache Havoc (cheap), Comanche/Hokum and Gunship.

The graphics in Apache Havoc and Comanche /Hokum is not impressive compared to Falcon and F/A-18 or have I done something wrong.

I have a standard computer: PIII-600, 224MB ram, NVIDIA TNT2 32MB,
DirectX ver 7.0


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posted 11-23-2000 11:51 AM     Profile for Spawnbob   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
i would say the in general Helo sims have better GFX's than flight sims.
Compare the Units in EECH with Falcon4 ( F4 is great but the units dont look that great , given there are 20,000 of them ).

Helo sims have to have more detailed landscape in general compared to Jet due to low level operations, of course EECH and Falcon are different.
Falcon tries to be Photorealistic while EECH tries to be like a Professional Military sim with cleansed graphics.
I would say that Falcon is the only sim to pull it off in photorealism terms. But EECH looks like something the Military would use and in general i usually prefer that type.

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posted 11-23-2000 12:18 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Please forgive me, but I'm confused.

Landscape, buildings and units does NOT look very impressive at all in EECH - maybe I have done something wrong ??
The landscape and units looks much better in Gunship - can this be right ????

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posted 11-23-2000 08:54 PM     Profile for LIONPRIDE   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I agree that the graphics 'look' far better in Gunship than in EECH/EEAH, but this doesn't degrade the fact that the attention to 'detail' in EECH is far superior. Mostly in the 'other-units'. IE: armour, infantry, and fast-movers. Gunship runs rather smooth on the 'low-end' machines as well. The gameplay however isn't what it 'could have' been. The AI is far too accurate when you accidently get above the tree line, the Landscape is rather flat with the exception of som scattered towns, and the lack of a dynamic campaign is a turn-off for some.

Granted Gunship has a mission-editor ( it's only savior ), and the explosions are pretty kewl...still doesn't help the fact that the game is no longer 'supported' by it's manufacturer. A rather poor patch was released that still doesn't fix all the problems. Though...if your looking for a helo sim with an 'arcade-type' feeling and loads of fun to just kill people HTH in MultiPlay, then By-all-means....

Now....EECH...Has so much 'suport' from the team the developed it, that it's a 'god-send'. The 'MODs' group that is working on this sim has made many interesting discoveries and changes that, though slow to produce, will be greeted with open arms once all the 'testing' is done. There is a huge amount of potential behind this sim. And though it's graphics are 'pastel, or cartoony' looking to some, I for one am dealing with it just fine.

Now I'm just babbling.........


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posted 11-24-2000 03:36 AM     Profile for GrahamD   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
SimHQ did a good article about helicopter terrain a while back.

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posted 11-28-2000 11:15 PM     Profile for K6_Scorp   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Space Invaders is to Wolfenstein 3D as Gunship is to EECH (in reguards to gameplay)

If you don't have EECH, get it, if you have it, get your ascii online and start flying.


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posted 11-30-2000 01:50 AM     Profile for Mekhazzio   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I'd suggest you go dig up Longbow 2 instead. Yes, AH/CH's graphics are rather blah and to make it worse these blah graphics are also what make it run slow as mud But then that's what you get when you make the usual graphics-heavy game without much of an art team to speak of.

With the exception of AH/CH, though, I'd say heli sims are usually just the opposite of your observation: they've got much better terrain detail than their fixed-wing counterparts. The reason is simple: lower operating altitude means less terrain in view at once, which means greater density of texture & polygons available (and necessary, to provide a decent theatre for helis to operate in). The only real disparity is that, while flight sims have continually advanced recently, heli sims are woefully few and far between by comparison. AH/CH are special exceptions, but compare Longbow to its contemporary flight sims like EF2000, and Comanche to, say, Falcon 3.0. Even the smaller-name heli sims (Apache & Hind, Team Apache & Alligator, etc) aren't too shabby. It just goes with the turf: less to display means the more detail you can put in that.

-Mekhazzio Sssth'rhee, Magedragon at large.

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