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Author Topic: Enabler-is it needed if not flying on the net yet?
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posted 02-12-2000 01:57 AM     Profile for NORTHOFSIXTYDEGREES   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Hi JWC and Dolfo! S!!

First of all thanks to JWC and Dolfo for getting me started on bringing my EAW up to the latest versions of everything available, which is an awful lot of stuff!!!

I had already installed through EAW patch 1.2, Meatwaters v2.5 and ECA 1.4. I was operational in solo mode when I sent in my first SOS yesterday.

Today I have downloaded, but not yet installed, ECA Panel 2.0, EAW Control 2000 and EAW Stab 1.2. I decided I did not need the Pilot Editor or ECA Online 1.21 just yet.

I now have the following questions:

Do I need to install an enabler like "Scorpion's Enabler" if I'm not yet going to fly on line?? If so what does it actually do??

Is there a recommended sequence for installing the new files or programs that I mention above as only having been downloaded and not installed With perhaps the addition of an enabler?

I have the Read Me page for Stab 1.2 so that's a lot of help. I was unable to find the message thread "Help with....ECA Enabler" but I did find a HILARIOUS exchange between Gavin and many others, including JWC, that had me double over in laughter!! This is some of the most entertaining material I've come accross in a long while.

Anyway, tomorrow, which is just 30 minutes away here in Alaska, I hope to install the above items along with some additional terrain and textured aircraft I downloaded also from the "European Air War: The Complete Package" review from this site and some of it's linked "Air War Art Download." I went bonkers again and grabbed a lot of stuff that I don't even know how to use yet but the hard drive is big enough to hold it so it can wait in my holding file until I'm ready I guess.

Any help on the above questions is truly appreciated. After reading many, many (that's a lot) of messages today from this site I have to say I'm very happy to be part of a group that can provide more fun for me trading quips and experiences than I actually have flying the aircraft. There's a great spirit of sharing generously with newbies like me that I've seen in the forum. I'm hoping I'll be doing the same soon with the rest of you guys and probably a few gals too!! I'm not talking about Donster's gals though-no offense Donster.

Hope to hear from some of you on the forum tomorrow ref questions above and anything else you want to send me. Thanks a lot for a great evening.

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posted 02-12-2000 11:03 AM     Profile for JWC     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post

[Do I need to install an enabler like "Scorpion's Enabler" if I'm not yet going to fly on line?? If so what does it actually do??]

If you don't fly online yet, then no, you probably don't need anything like the Enabler. I started out flying strictly offline, then gradually began to make occasional forays into the online world. But most of my flying is still offline. When I do fly online, the Enabler is a must, but you probably don't need it.........YET!

[...recommended sequence for installing ...With perhaps the addition of an enabler?]

Well, with "Scorpion's Enabler" you would do it a little differently because of the way that Enabler works----you'd create separate sub-folders in the EAW folder for the add-on flight models.

I haven't installed EAW Stab 1.2 yet (today, maybe?) so I don't know if you do anything differently. The best thing to do is to consult the Readme file for Stab 1.2 for installation instructions.

If Stab 1.2 doesn't change anything, then I would install the remainder of what you have in the following order:
1) ECA Control Panel 2.0
2) EAW Control 2000

[I was unable to find the message thread "Help with....ECA Enabler"]

Actually, that was a direct hyperlink. If you clicked on the underlined "Help with...", then a new browser window should have opened with that message thread in it. Here it is again with the full thread name: Help with ECA 1.4 /ECA Panel andECA Enabler. P.S. if you search for it "manually", the last entry was at 02-02-2000 12:20 AM.

[...I did find a HILARIOUS exchange...]

I doubt it will be the last one! There is a reason this is usually referred to as a community! We do seem to have a lot of fun here in addition to actually answering EAW and computer-related questions! I think that's the reason I check this forum just about every day (sometimes more frequently!). I'm nowhere near as good as some of the storytellers, so I usually just restrict myself to reading and enjoying (and laughing hysterically)!

Well, if you have any other questions, you've found where to ask!

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