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Author Topic: Target Previous Enemy
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posted 02-10-2000 09:25 PM     Profile for Stork   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Is there a problem with this command?
I am using a Logitech Wingman Force stick and have just started using Game Commander. I programmed the 'target next enemy' command to one of the buttons on the stick and I also have it as a voice command.

Both the stick and the verbal command treat this as 'target next enemy' not previous.
The key stroke for this is 'Shift' + 'T' and it works just fine as a keystroke command but it won't work on the stick or by verbal command. When it came to the Game Commander I thought it might be a conflict of similar sounding commands but I have tried several different words to key the command and they are all treated like 'target next enemy' instead. As far as the stick goes I have no idea why it does not recognize the command.
Any ideas?

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posted 02-11-2000 12:01 PM     Profile for LLv34_Snefens   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Your post is a bit unclear. Seems like you mix up the commands or made a typo.

However if I understand your problem correct your "Target Previous Enemy" work as "target next enemy" when operated from stick and GC, correct?

Question, do you have "target next enemy" on the stick too, and does it treat this as "next" or "previous".
I don't see any particular order the game deciedes what the "next" enemy is other than it must be something somewhat in front of you, so if it is consistent in its mixing up, it isn't a big deal.
I got a logitech Force myself, but use the games joystick setup, and there the buttons work just fine. I normally only have target next enemy on stick, but just tried putting the "previous" on too to check, and no problems.

"Head-ons are for pilots that don't know what their next move should be"

LLv34 Snefens
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posted 02-11-2000 02:02 PM     Profile for zombie   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
One thing to check is to make sure both your stick programming software and GC are treating the Shift key as if it's held down. If you don't set it up properly, what happens is that the stick software/GC will send a Shift code, then the T key code separately. Since the Shift code by itself does nothing, only the T gets interpreted by EAW, hence the "target next" results. If I were at home I'd double-check, but I think that in GC you have to hold down the Shift and press T when coding the voice command to get it to work properly. If you press and release Shift, then press T, that's exactly how GC sends it. Can't help you with the joystick software, maybe someone else who has your stick can.
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posted 02-11-2000 06:51 PM     Profile for Stork   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Thank you both for your attempts at helping.
Both the joystick and the Game Commander software are treating 'target previous enemy' as if it were 'target next enemy.'
I haven't spelled anything wrong in the command name of the Game Commander software and I held down both the 'Shift' and the 'T' at the same time in the keystroke blank so it reads 'Shift + T.'

I thought this key might be useful when tracking someone at the extreme edge of the envelope and the padlock is lost because of a momentary loss of control. The problem is when I hit the previous enemy key on the joystick or use the command it never works, it simply cycles through the next enemy and could keep going on through all of the enemy planes. The keyboard controls do work but I have become spoiled by the Game Commander software and I don't like having to hit two keys at once in the middle of a dogfight.

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Gen Savage
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posted 02-11-2000 07:12 PM     Profile for Gen Savage   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Stork: I have not been using "previous target", but I just programmed it and tested it to see what Game Commander would do. I entered the command as "Previous". I call the regular target command "Face", and I have "closest target" and "padlock" mapped to my Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital.
Anyway, Game Commander recognized "Previous" with no problems. I do believe Game Commander gets confused when you try to use a command as both a voice command and as a joystick command. I noticed that the first time I pushed th joystick button for "target closest enemy", my verbal command no longer worked.

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posted 02-12-2000 08:24 AM     Profile for Stork   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Thanks Gen Savage, I'll give your suggestions a try.
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