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Author Topic: No P51D in 1944 Campaign for USAAF
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I have been working my way through all the campaigns in EAW and would like to know if a Squadron equiped with P51D's is available. All the squadrons with P51's only consist of P51B's. If history serves me right the P51D made it's appearance in early 1944, so why no P51D's in the 1944 campaigns. I really do not want to fly the P51B again in 1944. Grateful for any advise
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Stick with it. In the campaigns I've flown, after awhile, your squadron will re-equip with P-51d's. Usually around mid/late 1944.
Wonder if my FW109 outfit will get 109-d's soon? One way to find out...

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shagbat99: the P-51D did not appear in front-line units the summer of 1944. Even then, existing P-51 groups and squadrons were not equipped with the "D" all at once, instead it was gradually mixed in with the "B" models. There are many pictures from around D-day and beyond, stetching into the fall of '44, showing mixed flights of B's and D's. So EAW is being historically accurate since its Mustang campaigns begin before the P-51D reached combat units. However, in EAW you at least get to convert all at once! WHEN the conversion takes place depends upon which unit you are flying with.
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posted 12-31-1999 05:34 AM     Profile for JWC     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Piglet: I wish I could help you, but I haven't flown a late war 190 career.

Anybody: Of course, if you want to simply assign yourself a specific aircraft, you can do it with the Squadron Editor feature included in Charles Gunst's ECA Control Panel 2.0. If you don't have ECA CP 2.0 and/or don't want to install it, the same program is available as EAW Pilot (a stand-alone application--it works without ECA Control Panel). You can get both of these from both the "old" EAW Downloads Page or the "new" Downloads Page under Downloads: Add-Ons: Editors.

All you have to do is complete one career mission (necessary for EAW to save a career file) and then you can make the changes.

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posted 12-31-1999 06:26 AM     Profile for Totengräber   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
If you don't like Add-ons, from Old "EAW HP":
Exchange Planes In European Air War
With a simple hex editor it is possible to change one plane for another during a career. This works with planes on
the same side only. If you change for an enemy plane your ground guys will shoot you up before you take off!

Go to C:\PROGRA~1\MICROP~2\EUROPE~1\SAVEDATA\CAREER00.SVE (The 00 is the 1st pilot
you created, 01 the 2nd and so on. This will change as you delete guys so just look at the top of the file
and it will have your pilot's name.)
Scroll down to byte # 00022fb0h then right to the 7th 2 digit byte. (A P-51B pilot will be 04 for example)
Change the # to the plane you want to fly. Use the list below:

00 P-38H
01 P-38J
02 P-47C
03 P-47D
04 P-51B
05 P-51D
0A Spit Ia
0B Spit IX
0C Spit 14
0D Typhoon
0E Tempest
09 Hurricane
10 Bf 109E
11 Bf 109G
12 Bf 109K
13 Bf 110C
14 Bf 110G
16 Fw 190A
17 Fw 190D
18 Me 262

To change flight characteristics you must go to C:\PROGRA~1\MICROP~2\EUROPE~1\FLT.CDF. At the very
begining of the file are the aircraft starting with MOSQ.FLT. On the 2nd line you'll see 5 sets of double zeros- 00
00 00 00 00. Right after that are the bytes of 2 double digits regarding flight info. The Mosquito is FC 03. 2E 46
4C 54 =.FLT. So right after 2E 46 4C 54 00 00 00 00 00 on each plane is the code. If you want to make it fly like
a B-17 change it to 30 45, the B-17's code.

You must switch both #s or the sim will crash. The codes control speed and maneuverability. You can see the
name of the plane in the column to the right. Just look to the hex #s at the left to obtain the correct position to
make a change to that plane. A good switch is the FW 190D's code for the Bf 109G-6's. It gives it a top speed
on par with the G-10! Of course handling is now like the 109D also.

Just look at which planes may improve with codes from other planes like the 190D & the 109G-6. The Tempest's
#s for the Typhoon sure help! The Me 410 replacing the Bf 110G is nice too. Watch out if you plug in the V-1's
code. It'll fly like a stunt plane.

Mosquito- FC 03
B-26- 00 09
Fw 190A- 04 0E
Bf 110C- 08 13
Bf 109G- 0C 18
Bf 109E- 10 1D
Bf 109K- 14 22
Bf 110G- 18 27
Me 262- 1C 1D
Fw 190D- 20 31
B-24- 24 36
Ju88- 28 3B
He111- 2C 40
B-17- 30 45
Hurricane- 34 4A
Ju87- 38 4F
Me 410- 40 59
Spit 9- 44 5E
P-47D- 48 63
P-38J- 4C 68
P-38H- 50 6D
P-47C- 54 72
P-51B 58 77
P-51D- 5C 7C
Tempest- 60 81
Spit 14- 64 86
Spit 2A- 68 8B
Typhoon- 6C 90
V1- 70 95


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