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Author Topic: RAF Aces & Mr Hun hunter please meet us at the new pub The Labyrinth
AD in LONDON Daily Post
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posted 11-23-1999 02:16 PM     Profile for AD in LONDON Daily Post   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
We hear a new pub the "Labyrinth" is ready to open this Friday and we invite all of yous to a care free night of wassailing and der merry making.

If du has a mission Saturday against those well skilled flyers of the Luftwaffe then we can just get together and dunk our Krumpets in a shpot of tea.

We hope to be able to demonstate our skills to you in our next meeting.



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posted 11-24-1999 12:50 AM     Profile for Buckmaster   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
"Blimey-! This has been noted- and included in the investigation- RAF pilots beware- all might not be kosher here !

See for further information- Could it be part of a diabolical plan- or is this just rookies that want to share stories with the old boys? The accent has us at the *** stumped- Polish, Cezh?- we cannot figure it out.

Where is the "Labyrinth" anyway?

RAF- Beware drinking at any other place than the OC would be inadvisable at this time!

Colonel Maurice Buckmaster
Office of the ***

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posted 11-29-1999 06:48 AM     Profile for Buckmaster   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Sorry Gents- been in hospital over the week-end- anything happened at the Labyrinth?

Colonel Maurice Buckmaster

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Hun Hunter
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posted 11-29-1999 07:03 AM     Profile for Hun Hunter   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Mmmm. Despite me cancelling the subscription to this dubious tabloid, it still mysteriously arrives on my squadron doorstep.
And another thing, what's all this "RAF aces AND Mr Hun Hunter"?. I see I am going to have to tap a few contacts in Whitehall to solve this one. Mind you, I'm always ready for a bit of crumpet whenever it's on offer.
The Labrynth it is then!. Next Friday

Tally Ho!

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posted 12-03-1999 06:14 PM     Profile for MessySchmitt   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Feint:false appearance;movement intended to deceive

harass:trouble by repeated attacks;disturb,worry,torment

The sound of war is again in the air and comes in forms of HE111 with escorts.

On secured frequency:
Ja! Hans , form up .....Ach Fritz vatch out ....koming on Target.....

The Wave of bombers and fighters move toward
the base of RAF No 313 squadron ....
Below interceptors are vectored....

though the intercome comes the command "Turn 090 NOW!"

As designed all craft steeply bank then dive for speed


Damn, It looks like LONDON get me those fighters .....thell be to late.....tell them to regroup in case there is a second wave we dont want to be caught on the ground...DO IT!

In the sky......

War painted birds show a unit crest

Escorts dont carry bombs. Something that RADAR cant TELL. Fighters and bombers SEPERATE and head for their targets....

HAHAAA Ist good to be back from der OST front eh? {group breaks out in laughter}

ZO! .......Shall ve go for a SCHPOT ov TEA ULD BOYZ?????? {more laughter}


bombs leave the undercarrage......

THE Labyrinth pays the price!


VOOOOOPPPPEEEEE!!! DAS IST GOOD , KOME ve go give Von Gunn un trick expodin cirgar to celebrate ! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

The HE111's meet with as good results....

Pilot: ACH ! VE IST DERE.....
[at bomb site] "please god lets meinself hit someting"

[closes eyes and hits the RELEASE]

ON Pentonville Road in KINGS CROSS.

a small bussiness is no more......


Bomberdere: I did???
[starts to open eyes]

Tail gunner: <hic> Ooops I tink I just shot down vun of ours....<hic>

now down at 50 meters full trottle.....

a song is sung in a taunting manner.....

"RULE Britanna.....
Britan-ya rules der vay......hahahaaa(plink)

Radio man : I sent der message to pick up dat 111 crew dey is in der drink.

Rear gunner <hic> do I get a kill? <hic>

[This message has been edited by MessySchmitt (edited 12-03-1999).]

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