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Author Topic: Add-Ons for EAW/Recommendations

posted 11-18-1999 02:14 PM       Edit/Delete Post
I've been playing EAW since day one but only recently have I discovered the custom "skins" which, by the way, are GREAT!

However, I've been a bit too "chicken" to install any add-ons like custom terrain, Meatwater sound files or campaigns like ECA.

Can you guys please ease my mind and tell me what I'm missing and how good these add-ons might be?

Which add-ons are absolutely "must haves"?

Thanks in advance for you input!

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posted 11-18-1999 02:21 PM       Edit/Delete Post
Jay's CFS-Texturupdate must have. The Look is great.
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posted 11-18-1999 02:34 PM     Profile for JG5_Volt   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
S! Leeman

I have all the following addons installed with no effects, other than the desired ones when flying

Must haves for Flying Offline
Meatwater Sound Pack patched to V2.5
Charles Gunst ECA Panel
Terrain as mentioned above
Migges German Radio Speech Pack (I only fly Axis Planes)
All the skins you can lay your hands on
Al Whites EAW Control v1.6 for ease of tuning your joystick and resolution extra squads etc.

Must Haves for Online Flying
Hakan Langebro's ECAOnline
Al Whites EAW Control v1.6 this time for helping with multiplayer settings

Get them all and enjoy

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posted 11-18-1999 02:35 PM     Profile for Schatten   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Herr Leeman, dont be chicken just about anything you can plug into EAW you can easily unplug. That is if you do it in an orderly fashion, I have so much stuff in mine that it's all jumbled up. Allright what I'd suggest is making a seperate folder for your addons, don't directly unzip things into the EAW directory. That way you can see what you have, mine just were reorganized this past week and I have seperate folders for skins, terrain, sounds, editors, campaigns, etc. Make sure you copy paste them into the EAW directory not drag and drop unless they're in a seperate directory structure or you could move things, later overwrite the same file name and lose the original downloads. I did this by keeping all my downloads on my desktop download folder and then have EAW on my D: drive, that way it doesn't remove the data from the original folder.

Alright as far as must haves:

1) Patch 1.2 if you don't already have it.

2) Meatwater Soundpack: This adds greatly to the sounds in the game. The first one needed is the 2.0 version, which can then be patched up to the 2.5 version. I have mixed and matched Meatwater with -E's sounds on my system, and some from other places that I'll have to look. Basically if you look through links in the Forum you'll find links to whatever sort of sounds find your fancy, but Meatwater's are the base for my sound set.

3) ECA and ECA Panel 1.4: These are IMHO must haves. It allows you to fly 94 varients of the planes and unlocks some normally unflyable ones.

4) ECA Online: If you play a lot on the Zone then I'd reccomend getting this. It changes the flight models for online play and makes it easier to use the data file matching before launching online. Usually when I play online I fly with a bunch of guys that all have the same 1.4 ECA set so I don't use it much but it's nice.

5) Terrain: There are nice terrain files that can be downloaded from the EAW downloads section here at, also C. Lumpkin's site which is in the links somewhere, has the autumn and winter terrain. Migge's skin site also has the MS Combat Simulator terrain coversion for EAW that JayP did, it's exteremely nice. Also the EAW Online site at has a nice Beta terrain version. Also at that site are very nice gunsights that replace the standard one, a EAW Control Pannel that makes editing the .ini file much easier and most of the other addons that I can think of also have links or the files themself there.

6) Roger Wilco: If you plan on flying online then this is a must. Allows voice communications over the net while playing. It's at and is freeware.

A week or 2 back someone put up a whole thread of EAW related links on the forum here. That should have most of the links to things I forgot the addresses for. But definately at the minimum get the soundpacks, ECA 1.4 and the Combat Simulator terrain. It looks like a while new sim. Hope that helps.


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posted 11-18-1999 03:15 PM     Profile for KMHPaladin   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Okay... Enemy Coast Ahead and ECA Panel 1.4. I was a lot like you, I've had the game for a while but I never installed ECA. However, it's a great addon, and definitely adds to the experience of the game. Meatwater's soundpack is an absolute must, and I would agree that Jay's new terrain package is wonderful, especially if you are more of a high-altitude flyer as that's where they excel. Regardless of your style, though, I would recommend 'em (I fly B- and A-26's and I'm rarely above 5000').

Good luck,

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posted 11-19-1999 08:45 AM       Edit/Delete Post
Thanks to all for the input!

I've downloaded most of the items you've all mentioned already, it's just that I haven't installed them yet. Sounds like I'll be busy this weekend. I'm really quite interested in the soundpack as some of the stock sounds in EAW are really not that great.

Thanks again!

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