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Author Topic: F22/TAW/ADF

posted 03-24-2000 09:23 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
i've read most all coments regarding every fight sim on the market. F22/TAW/ADF is by far the best in graphics/realism/gameplay and in any other category especially when comparing it to the cartoony fake wierd falcon 4.0 or any jane's products..jane's is a total waste..(if you dont believe me look at all the new sega/dreamscape graphis and compare as i have to your other flight sims..sorry but i gotta have great graphics)TAW/ADF linked online perfectly. one coment though, it would be nice to see more hollywood style flashy explosions and a multitude of new ground targets..also they should include a durandal type munition for runway destruction strategy. hats off to you DiD for a job well done...what will you do RAGE?
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posted 03-24-2000 09:54 AM     Profile for Tracer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
You forgot EF2000,which ranks by many(like me) as the Grandad of the others-TAW/F22ADF.
F4 has a good immersion factor and campaign. Granted the graphics are bland ,but graphics *don't* make gameplay(maybe to those that own a Dreamcast etc)
Jane's went the "half way house" route and tried to please everyone,with a blend of arcade/sim mix-remember hard core sims are not selling.That's why DID,Microprose went under,there is far to much money going in(to make a sim) and not enough games being bought!(it put's weekend flyiers off wading through a 600page manual)Which is why you will see more sims coming out without Dynamic Campaigns *but* with built in planners/editors or builders in them
Talking of "oldie" games -just look at the "rush" to get Tornado up'n running again!


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posted 03-24-2000 12:11 PM     Profile for RaptorJock   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I love TAW, but you must understand that these types of simulations are not very realistic as far as flight model goes. You can just tell by how the aircraft turns that the flight model doesn't simulate real physics very well. When doing a barrel roll, it looks like the plane is turning on a dime. In real life, it would pull down much more when it was upside-down, but things like that arent really modeled into it. Furthermore, you can't acurately simulate a plane that is CLASSIFIED, so there goes any hopes of realism there. The F-22 can supercruise at 1.58 mach, but in TAW, you can only go around 1.1 at best with no weapons while flying straight at 25000 or 30000 feet. Meanwhile, you say that falcon 4 and janes.. F-15? are unrealistic. I hate to break this to you, but they are the most realistic sims you can buy and will have the best graphics you can get if you had something better than a pentium 1 or 2 with under 300 mhz. almost anyone here can back me up on this. F-15 has some older graphics, but they still look nice. I havent played Janes F-18, but I'm told its similar and the flight model is just about as good. If you want realism, TAW and ADF arent the best there is. Upgrade your computer and try Falcon 4 again
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posted 03-24-2000 12:22 PM     Profile for RaptorJock   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
i didnt mean to be rude or anything. I love taw and play it daily. I was just talking about overall realism. do you still play online? If you do, email me at [email protected] so we can set something up.

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posted 03-24-2000 11:56 PM     Profile for mbaxter   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I'm curious, how is it possible to have much fun with TAW? I think TAW has a lot of potential but I just can't get into it, mainly because of the unrealistic campaigns.

It seems a foregone conclusion in TAW that any strike package sent into enemy territory is going to get slaughtered. I've almost never managed to carry of a strike in TAW without most of the aircraft in the package getting blown away. In fact getting an entire package of 16 aircraft completely wiped out is a very common occurence. It seems the friendly AI is just unable to handle all the enemy planes coming up at you.

If the friendly AI could handle themselves better or if the numbers of enemy aircraft could be toned down I think TAW campaigns would be a lot more fun.

Another problem I've noticed with TAW is that except for you and your wingmen, friendlies won't do aerial refueling. This sucks to say the least.

Strange because EF2000, a much older game, had none of these problems.

Any thoughts on how I could have more fun with TAW?

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posted 03-25-2000 02:00 PM     Profile for RaptorJock   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Go back, read the manual, and try again! (and keep practicing)

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