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Author Topic: Evidence, Schmevidence
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posted 02-03-2003 03:05 PM     Profile for Donster   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Taken from the front page at

I speak now to the clueless imbeciles who say, "Iraq doesn't have any weapons of mass destruction -- that's why the US can't produce any proof that they do!" Listen closely now, because I'm only going to say this one time. Ya ready?

You stupid f**k.

Yeah produce proof for the world to see, that's what we need to do. That'd kind of shortsighted thinking has gotten our asses into hot water before, and if we make the same mistake here, we'll just be setting ourselves up for more devastating terrorist attacks in the future. Hey, wanna know the last time the US was forced into revealing secret evidence just to win the world opinion? After the bombing of the American and Israeli embassies in Manila back in 1994, we had to reveal taped phone conversations to support the indictment of the bombers. So classified recordings of conversations between Osama and his dipsh*t followers saying things like, "Hell yeah we did it", along with the knowledge that the US had these advanced eavesdropping capabilities, were laid bare for the scrutinizing eyes of the world, both friend and foe alike.

You see Osama was using encrypted satellite phones which were supposedly 100% secure and impervous to electronic eavesdropping --probably the only reason he felt comfortable enough to openly admit this connections to the planning and execution of the bombings. And until the tapes were released he didn't know that US surveillance could tap into his secure phones, so he thought he was safe and discussed his business without reservation. So guess what? Ever since then we haven't been able to eavesdrop on any of his phone conversations, because there haven't been any. Knowing his phones were compromised, he abandoned them in favor of "word to ear" communications and in doing so took away one of our best abilities to defend against future terror attacks.

If the secure phone tapping advantage wasn't given up, would we have had enough of a warning to prevent Sept 11th? Well, it's kind of a stretch, but I suppose it's certainly conceivable. We didn't have any warning about the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania back in 1998. Or the USS Cole bombings that killed 17 sailors just three years ago. Both of which were the handiwork of Osama and his Al Queda brethren.

So now we are forced to publicly show evidence on Iraq, and potentially lose another advantage in the war of information, all to appease the peaceniks who say there's no reason to invade Iraq. Kids, I'm here to tell ya the proof is there. We ain't getting all dressed up for this because some balloonheads think G.W. has a score to settle for his pappy, we're getting dressed up because there's a reason. I just hope we don't have to sell our souls to the devil again, just so the f**king French and the rest of the Europeans don't have to sneer when they say "Bah, American cowboys."


"Its a dog eat dog world out there, and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear!"

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posted 02-03-2003 04:14 PM     Profile for tazfoster     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
By Europeans I take it we are not included in this rant. I do hope not. I mean 25% of the British Army is tooling up for this one too and I've got mates on their merry way. I sincerely hope we are doing the right thing and in time the world will see it but I don't mind telling you George 'W' makes me nervous.

I've a feeling though you might be right. 30,000 fighting troops is a lot even by American standards. I know it ain't much by comparison but as I said 25% is a lot for a military force that is already stretched to the limit. My question is simple. If we are either with or against the USA (moot question I know for the UK) don't you think people should be 100% certain we are not about to start WW3? Nearly happened in Kosovo in 1999. General Clark ordered General Jackson to clear Russian forces off Pristina airport by force. General Jackson offered an alternative. Ask the Russians if they need anything, they were part of the UN after all. Turned out the Russians needed water so General Jackson supplied it. UN troops were landing at Pristina within days, talked in by their Russian allies. If Jackson had not questioned his orders where do you think we would be now? Considering the only thing they can hurt the west with is nukes?

Even grunts are not expected to blindly follow orders these days. Officers should contribute to the decision making proccess. This job in Iraq should have been done in 1991, all people want is to be sure this thing will not escalate. Surely not too much to ask for.

As for the French and Germans, well what do you expect? Wannabe Superpowers who need the rest of Europe to get what they want. Unfortunately the rest of Europe, the UK particularly, won't play ball. Another european war for our grand children? God I hope not.

If it has to be done, do it. But for crying out loud lets do it properly. I've got a 13 year old daughter and the government would dearly love to put women in the front line. If we are still fighting this war a few short years from now, I for one might be asking, 'is it worth the price?'

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posted 02-03-2003 04:31 PM     Profile for Donster   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

I'm positive he doesn't mean the British when he refers to the "rest of Europe".


"Its a dog eat dog world out there, and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear!"

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posted 02-03-2003 06:30 PM     Profile for JClark_1     Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Taz, us Yanks and you Brits are kinda like wrestle around and beat on each other when you're young, but when you grow up, best that no one get between ya. We're brothers, and we'll always be there for you, as you've always been there for us.

As for Pres. Bush...I've seen a lot of Presidents since JFK. I've even voted for a few. And to be honest, I didn't really have a huge warm fuzzy about him, and voted for him on the "lesser of two evils" principle. The very first thing he did, appointing his cabinet, began to tell me a lot about this man. Like I said before, it's not so much important that YOU know everything, as it is you know how to pick the people who DO know, and who you can trust. Now, two years, a terrorist attack, an opening shot in the war against terror, and during setting up the next step against terror, I've come to trust this man. While I always felt that even the ones I voted for had an axe to grind, I really feel like this one means exactly what he says. I won't try to analyze just is. And for me, that's good enough...and personally, it's kind of nice to have a guy up there I trust.


Byron Audler,
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