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Author Topic: Everybody's a comedian
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posted 11-07-2000 10:52 PM     Profile for curlytop   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
On a strafing run at a cruiser .. Boom! I'm hit and can't pull up .. Crash!

As my screen faded to black I hear, "Wow! They're really putting steel on that target!"

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posted 11-08-2000 10:10 AM     Profile for Pasha   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

I've seen similar.


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posted 11-09-2000 05:25 PM     Profile for 9-Ball   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Speaking of comedy… I was trying one of the Wake Island Campaign missions where the Betty’s are coming in… Anyway, the mission goals are 1.) survive, 2.) shoot down 2-Betty’s, and 3.) for bonus points, inflict damage on the cruiser.

Well, somehow, I managed to down one of the Betty’s, and as I was pulling up into another, I sensed some incoming damage and experienced a drop in thrust. I was able to climb some, but not much. I even managed to get a few more rounds on a Betty, and then they pulled away rather quickly.

So, I figured I couldn’t catch ‘em, now I’ll go down and strafe the destroyer a few times, get some points, and land back at Wake with my measly small point total intact. The Wildcat started some buffeting and loss of speed. I checked the instruments and realized that the engine died. ‘Time for a restart.

‘Went through some of the motions…nothing. Tried again…still nothing. Now normally, I don’t do too many external views when playing for points (its an honor kind of thing… I’m no democrat! :rolleyes But I was perplexed. Next, I was absolutely astonished. I take a look from outside and realize my engine was gone! Not just shot up… it was gone!

Okay, so I can’t make it back to Wake like this, then I’ll drop down to about 1,500-feet and reluctantly bail out. I press O-O, the canopy slides back, my man jumps out and free-falls for about 100-feet, I press O once more, and then the real comedy starts…

I hear a serious whining and sniveling sound coming from my man… Oh no! Ahhhh! Ohhh! Jeez! Oh no! All the way to the last 20-feet or so and then the screen fades to black. It appeared that my chute was also damaged. And to boot, I repeated the same basic performance on 3-straight attempts, 1-shoot down, 1-probable, take the points and run, oops! somehow lost my engine, chute no-worky. Someone at Microsoft has a heckuva sense of humor. So much for those measly points.

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posted 11-09-2000 07:25 PM     Profile for Bando   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

"Im with you"

Midair collision with wingman 1. GRRRR!!!!

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posted 11-09-2000 07:55 PM     Profile for FoxK   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Similar thing happened to me in SDOE flying a b17 mission...after bombing run and some serious flak...i'm like..."Man...the response in this boat is terrible...musta taken a few flak hits...i go to outside view...both my wings are gone outward of the inner engines hehe...believe it or not...i made it all the way back to base and landed...that's about when i gave up on the FM of SDOE hehe

"We're not retreating. Hell, we're just attacking in a different direction!"

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Mr Bigglesworth
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posted 11-09-2000 09:15 PM     Profile for Mr Bigglesworth   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Guys it really sounds like you are having a blast with this game. I think I'll go pick it up tomorrow!
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