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Author Topic: EECH campaign management?
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posted 05-19-2000 10:17 AM     Profile for Kilgore65     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I'm not sure that I am properly running my current EECH campaign - "CubaLibre" (2002 - Now that Dubyah's in, we must free Elian). What is the proper way to save a created campaign? Do you click on save one's "progress" at current intervals, or does it autosave? One most of the missions that I've been given, I only get a wingman or am by myself. Can I add other choppers to my mission? How? I'm surprised that there appears to not be any discussion of how the campaigns work in the manual or stratguide - shocking oversight. Also, what about stores management? If I run out of stingers, can I return to base for more? How do I add armaments at a FARP? Will there be a comprehense campaign guide printed for this game?

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posted 05-19-2000 10:25 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
It does not appear to autosave, nor does resource management appear to be an issue, although I am only a few hours into a Yemen campaign. In the campaign interface screen, there is a "save" tab which prompts you to enter a filename and then save it. Once saved, the filename appears the next time you save at the end of a session, so you do not need to type it.

It does automatically save your weapons performance, flight log, and medals accumulated (you might want to invest in a bigger hard drive to save all the medal data if you plan to play campaign for more than a few hours ), even from abandoned/deleted campaigns.

I may be incorrect about some of this, but it is what I've observed so far.

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posted 05-19-2000 10:49 AM     Profile for Blaze   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Actually I think the Strat Guide is pretty informative, close to spoiling some of the fun.

Resource managment exists in so far as the overall number of units in the theater is limited (active and reserve units).

Weapons are virtually unlimited but as you may have noticed, FARPs can run out of supplies until they get replenished by a cargo flight.

No you can't add choppers to your flights or change the mission goals, in this game you're not playing from a squadron commanders level.

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posted 05-19-2000 12:49 PM     Profile for Spawnbob   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Supply is determined by the Factories, which supply your forces and the Airfield Generators. On each bases you will see Fuel/ Ammo stocks these will be depleted as you use them. So there is a tactical advanage to going after Supply generators (Factories etc ) as this will reduce the amount of supplies that get ferried about. So make a point to always get those Hip, Hook, Chinnocks , C130's, C17's etc. Also It is possible that the base they are supplying is out of fuel / ammo so a drop would enable there Aircraft to do more sorties/be active.
The transmitters i beielive have the effect on the extent of Fog of War. One of the icons in the camapign screen shows the extents of you intelliegience , so the dark areas might have units which cannot be seen until displayed by advancing forces. I think the intelliegience is a mix of the transmitters and units. If you look at you naval vechicles it extends(intel) only a little beyond them as the tranmistters are out of range. So destroying these would presumly give the enmy less time for intercepts and maybe less info on things like bases captures intel. So their response would be less swift.
Again this works for your side as well.
Units will show up if within range of units but this range is limited and temporary.
I dont know what effect the power stations have , they might supply the factories and transmitters. It might be worth taking them out to see if they (factories,transmitters )go out of order even though not damaged.
Another area is base/factory capture the more damaged the base the easier for insertion troops to capture, but the longer it takes to repair and become operational and the easier it is for the enemy to recapture.
So the dilema is do u damage the base as little as possible to limit downtime and make it more resistant to enemy takeover or wipe it out and make it more vunerable.
I did this with damacus international and it's a game of tennis with it changing hands. Even though my side is nice enough to generate cap flight over the repairing base. I think i might need to be closer to intercept those enemy troop insertion's.

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posted 05-19-2000 01:18 PM     Profile for Spawnbob   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Also when u landed you should be refueled and rearmed and you can see thru your MFD's or the Payload screen in the camapign map the stuff being added. Sometimes when u take off they havent fueled her up so u have 200lbs of fuel , the fuel left from thsa helo's last mission, so take off, then land, up down and they will refuel it to the top.
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posted 05-19-2000 02:53 PM     Profile for Enforcer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Yes on what Spawnbob said, although go back to the payload screen and manage your weapon's ammo as well as your wingies (if playing solo) yourself, then check the fuel status too, etc..


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