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Author Topic: Ka52 Team Alligator - Help needed
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posted 05-15-2000 02:08 PM     Profile for Jont     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Hi all,
I think I'm not the one who gets annoyed by the cracks that occasionally appear in both the sky and terrain.

For the most part this is worst when flying at night when the cracks are much more apparent.

I have been working on a patch for this (it's a bit of a quick and dirty patch - but is quite effective). However, my patch has a side effect which is more distracting than the cracks themselves. So I have to fix another thing that is causing the bad side effects. In order to do so I need to track down whether the other problem is caused by the card, the driver, directX or the game itself.

To this end I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me if they too see the same thing as me:

- when 'in the game' (not in the User Interface), in any of the views, do you get a very light blue-grey line of one pixel width (or so) across the top of the display and down the left hand side of the display? (this will be most noticable at night)

I do with a TNT2-U using nVidia Detonator 3.68 drivers.

Anyone else? (or not?)

Thanks in advance


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Richard 'Flexman' Hawley
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posted 05-15-2000 02:23 PM     Profile for Richard 'Flexman' Hawley   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I see tears on my Matrox G400.

(In my experience, tears are caused by using quads instead of triangles on complex surfaces or LOD - level of detail routines not being as cleaver as they should when removing vertices without consideration to adjoining triangles).

Of course there are more causes but the above are ones I've had more exposure with.

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posted 05-15-2000 02:27 PM     Profile for MikeToth   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Hi Jont,

Yepper-doodles on that.... I have seen
it a few times...... not annoying but when
you see it it kinda looks like it is getting
ready to throw you into a window....... how's
jolly old England doing???.... weather here
has been hot then cold then hot then cold..
I am trying to get my swimming pool ready
for the summer but today it's just to dang
cold to get into to vacuum.....(my wife
always makes me do that)..... but getting
back to the question at hand, yes I've seen
it and I have a TNT2 Ultra 32 Meg vid card
with those same drivers.... I was able to
abscond with a copy of EECH and have been
playing that for the last few days.... have
you seen the Hokum in that badboy???.... check out my thread about nut-scratching in

Cleveland Ohio
Oracle Systems

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posted 05-15-2000 03:22 PM     Profile for Jont     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

I know what you mean but these cracks I'm sure are really *just* gaps where the math comes out differently between adjacent triangles - at least that's my theory Anyway, the tears you're talking about I would expect to be slivers of triangles yes? I pretty sure this is different. If you just fly around at night and look up at the sky you'll see what I'm experiencing. (I think you can just sit on the ground and see it).

Anyway, do you get the pixel lines top and left?


jolly old England is currently warm, but about to get cool, wet and windy I think. Hey, must be summertime

thanks for input

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posted 05-15-2000 05:03 PM     Profile for Roger   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Yes i get exactly this line on my Voodoo 3 2000 pci with 1.04 whql drivers .

I have to adjust my monitor manually to resize the screen to put this abnormality out of my field of view .

Main menus are ok , 3d world it occurs , plus i get bad texture tearing on long distance mountain views , when running full max details , processor AMD K6-2 500 MHZ

hope this helps

Roger , over & out :-)

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