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Author Topic: Can someone post some stories of C-H
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posted 04-18-2000 12:54 PM     Profile for Sparrow_52nd   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I live in the U.S. so I can't get my copy till around july.Can you tide me over with some good stories?Thanks
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posted 04-18-2000 08:38 PM     Profile for INSPECTOR   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
they could be re-done here, but there is currently such a thread on flexman's combat helo forum at

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posted 04-19-2000 05:28 AM     Profile for CEP}I{AHT   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Well this is going to be long as a pilot's story...

I was in command of Hokum flight Goliath when we recieved BAI orders to exterminate front-line enemy group shelling our base from a distance with MLRS. I scrambled in the cockpit making sure I selected Air-To- Ground payload consisting from S-8s and Vikhrs. Tower control given me clearance for take-off and informed about the wind speed. I hit the rotor brake, increased throttle to 75%, lifted to 10-15 meters and engaged autopilot. This gave me time to order my wingman to form echelon left and put weapons on hold, configure pilot's MFDs to radar and navigation and Cp/G's MFDs to FLIR and SCOPE (here comes handy advantage of Hokum cockpit to be able to view all 4 MFDs at an angle!). Checked waypoints and map intell and of we went cruising at 15 meters altitude towards target area. While in flight I constnatly check the map intel which get's updated with what other units are up to. Received the audio and text message from our Mig-29s flight that they under attack from ADA and judjing by grid coordinates they quoted figured it must be on the path of our mission. Checked the log and clicking on the message entry of the flight mentioned, so them in IR view dumping countermessures and coming around to return fire. Switched to full view to enjoy the glorious battle and so how they took out the offending Chapparel with guided missiles and fall away on lower altitude to resume their course. Checked the map updated with their target systems reading and discovered that another SAM unit is still standing close by. Radirected waypoints of my flight to cross it. As we were coming up at that waypoint I engaged altitude hold and started slow approach over the hill towards expected ADA unit. At high point I came to manual hover and scanned the ground in a small valey ahead. Sure enough, there was lonely Vulcan standing there. Due to it's limited range we were out of his "sight". I ordered my wingman to attack the target, and then switched to air scan as the attacked enemy unit most certainely called for air assistance and it might show up any moment. AI controlled wingman broke off formation and start looking for firing position to the left informing me about this via radio. Once found he bob-up and I heared launching missiles message in my headphones as I saw the smoke trail in the direction of target. The were no bandits in the air and as soon as I heared "target destroyed" I ordered him to rejoin the formation and we resumed course towards the target.
As we approached it over the mountain ridge, I got the radar lock for sugnificant size battle group on the other side of the valey up on the mountain road. The visibility was down as in additon to dusk the rain broke and I had to switch on wipers to sweep the drops from forward screeshield. I switched to CP/G place and brought up full screen FLIR MFD page, while engaged in stable hover hold autopilot. There they were a couple of tanks and APCs and two MRLS with support trucks. Switched back to ground radar and egaged high/medium priority filter to take out air defences. Ordered wingman to attack the Bradley, and then locked Chapparel for myself. Switched to Vikhr, ensured LOS is clear/valid lock and fired. Whoa I got warning that it locked me and returned fire! Audio said direction of a threat and a distance. My navigational MFD auto changed to the threat warning page and I saw a smal cross of the missile riding down the line of lock towards me. Dumped the flares and chaffs about 3-5 times and it spooffed.
Switched to weapon camera for BDA and saw my vikhr coming up fast the slop of the mountain and hiting the target perfectly! Now it was like shooting fish in a barrel as we were out of their weapons range! Alternating targets between myself and a wingman we took out them one by one inspite of purple smoke screen put up by tanks and seen even from the distance we were at. As soon as those MLRS were in flames I got the flashing red text "mission complete" and music started playing an up tune. Hey we are going home!
The return flight was quick and without incidents which gave me time to look up map intell and status of the other units and plan for the next mission I would like to select from the generated list.

Coming up to landing waypoint disengaged autpilot locked down the gear, shecked the wheelbrake is off and got clearance from tower to land. That was a bit tricky as wind blew me quite hard and I landed a bit off from helipad. No problem while on the ground increased to 50% and taxi perfectly to the spot. The cockpit opened and I hit the wheelbrake and rotor brake. I was taken to outside view to see how my chopper powers down. Exited to mission screen where the detailed debrief was listing the targets destroyed and mission status as completed. At the bottom of a debrief there was a message from command saying how my succesfull strike was able to eleminate enemy threat and all the rest of PR blah blah blah (nice touch though)

Well I was proud for a job well done and was off to the next mission - we had a campaign to win...


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posted 04-19-2000 10:19 AM     Profile for Sparrow_52nd   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Cool story!Do you have to land to complete the mission?Is there a true day/night rain/clear cycle if you don't go back to base?Is there anyway to start another mision while still flying after you complete a previous mission?Any more stories will be appreciated.
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posted 04-19-2000 09:00 PM     Profile for Cat   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
It was another day in Lebanon for the 64th Aviation Brigade.

Demon flight of three Comanche helos was tasked for a midday raid on a Syrian artillery battery 100 klicks east of Sidon in Syrian territory. The joint-force invasion of Syria and Lebanon was going as planned, but American forces were still outnumbered three to one, and with the sinkings of USS Saipan and USS Tarawa by enemy helos yesterday, Command was anxious for some good news.

In pouring rain, the Cat and two wingmen ascended into black skies from FARP 3 in the south Lebanon desert and headed north. Over the secure channel radio chatter informed us that a raid on an enemy FARP south of Mezzeh, Syria was going as planned. Unfortunately, Christian-held refineries on the coast were getting pummeled by enemy air, and as securing them was a Corps priority, I knew we were in deep ca-ca. Fortunately for Demon flight, the raid on the enemy FARP to our east, and the refinery attacks by the Syrians to the west had drawn off enemy forces. Their mobile arty was wide open.

The flight of three Comanches grouped together in a loose wedge with Demon 11 in the middle and sped over Lebanese farmland at 50 feet and 100 knots in the rain. On autopilot, the flight ascended a tall mountain range, nine klicks short of the target. On the MAP mfd, the target waypoint looked to be inside a small ville just north and west of the mountain range.

As the flight crossed over the snowy peak of the tallest mountain, Demon 11 called "Weapons Free" and flipped on ground radar. The targets were clear, six kilometers away. Demon 11 rippled off four AGM-114K radar Hellfires in LOBL mode, one after the other. One 2S6 Tunguska, a truck and two 2S19 artillery pieces met their makers in a blaze of glory.

The beeping of the radar warning receiver alerted the Cat to the presence on an SA-13 at the foot of a nearby bridge. As Demon 11 wheeled, "This is Demon 13, launching missile!" came over the radio. Seconds later, the Gopher was a flaming wreck. Mission completed!

But wait-as Demon 11 turned to the departure waypoint, the radar locked on another target-a BMP-3 west of the bridge! The CP/G indicated "No LOS!" The Cat punched up Stable Hove at 100 feet, just behind a sand dune and went heads-down on FLIR. Ha. Targets close.

Thumbing to NARROW mode on her HOCAS, the Cat zeroed in on the targets. One by one, they were identified. Two T-80s, two BMP-3's, and two more trucks. Six Hellfires later, Demon flight had notched a few more Syrian scalps.

A call over the radio from 3/88 Armor-at a crossroads southeast of Mezzeh. They are under attack by enemy helos! But we're 20 kilometers away-we'll never get there! Four tanks fall. The lone survivor runs for cover. Demon flight aims for revenge and takes an intercept course. These helos must die.

Demon 11 and friends closes on the last known posit of the enemy flight. It's making for Mezzeh at top speed. Can Demon cut them off? YES! Over a rise, four Mi-24 gunships run fast and close to the ground. A Hellfire from Demon 11 misses. Demon flight steadily closes. The Hinds don;t want to play-they must have used up their ammo on the tanks.

We're close enough to see them. Demon 11 calls weapons free and ripples off three Stingers, all of which miss. Two Hellfires left of her original ten, the Cat ripples them off at point-blank LOBL range, and two Hinds explode. The third fires Igla missiles. The Cat drops behind a sand dune and they miss. Cresting the sand dune, Demon 11 targets with the 20mm GIAT-Vulcan II cannon. Chalk up two more Hinds.

The fray has drifted us too far east-we're within six klicks of Mezzeh! SA-13's fill the sky with SAMS. Demon 11 dodges all by the last-which detonates right next to the cockpit, knocking out the helo's radios and damaging an engine. It's time to go home.

For the record, we made it back to the FARP, 35 kilometers southwest of Mezzeh, unharmed.

Miao, Cat

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