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Author Topic: Hasbro kills Gunship!
Silent Hunter

posted 04-03-2000 09:34 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Damn, all the reviews I read about the final release of Gunship! are giving bad news.

A greedy company screws up again and again..
When do they start to listen to their customers? How long do we have to continue to buy bad products (most of the time not finished) and get false information?
Luckily we can read what ‘pole position’ buyers and hard-core players think of new releases. However seems to me that the preference of ‘quality of a game’ nowadays has more to do with shiny looks.
But don’t they say; it’s not the looks what is important, it’s the inner strength that’s counting..?

Will they never learn? How can we give this and other bad companies a clear signal?

Curios about your opinion,
Silent Hunter

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Jamie Fullerton

posted 04-03-2000 10:05 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Hi, I just bought Gunship and with this being my very first helo sim (I'm usually a tank player), I actually kinda like this game. I'm very early into it and so don't know how it compares to Longbow or whatever but
the graphics are fine, the enemy AI seems to be decent enough (or maybe I just play really dumb), and the in-game radio chatter is pretty immersive.

But again, this is my first venture into helo sims and so I'm unable to make comparisons. My guess would be this is bit sanitized from the more "hard core" sims like Longbow where
you can push every button. On gunship you
can use the MFDs, the gunner and pilot position plus some extra view positions (external, chase which are mostly "gee-whiz" factors I'm guessing).

I will share my first experience in a campaign mission.
Supposed to help with a delaying action. So
my flight of three takes off looking for tanks. I spot the tanks and, being an armor player mostly, I think armor and take off to
get into range like I would in M1TP2. Now, this was not good of course since I could shoot those things from 6KM away with Hellfire. Oops.. I close too close and the T-90s start shooting their machine guns and even their main guns. Then the AA finds me and wiped me out.

Thermal is that same washed out green like in M1TP2. It seems like it's a bit too "crisp and clear" compared to what real thermal might appear like.

Smoke and explosion effects are good or at the least a marked improvement over M1TP2. Smoke grenades are a hazy fog rather than highly defined bitmaps.

Still don't see what I hoped for in terms of eye candy: vehicles rolled over on their sides burning. But.. small detail.

I like how you can tell the units what type of targets to be looking for (AA, tanks, general search and destroy). And you can now command your units more directly from your own helicopter rather than having to move from vehicle to vehicle or go back to the map (like in M1TP2).

Anyway those are just my first impressions.
Still chugging away at it.

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Member # 350

posted 04-03-2000 10:11 AM     Profile for RanRodee   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I think the Hardcore-Sim future lies with small, dedicated companies that are not run by Corporation suits. (see maddoxx games)
Of course, development times will be longer, but the final product is worth it.
I also think that the hardcore sim crowd is willing to pay more for an exellent sim that is constantly improved upon by continuing development, and is willing to go with another way of distribution. I truly believe that real sims won't be found on the store-shelves anymore but will be distributed online (to bypass mony hungry distributers and Hasbro like companies).

... and I am all up for it. Sim Quality has never been a mass product, but the sim community should be part of the development by having their opinions heard.

...just some thoughts o' mine


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posted 04-03-2000 01:40 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I bought GS on Friday and while I think it has great potential, I have to agree with the bashers who are dismayed the Hasbro put out a half-baked product. The key commands do not function consistantly which really kills this sim. Its ironic that M1TP2 had the same sort of quality control problems when it was first realeased. The patch fixed some of the problems, but Microprose didn't bother realeasing a second patch. Instead they focused on making Gunship and once again has realeased a buggy product. I won't say that its a case of them not learning from their past mistakes. This is more a case of greed or just not caring about the people who buy their products.
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