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Author Topic: Team Alligator or Gunship?
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posted 04-01-2000 04:58 AM     Profile for AV7784   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
i have a little dilemma. Team Alligator or Gunship? which should I buy? I'm confused because I've heard that each game is really great and then others say that it is the worst game they've ever bought. I am a mid-core simmer, so I can really go either way i guess. any suggestions or comments on what anyone thinks about these games would be helpful.
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Eric W.

posted 04-01-2000 06:13 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I too am a "mid-core simmer". I like them realistic too a point and fun.

What I have read and am sure you have also is that Gunship is more of an arcade shooter. These type of games I tire of quickly and therefore no longer purchase. I have not played Gunship and will not unless there is a patch fixing many of the problems I have read.

Team Alligator I like. I know many people are unhappy with the flight model and Zero G has tried to help out, but it does need a patch. I hear from these message boards there is one in the works. Aside from that issue it looks great, runs great, and is fun.
The word team in the title carries over into the sim. Having up to 15 or 16 other helos flying with you is great. The visuals are stunning, although I hear that is the one thing Gunship did right.

My suggestion is purchase Team Alligator.


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Richard 'Flexman' Hawley
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posted 04-01-2000 07:16 AM     Profile for Richard 'Flexman' Hawley   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Team Alligator can at least qualify as a flight-sim.

Gunship is a tank game in the air. Don't expect much actual "flying" in it.

Whatever floats your boat.

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posted 04-01-2000 08:52 AM     Profile for Laphter   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I traded KA for KA at EB and wish I hadn't.

If you want a Sim, go KA or CH. Want a blastfest with cool graphics go with GC.

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posted 04-01-2000 04:06 PM     Profile for Jackal   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
After spending two days to sort out general problems with TA (e.g. it doesn't like 2 graphics cards in my system, fiddling around with joystick curves for the deadzone problem) I like TA more and more.
The terrain and general graphics are VERY nice, probably the best compromise between details and map size. It feels immersive for me, great helo sound, wingman AI is OK, missions are interesting.
And the flight model, well it takes some time getting used to, but if you imagine that's a different bird than the conventional helos and maybe has a fly-by-wire system, it doesn't spoil the fun at all. I can't judge Helo flight models anyway, so it helps not to listen to all those real Hokum drivers here in the Forum who critizise the flight model.
It runs smooth with a P-II 450/TNT2 even at 1024*768.

Hopefully Simis will support this sim further with a patch (it's still a bit instable), I think it's worth it.

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posted 04-01-2000 10:55 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
TA is a blast. The FM seems decent now, thanks to Zero G and Bob Roberts, and the terrain and lighting are exceptional. Like F2, just flying the thing is lots of fun, FM problems or not. It forces real tactics (masking, tank facings, etc.) on you, and the sounds, particularly the rotor/engine sounds are wonderful. The 3D cockpit is very good - great cockpit shake - and it seems to run pretty smoothly. It also has an addictive "Apocalypse Now" swarm-of-helicopters dimension to it.

The downside? FM concerns (at least partially addressed with the aforementioned add-on), simplified avionics, no dynamic campaign or mission builder. The missions/campaign as included are quite good, however long-term replayability might be an issue. (FS Toolkit 2 may change this.)

The bottom line - I haven't played Gunship!, but TA is actually quite a nice piece of software, and pretty inexpensive to boot. I may lose interest when CH comes out, and I may not - the terrain and sense of motion in TA is extremely good. Unless you are really hung up on avionics (understandable - I love JF/A-18) I would recommend TA.


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