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Author Topic: Who are we?
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posted 02-07-2000 07:22 PM     Profile for TEFjr   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
I used to vist the forum at Madden Central alot and someone posted this question. It turned out to be one of the great threads there. I hope this will help ease some of the strain the post about the CD crack have caused. Madden Central no longer has their forum because of negitive post alot like I've seen here the past few days. Let's not let that happen here. Here goes.
Call sign-TEFjr
I'll be 42 this June and I've been flying EAW since September. I'm a musician(play guitar) and I own a music store in Starkville, MS. http:\\
If anyone is interested. I spent several years on the road as a professional musician until I got married. I have two girls ages 20 and 18 and I just became a grandfather. I like to fly at the zone but I've been "training" in a P-51 so I haven't been there in a while but it won't be long.

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posted 02-07-2000 07:31 PM     Profile for GunFodder   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
TEFJr...Good for you, the spirit of your post is right on target...I'm a 37 yo, ner-do-well ex-tank commander who enjoys EAW, roadracing motorcycles, and catching fish. This board is filled with great folks with a wealth of knowledge and I hope that things get patched up. People sometimes do things in cars and on computers that they would never do in your face. It's ok to agree to disagree.
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posted 02-07-2000 08:23 PM     Profile for DBond   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Hi all~ I'm 32 and have been flying European Air War since January of '99. Favorite ships are the Bf-109, especially the 109-G10 and 109K4 for the Luftwaffe and the Tempest and Pony for the RAF and USAAF. I also have a good deal of seat time in MiG Alley. Non-sim interests are playing guitar (have been playing since the age of 12). Own several Fender guitars, including a very sweet Strat. 100 watt half-stack Marshall for effect. I enjoy fishing, both fresh and saltwater. Offshore tuna and shark fishing mostly. I am a huge fan of the Philadelphia Flyers and rarely miss a game. I sell RV's, you know, motorhomes and travel trailers, for a living. Favorite musical group is Pink Floyd. I have a strong affinity for dogs and like all dogs more than most people I've met. I am a member of the staff at Frugal's World of Simulations website. Favorite historical period is without a doubt World War Two and cannot learn enough on this subject. I drive an Explorer(I know only a*sholes drive SUV's, what can I say? I swore I'd never own one, but as you get older, you're convictions tend to soften a bit ) I also enjoy playing golf and currently hold a 9 handicap. Gonna be scratch someday, dammit! I'm sure that's more info than anyone cares to know about me, but I got caught up in the spirit of this thread. To all members of the EAW community, I salute you.
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Rodger Bilko
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posted 02-07-2000 09:39 PM     Profile for Rodger Bilko   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Blimey, I find these posts hard but well done, nice idea.
Right, 33 years and on the scraphead(incapacitated). Spend some of my time as a voluntary advice worker in a local office, all the usual stuff, housing problems, benefit problems, all sorts. Can get quite tough sometimes.
I try and spend valuable time with my wife and 3 kids, all girls aged 5, 3 and 2. I love them all dearly and if it wasn't for my wife who has stood by me through a very hard couple of years, I do not think I'd be sitting here now.
I don't want for much, I feel the greatest possesion is LIFE.(Sorry if this sounds depressing). I used to have a lot of money when I was working some years ago but I can honestly say that I am a better and happier man now.
Apart from the kids, the PC is one of my only forms of entertainment (hard to get about). Although I do sometimes get out for a drink! I would crawl to the pub if I had to!
My interests are History, politics, conflicts of the 20th century and culture.
There must be more but I should have been in bed hours ago. (4.35am).

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posted 02-07-2000 09:41 PM     Profile for Majesty5   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
I'm a (very nearly) 21-year old animation student in Dallas, TX. I've been flying EAW since about... November 98, I think? Not many life experiences to put down, besides a year in college in Boston and the usual growing pains. Spent six months working for Wal-Mart, which convinced me that it was time to move on and do something good with my life.

I'm a nut for all things Warbirds, but I also play first-person shooters online. One very sweet younger girlfriend who's wonderful at being supportive of my jobless butt while I'm in school... I like travel and all the things that it entails, history, and sci-fi/fantasy movies and TV. Favorite shows are "Futurama" and any re-runs of 80's and early-90's cartoons I can find on the Idiot Box. If I had money, I think I'd go and buy myself a 2000 Honda Accord Coupe... Favorite bands are Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, New Order, and besides that, I listen to classical, movie sountracks, etc. I'd definitely call myself conservative/libertarian politically. Lots of other little things I can't think of at the moment..

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posted 02-07-2000 10:44 PM     Profile for Joachem   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Well I might as well get my feet wet. I'm 42 and shoot telescopes into space for 15 min round trips on sounding rockets. We look at the sun and steller events. I have a great relationship with my 14 year old son; "two way communications" and He actually likes being around me!
I play a Djembe in a drum group and a Peavy electric for myself. Been into planes forever and fly a cessna sometimes. Eaw is a blast!
And I thought I was the only "kid" having fun with this!

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The Quiet Man
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posted 02-08-2000 12:20 AM     Profile for The Quiet Man   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post

Currently 40, been flying/watching the EAW movie since last March. I've had a fasination with WW2 air craft since reading a book about a Helldiver pilot when I was 9 or 10. Planned on being a Navy Aviator when I left HS, but I couldn't pass the eye exams.

Spend my time fixing PC's for legal editors, reading computer books and mags, Currently exploring the differences between NT4 domains and Win2K directories. And of course squeezing in a couple EAW hours.


En boca cerrada, no entran moscas.

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posted 02-08-2000 02:00 AM     Profile for JG5_Jerry   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Well, I'm 30, live just outisde London, and am a computer graphics artist working in the PC games industry. I've been doing this for just over 3 years, and it's a really great job (yes, I do get paid to play games - it's called 'research'). I play bass guitar (a Westone Spectrum DX - one of the best ever made, IMHO). I've been interested in planes for longer than I can actually remember. I'm casually in command of JG5, an on-line squad that's been operative since August/September of last year.

C/O, Jagdgeschwader 5 'Eismeer'

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posted 02-08-2000 02:27 AM     Profile for No609OzZiggy   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
28 ....x-armoured recon a reseach scientist looking at tissue engineering of throats (for those non biotechies tissue engineering is all about making replacement parts for people from thier own biological tissue utilising polymer scaffolds as growth beds for cells etc)

Im an Australian who now lives in germany because i got sick of putting up roofs in my homeland jobs for a scientist there

I miss the sunny beaches and my chinese fiancee (cfran ..donster..keep em coming)

S! all

The Foot just aint enough
(i need the whole rabbit)

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Edwin Rommel
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posted 02-08-2000 02:36 AM     Profile for Edwin Rommel   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Ja, Ja

Ich bin ein out of work Feldmarshall mit nobody to command except mein wife und children!

Seriously, a 41 year old molecular biologist/plant pathologist with too much time on his hands. I am very much a family man and try to spend as much time as possible with the only "true wealth" in my life ( Roger B- I agree totally with what you say!).

I used to do A/C modelling, until a VERY active 3 year old pitched up- now I hide the models until she leaves the house!

Carpentry, gardening and youth counciling at our church on the side- After the family has gone to bed at night, I put on meiner leather helmet, hang ze binoculars round meiner neck und fire up the DB 601's on meiner Me 410 and go hunting AMI's, Shultzie meiner gunner und mechanic released from his virtual prison joins me- und ve clear ze skies of ze terrorfliegers.



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posted 02-08-2000 08:55 AM     Profile for Jycceboy   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
I'm a 26 years old student, single, no kids. I'll graduate from university as a MSc in Health Sciences and registered dietitian in fall 2000. I already started my PhD studies last fall and currently I'm doing research on cardiovascular diseases. My hobbies are mainly bodybuilding and EAW (in this order ).

I've been interested in warplanes since I was a little kid. First I was interested in warbirds, then modern fighters, then warbirds again and that's where my main ínterest is in now. I didn't start to play EAW until september 1999, because I was studying abroad the whole year and didn't have a computer there to play with. I have played solely offline, but have long been planned to dare to go online against you other guys This is the only forum I've ever participate in. I salute you all!

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posted 02-08-2000 09:00 AM     Profile for CFrancisco   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
OOO GOODIE!! Bio time again i always love these, because i can read about all you guys.

Forum name: CFrancisco
Betterknown as: CFran, von Hess, STUKAHOLIC

I am going to be 33 in October (eewww), I went to Valley Forge Military College and St. John's University. I live in NYC and work at a Large financial firm as a Systems administrator. Dont have kids yet but the wife and I are planning and i know i am going to end up with a girl or even GIRLS! so i will make good use of the rules for dating my daughters..LOL

I am in command of 3 Online units but make full use of delegation of duties to keep em running (something i learned being in the military.. ) 2 are Armored units and 1 is an EAW unit.

My hobbies are the usual 80's Teen Generation hobbies. AD&D, Music, Skiing, Plastic Modelling/Diaorama building, and of course PC games/sims/web building etc.

Love this forum and all the funny predicatments that Rommel and Tannenthal get von Hess into.. funny thing is i always end up in the Scheiss Kanal..HAHAHAH LOL

(Hey Oz looking for more to keep ya happy )

Obersleutnant K. von Hess
I/JG52 Gruppen Kommandeur

God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best.
Voltaire (1694-1778)

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posted 02-08-2000 10:31 AM     Profile for JG300x_Hartmann   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
I am 16.... From Sugar Land, TX. I am a sophomore highschool and just got my first job (doing what I love). I design webpages in ASP for a company using databases. I love it!!!
I play guitar, Delta Force 1 & 2, DID F22, and Falcon 4.0.......
I have lived in Germany and Denmark for about 2 months each. I started playing EAW the day it came out (i deserve the crack ehhh?) LOL.....

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posted 02-08-2000 11:34 AM     Profile for JG300x_Hartmann   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Originally posted by JG300x_Hartmann:
I am 16.... From Sugar Land, TX. I am a sophomore in highschool and just got my first job (doing what I love). I design webpages in ASP for a company using databases. I love it!!!
I play guitar, Delta Force 1 & 2, DID F22, and Falcon 4.0.......
I have lived in Germany and Denmark for about 2 months each. I started playing EAW the day it came out (i deserve the crack ehhh?) LOL.....
oops double post!!! DOH!!!

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posted 02-08-2000 11:49 AM     Profile for Irie1   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post

I'm new to playing EAW...since jan 2000, but ive been reading this forum for awhile. Im 30 years old, and about to be laid-off from my job, in fact im probably making one of my last posts from work today! Im hopping to get a job with a company that analyzes satellite imagery as a gis analyst. Hobbies include playing guitar, and sailing. Luckily..Im not married but i do have a wonderful girlfriend who, i hope will also be supportive of my unemployed arse!
Also Im a horrible speller! Auck even 4 years of college coudlnt help me with that!

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posted 02-08-2000 11:53 AM     Profile for Twitch   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
TEF- I am 52 and always been nuts about planes and cars. Love WWII flight sims best.
Have a 330hp '73 Z-28 but daily drive a 300hp '96 Eldorado Touring Coupe that is an old guy's Z-28. I work in the CD replication industry and can tell you that there is no real problem concerning entertainment software work around hacks.
Hey TEF any musicians that come in your store I can make CDs for them at a great price. If they get the folder and tray card designed I can output the film and print them as well. Shoot you could be a broker for them.

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posted 02-08-2000 01:12 PM     Profile for Nashwan   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
32, single, from South Wales UK.
Oz, could you grow me a few new parts please, some of mine are wearing out.

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posted 02-08-2000 01:22 PM     Profile for Algy   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
(Algy smiled grimly through a haze of cigar smoke.40 yrs young and stillable to get to the top of the stairs,he knew a good forum when he saw one.Dammit all,I'm on earlies tomorrow,he mused.Another shift at the police station-would we catch the burglar who only eats Braeburn apples?.Hell,this guy is a real pain to the right thinking folk in this rural cornerof England.I know,I'' cheer meself up by reading Bilkos ramblings.Now where's that Airfix kit...........)
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Gen Savage
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posted 02-08-2000 01:35 PM     Profile for Gen Savage   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Tefjr-I used to visit Madden Central after Madden 2K came out. Stopped visiting after I decided EA Sports didn't care about advancing the game. Didn't know the forum was gone-too bad.
I'm 43, married, purchasing and wholesale manager of an art supply co. My real interest is the Age of Napoleon, and my real hobby is supposed to be building and painting Napoleonic model soldier figures. Alas, I spend too much time flying EAW and downloading every improvement for it (and visiting this forum) that my model workbench is gathering dust.
My wife has two daughters from a previous marriage who have flown the nest, so it's just me, the missus, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi and our cat. I read nonfiction from all historical periods, but especially Napoleonic. Also read some historical fiction, like Bernard Cornwell's "Sharpe" series, Geo MacDonald Fraser's "Flashman" series, and Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series. I got into computer gaming thinking I'd play Napoleonic wargames, but they are all dull turn-based affairs. I still play TalonSoft's "Age of Sail", and I hope to see the people who made the excellent "Sid Meier's Gettysburg and Antietam" games branch out into Napoleonics. In the meantime, I have discovered 20th century warfare in the form of EAW and am quite addicted to it.

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The Quiet Man
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posted 02-08-2000 01:51 PM     Profile for The Quiet Man   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Originally posted by CFrancisco:
OOO GOODIE!! Bio time again i always love these, because i can read about all you guys.

My hobbies are the usual 80's Teen Generation hobbies. AD&D, Music, Skiing, Plastic Modelling/Diaorama building, and of course PC games/sims/web building etc.

Love this forum and all the funny predicatments that Rommel and Tannenthal get von Hess into.. funny thing is i always end up in the Scheiss Kanal..HAHAHAH LOL

(Hey Oz looking for more to keep ya happy )

AD&D??? Accidental Death and Dismemberment? Interesting hobby!


En boca cerrada, no entran moscas.

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posted 02-08-2000 03:23 PM     Profile for JZG_Eichmaan   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Hello, I am new to the forum here. 30 yrs. old, no kids yet. I have been playing EAW since December 1999. Ohter sims I currently play are: CCC 4 Battle of the Bulge, F4 and Lords of the Realm 2. I live in California, Maryland where I work as an technician for the Naval Electromagnetic Radiation Facility. We fry avionics! Hobbies are fishing, Harleys, Pontiac T/As and hockey. Its a great forum here, glad I found it!
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posted 02-08-2000 03:46 PM     Profile for HarryM   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
I am 34, been married now for 5 months, no kids, 2 cats and a dog. I live in San Jose, but will be moving to Salinas CA, because the housing market here is as crazy as many of you may have heard (can't afford to buy). I work as an implementation specialist for a small company that does Human Resources database software.

I have too many interests to list, and love history of all kinds (majored in History)especially WWII and Ancient Rome, and am somewhat of a trivia buff (as you might have guessed). Love EAW, though I'm relatively new to it (had it about 3 months). Also love scale modeling even though I have so little time to do it. Just got a really sweet photo-etched set for a 1/32 scale FW190A...

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posted 02-08-2000 04:46 PM     Profile for rjm   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Yup, well, here goes.
Born & raised Dearborn, Mi. suburb of Detroit. USN from 1964 to 68. Married in 1969. One daughter in 73'. DPD in 1970. Retired Detective, Detroit PD, (25 years), the last 15 years I worked on a 'Repeat Offender' type task force as the intelligence (no comment please) officer, worked with computers alot (not this one). Please...I haven't written a traffic ticket since about 75'. And in Detroit we seldom have time. I fled the city the DAY I retired. The things that people do to each other every day are...enlightening.... I moved as far from 'civilization' as I could, and still stay close to daughter, living near Dearborn. So I got 25 Acres of rolling hills and 1 small creek, small ranch house w/BIG garage (poll barn type), NO neighbors, in the middle of the huron national forest. I haven't seen a deer with a gun yet. I have a Great Pyrenees and a sweet Bassett Hound. I love and respect animals, a great deal more than most humans. Still happily married, (my share of arguements!) same wife. Was going to be hermit but got this computer for Flight sim games (tired of playstations ONE game) and ended up on line reading, found this forum, listened to you idiots for a few months and decided I'd give it another shot. Didn't think there were this many 'good guys' left in the world, let alone all in one spot. I still only go to 'town' about once a month and DON'T like it. Right now this is my only regular human contact!...hope this doesn't offend you guys....usually does. I thought about not saying anything, wife said if they are nice guys, it won't matter, just tell them. Want to fly online sometime soon. But afraid of making mistakes...not knowing what button to to loiter a little longer. Been playing with flight sims for years. I really love EAW, best by FAR. I also built and fly radio control planes, last was a P51, 'Bud Nosen' kit, 105" wing span, 8hp, retracts etc.,and numerous smaller ones. I am obsessed with WWII fighters, now full time.

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posted 02-08-2000 04:57 PM     Profile for CornFlake   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
I'm 30, and i just rented a flat to live with my (beloved) fiancèe as a new beginning in our lifes. I'm industrial designer -but worked as graphic designer- and school teacher -but actually I work as driving teacher (is that correct?), you know, more $ and less pain, hehe!. And yes, as you guess by how do I write, I never teached English.
Since I was a kid I wanted to be pilot, but an accident defeated my dreams (dumb of one ear). Well, anyway, as long as I can remember I did aircraft models (not just builded) and studied history/phylosophy with the same passion. Nowadays, this informatic era gives to me the chance to fly, no matter the aircraft, but WW2 props have a very special place in my mind and soul.

Curious... I think it's the 1st time I explain all this in a public forum...

Vista, suerte y... ¡al toro!

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posted 02-08-2000 07:21 PM     Profile for mark1gti   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Hi; I'm currently flying in Falcon 4.0 and have EAW as of about a month ago. Unfortunatly, I installed the dreaded DX7 onto my computer and that has hosed my joystick for all sims except for Falcon 4.0. I've installed EAW with patches and watched the planes fly around until my plane nosed into the ground, enjoying the view until I finally augered in. I've also read all the great stories on combatsim re the popularity of the sim and am looking forward to the next week when I upgrade my system (without DX7)and can finally fly the skys of WW II Europe ( In a Me-262, FW-190 or (insert interesting german warplane here) Anyway, enough on that.
I work for the evil empire (AT&T) which isn't so bad from inside the company, and in my off hours spend time flying sims, getting re-affiliated with photography (took my new camera out two weeks ago *immediatly* to the Me-262 rebuild facility at Paine Field, Everett and spent two hours out there photographing some of the most beautiful jets ever built and getting to know the guys that work on them (they are building 5 new aircraft, exactly like the originals in every practical way except engines). Great bunch, I may volunteer there soon. When I'm not doing that I work on my Mark 1 GTI (VW Rabbit GTI to the uninitiated) and work on getting back into auto racing again. I'm also interested in Planetary Science and once considered it as a career, but 7 years of prep was too much for me to consider. Wish I were younger. . I'm also interested in WW II history, as well as history from other time periods and when I have time endulge in a little Rogue Spear and other FPS games when I'm not pining for a high-speed internet connection. And this *is* a great group !!! Look forward to flying with you all soon !!!

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Der Sensenmann
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posted 02-08-2000 08:57 PM     Profile for Der Sensenmann   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
I am a huge fan of EAW and Jane's WW2F, although I also have Panzer Elite and Mig Alley on my hard drive.

In real life, I'm a lawyer, age 52, who has spent my career in and around Congress investigating bad guys in the S&L and insurance industries. Generally, my job is to fight for the public good by putting the sqeeze on big business and their greedy lawyers. Nice work for a child of the 60's.

My job requires an aggressive nature, but is perfect training for fighter pilot sims where you blow up the bad guys (German or Allied) who get in your way. Yeah, I play for both sides. Hey, I'm a lawyer!!

When not killing pixels, I work on the house and enjoy my kid like most folks. It's funny, but playing EAW and other sims has brought me full circle to where I began 40 years ago building plastic Revel models of WW2 planes and playing war games in the yard. That's fine with me.

S! to all the like-minded people who make this such a good forum.

Fear the Reaper

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posted 02-08-2000 09:21 PM     Profile for KMHPaladin   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Howdy folks, hopefully this thread will become as long as the one on the old forum...

Anyway, I'm 17 years old and live right across the river from Philadelphia in Southern Joizey. I must agree with DBond, the Flyers are long due for another Cup... We shall see if Primeau is the addition we need.

Anyway, I'm a High School senior who's looking into colleges at the moment. We'll see in March if any of them are crazy enough to accept me (computer science or engineering, haven't decided yet.)

In terms of hobbies, computers pretty much rounds out the list. With the kind of homework I have (AP European History, AP English, AP Calculus, and Acc. Physics add up ) I just don't have that much free time to spend on anything else. I occasionally do some plastic modeling, but I have nothing approaching the free time necessary for that. I'm also a newly licensed driver, so if you're passing through Jersey I'd look out for a crazed teenager in a blue van .

I got my start on computer gaming when, perhaps 7 or 8 years ago, I received a package from Gateway for my birthday including various games like Strike Commander, Wing Commander:Armada, Privateer, Comanche, and Aces over Europe. The package also contained a little joystick with throttle, and by far the game I played most was AOE. From that point on I got into mechsims like Earthsiege 1,2, and Starsiege, as well as RTS' like Command and Conquer, but I never lost that hope for the next great WWII propsim. EAW is that game, of course. I've been playing since I bought it in July of last year.

Currently I'm running a PII 266/128megs/Voodoo1 6meg/17inch with a set of Thrustmaster sticks. I am playing MiG Alley and European Air War mainly, though I've been fooling around with Brigade Combat Team trying to figure out just what the hell is going on . I would highly recommend MiG to any EAW fanatics.

Well folks, keep up the posts. I haven't really checked out the No CD Crack thread because I don't have time to read through a ton of posts, but I guess I'll have to piece through now… But let's not let it get us. Hopefully the network that we've built up on this forum will remain intact. Have a good one,

- KMHPaladin
- [email protected]
- "I opened fire when the whole windshield was black with the
enemy... at minimum range it doesn't matter what your angle
is to him or whether you are in a turn or any other maneuver."
- Colonel Erich Hartmann

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Jamie Richards
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I'm a 23-year-old university student, single, no kids. I live at home, and I'm the oldest of three boys. My favourite music is for the most part classical. I met my wonderful girlfriend in grade 9 -- future wife, to be sure.

I began my studies in human biology and zoology, but switched after two years, and now I've just completed an Honours B.A. in Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek). I'm now a graduate student in Classics, focussing on Roman history. Nevertheless, if I had to put money on it, I'd predict that I'll eventually be a fine artist (i.e., not commercial) like my father. I like a lot of different things, as you can see -- science, language, history, and art. And hey, EAW combines it all in one way or another!

I've always loved WWII airplanes. I knew words like Messerschmitt and Nakajima since before I can remember. WWII has to be my favourite period of history -- well, second favourite after late Republican Rome. My interest in WWII was put on hold for a long time because of school -- but EAW revived it early last year! I've bought WWII books! I've learned a little German! I've learned lots about computer graphics! And I've been flying and painting my favourite machines ever since!

And there's the condensed history of my short life. Exciting, eh? I think there's a possible feature film here...

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posted 02-09-2000 04:13 AM     Profile for Tannethal     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
22, student of enviromental engineering, born and raised in germany, never left it for more than three weeks.
Drafted for a year into the army, maintaince battallion in Regensburg, mainly artillery stuff some leopards II.

Into EAW since mid 1999 found the forum and whooaa.

Interests in history and avitation since age of eleven, buliding model kits even longer.

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As you might guess from my screen alias, 'Mark' is my name. I'm 29 and I'm from Dallas, Tx. I am an original member of a band called Tripping Daisy, which has achived a 'modest' amout of success ( Some of you Texas folk might be familiar with us. As well as some of you folks from Canada. If you're saying to yourself, 'I think i've heard of them', maybe this will jar your memory - a hit song called 'I got a girl' (very catchy, very annoying). Anyway, if you never heard of us before, you probably never will. We broke up recently - our beloved friend and guitar player, Wes Berggren, passed away in October.

I played bass for that band for 9 years and had the time of my life. We've toured all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe. I Can't say enough about the experience.

Well life moves on and so do I. I've continued to make music, but it has taken a back seat to my art, carpentry and furniture design. Like many of you, I spend a lot of time playing EAW, as well as researching WWII history. I must say, I have a wonderful girlfriend who is patient and understanding. However, if I join a sqaud, she is gonna kill me (i'm sure some of you can relate!). A big Salute to all you arial combat patrons!


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Occupation: resident lurker, who once engaged in much sillyness on this forum (not that sillyness is bad mind you.)

I am a 24 year old Circulation Librarian, from Beaufort South Carolina. I have always had a passion for all things aviation related. EAW is the BEST simulation I have ever flown. I used to play flight sims so much that my GF can imitate the Bi****n Betty from Janes F-15 perfectly, and does quite often! My 2 favorite aircraft from EAW are the Fw-190 A6, and the Hawker Tempest.
I play much less frequently as I am trying to pursue a career in writing. I am a freak for all things Star Wars and Tolkien related, and am nervously waiting For Episode 1 to come out, that is E1 of the Lord Of The Rings!!! I am an active member of Saint Stephen the Servent Charismatic Episcopal Church, and am trying to convert my priest to the joys of EAW. I also am into legos in a big way, and am preparing a web page to display some of the designs we have created.
Y'all have fun

VonBroam out

Lach Calad, Drego Morn

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hi all,

very nice to see & know you all.

i am hari (my real name) from india. i am computer programmer, 28 years, with a wonderful wife. i read & paint a bit, play cricket, listen to music (most genres). like most of you, i am kinda obsessed with armed forces, especially WWII, everything about it. (sometimes irritating my wife, understandably).

i do not have a tv, making the computer my only form of visual entertainment. as you may not know, fight simming is non-existing in india. but, being the fan of anything WWII that i am, i got hold of EAW with great diffuiculty. i am a big fan of this great sim and has been playing it since april '99.

it's nice to know there are so many people like me around the world. also that we share so much. let's continue the good work.

to quote on the good work of one of us (i don't wish to name him), i recently asked him to send me CD crack, as i did not want to risk the only CD i have. he sent me as soon as he got my request. thanks man...

all the best to all of us.

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hey MisterMark!!
I love Trippin Daisy!!
Yes us Texas folk know who you are!!!

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Well its been a while since the last bio post so here goes.

49 single and a computer tech evaluation specialist. Been doing this sort of things since 1975. Wrote first program (linar lander sim in 1968). Only ties with the military was working as a defence civilian employee for 3 yrs programing CBX and direct fire programs. Been playing EAW since it came out. Been on the forum as long as I cam remember.

Hobbies, golf, golf and golf. Also computer games, esp EAW, and lately Counter Strike (Half-life mod). Been trying to play guitar since 1966 and still stink. Fender Strat's and Tele and Gibson LP's and a PRS thru Fender BF Twin Rev amp. 1969 Martin D-28 and Taylor acoustics. Still stink on all of them . Music taste Country and Blues.

Blade.... (DTLS2 at the zone, but been AWOL for a while)...

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posted 02-09-2000 09:00 AM     Profile for cobraj   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
love bio time!! 40 yrs old married 16 1/2yrs
field engineer for a major computer company,
hey how do you like our commercials with that little red shed all over the world....
playing eaw since hot off the press, but my heart belongs to swotl and they're finest hour, would love to see them re-made!!!oh yeah, I have 4 kids 2 boys , 2 girls, and when i am not working un-godly amount of hours spend as much time as i can with them,
as wellas with the mrs. I am a WWII aviation
nut and love military as well as most other history...ho hum will stop now don't want to bore y'all.

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Old_guy, AD&D = Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Hi all, I'm 31, married, with a 3 year old boy who called me his 'Rescue Hero' the other day in the bath (stuff like that makes it all worthwhile )

We've got another on the way, so for 6 months or so my flying skills may take a dip. (Due April.)

I grew up reading great stories about spitfires, and several biographies of German pilots, dreaming of the day I would fly a CF-18 for the Canadian Airforce.

Then I got to Grade 10 and math and I parted ways, almost permanently, until I finally met a GOOD math teacher in college. By then it was too late (you need to be a math WHIZ to become a fighter pilot in Canada) and I had done 5 years as a grunt instead (You need to know which end the bullets come out of an M16-A2 and you need to know how to heat up a Magic Pantry entre, that's it)

So now I program Oracle Forms and Reports all day (kill me now, please, do it QUICK!) and live out my boyhood fantasies at night after Logan goes to bed up in the EAW virtual clouds over the Channel and the Rhine.

...and talk to you bozos all day when I should be programming Oracle Forms and Reports!

"Only the spirit of attack, born in a brave heart, will bring success to any fighter aircraft, no matter how highly
developed it may be." - Adolf Galland.

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The Quiet Man
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Hey! I'm not old, just youth challanged.

AD&D - been spending too much time dealing with insurance lately, I shoulda remembered that.


En boca cerrada, no entran moscas.

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Believe it or not, I found the EAW website, and this forum, about three hours ago, and haven't left yet. Wife woke up (on the couch), gave me a dirty look, and went to bed, about an hour ago. I'm intrigued and just a bit giddy to find out that other warbird freaks exist. I've been playing EAW straight out of the box since July '99, and having a blast. Tonight, I went looking for possible aircraft additions via download, and found this site. (I'm gonna regret this later today!) I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff available to add-on, and have NO idea of what to get first. Any suggestions for a newbie?

Anyway, I'm 35, married, four kids (three came with the wife as a package deal, but I claim 'em anyway), and currently work at Wal-Mart on the overnight crew. After I graduated college, i went into consulting engineering, got burned out and drove a cab for a short while, went into the insurance biz, then returned to my chosen career field, construction management. After I left that, I became an over the road truck driver. When I found that my youngest son was growing up without me, I got out of the truck and went to work at WalMart, which isn't so bad, their money is green, too.

Anyway, I've been reading the posts, and have come to the conclusion that I just might be missing out on good stuff. I sure don't know where to start. It wasn't intended this way, but I sure appreciate all the info y'all have posted, and I apologize in advance for any stupid questions that may issue from my keyboard.

Talk to ya soon.

Don't get vertigo, I'll be there

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welcome energizer,start the chant now...
ONE OF US..ONE OF US...ONE OF US... just kidding if you want to laugh, maybe be brought to tears.. maybe. stick around this forum..plenty of information and entertainment to be had...

"Everyday above ground is a good day"

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Oh wow... Wal-Mart Overnighter? A brother third-shifter! I pushed palettes for six months at store Number 1970. Not technically a bad job, but very exhausting for me, and it was only a matter of time before Dilbert cartoons showed up on the bulettin boards... I left, not just the job, but the whole state , and moved here to Dallas.
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