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Author Topic: textures
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posted 02-03-2000 01:26 PM     Profile for wulf_pilot   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
I have a few questions about textures.

1. do i just drop them in my eaw directory like skins? they affect framerate? do i switch between them?

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posted 02-03-2000 01:42 PM     Profile for Sidewinder062   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Wulf, I can't really substantiate this, but I believe I've taken a framerate hit since I downloaded winter terrain. It seems to pick up when I get my nose pointed at the sky (that's the nose of my aircraft of course). See you over the Channel. Reese
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posted 02-03-2000 02:16 PM     Profile for Airbuddha   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
The easiest way to check out new terrains at the click of a button is to download mattm's EAW STAB. You can try nearly any terrain available as well as switching back to EAW's default terrain with a click of the mouse. It's great.

If you do it manually, then yes, you drop them in your EAW directory.

I've been fortunate enough not to see a framerate hit with the different terrains. I'm sure it depends on the system you're running on.

Airbuddha, The Hangar

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posted 02-04-2000 01:03 AM     Profile for JWC     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post

[ they affect framerate?]

Our systems seem very similar. On another thread (3D card questions) you state that you have a Pentium 200Mhz, 32 MB RAM, and you're thining of getting a Voodoo 3 card. I have a P2 200Mhz, 96 MB of RAM, and a Voodoo 3-2000 PCI card. On mine, I believe I have experienced a framerate hit sometimes with the winter terrain, espcially. (I don't recall any framerate problems with the "Enhanced" EAW terrain and I've never bothered to use the CFS.) Specifically, if I turn "Ground Object Detail" and "Terrain Detail" both to "low", my framerate is pretty good (the downside is that the landscape is barren snow!----it definitely looks COLD!!!---like a real "frozen wasteland"). But if I try to set these any higher, I get an immediate framerate slowdown (actually the ground object details, I'm not sure what effect medium or high terrain detail has if ground object is still set to low). So no trees in the snow until I upgrade to that Celeron.

[ i just drop them in my eaw directory like skins?... do i switch between them?

Yes, as Airbuddha says, with EAW Stab the switching is done for you. If you don't have EAW Stab, then you just handle the "terrain" files the same way you would any "skin" (.tpc) file. The only difference is in the sheer number of files! With a skin file, you only have a handful to deal with, but with terrain there are "hundreds"! This is where the ability to arrange things with Windows Explorer comes in handy! (the old "Arrange By Type" command!) In essence, when you want to replace one terrain set with another, you should delete ALL the current add-on terrain files in your EAW folder before adding another set. You cannot simply unzip the new set into your EAW folder (well, actually you could; that might work without any problem or it might not). This is because not all the add-on terrain sets have the same number of files. (I think the specific example given in one thread is that the "Autumn" terrain, for instance, does not replace every default terrain file; so "Autumn" would have fewer files than, say "Winter". If you have winter terrain loaded and try to change to autumn, there will not be enough "Autumn" files to overwrite all the "Winter" ones. The result will be a "mixed" terrain showing up in the game.) So just use Windows Explorer to delete ALL of the ".TER" files in your EAW folder before adding a new set (you've probably already used this feature before: arrange all the files "by type", left click on the first ".ter" file to highlight it, then click on the last one WHILE holding down the SHIFT key, thereby highlighting ALL the ".ter" files---and then while your mouse pointer is over one of the highlighted files just right click and choose "Delete").

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