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Author Topic: Newbies question
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posted 01-22-2000 07:11 AM     Profile for WildeSau   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Hi hunters,

I am new to EAW - until now I flew mostly Janes WWII Fighters.

But now I tried EAW and have to say it's just great. Don't understand me wrong - WWII Fighters will still be my favorite game - together with EAW. I cannot understand why people who love one have to be against the other. I love them both and will play them both. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

So, now some questions:

1) When I am a section leader, I cannot give commands to my wingmen. Why? I can ask for help, contact flight control, etc., but cannot command my wingmen.

2) Can you make forced landings and survive them? I tried it for several times but always was killed.

3) Can you mark all enemy planes with the plane typ and distance, as you can in MS CFS or WWII Fighter? Not just the one you lock by pressing "Ctrl T". Otherwise it's very hard to indentify a plane correctly.

4) How can I play online (without paying something)? Have no credit card.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Wish you all many new kill markings for your planes.


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posted 01-22-2000 09:05 AM     Profile for Opa   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
1. Section, that's a Schwarm, right? You can command your kacmarek(wingman), and the other Rotte(element) leader. You cannot command the 4th plane, only the Rotte leader can do such a thing. Is this what you're talking about?

2. Switch off your enginge, apply flaps, and glide in as you would during a normal landing. Keep your plane LEVEL. Don't dive in, that will kill you. Don't pull too hard on the stick before you hit the ground, that will kill you. Practice.

3. No, you can just have one a/c identified at a time. Personally, I've switched off the HUD. It's more fun playing without, and with a little practice, it's not that hard to identify a plane. Besides, it's more challenging, especially in TPIE42, when you never know for sure whether the spit you're facing is a V or a IX until you dogfight him...

4. Heard something about the zone, and Kali...(#181, or something)
Sure someone else could give you more help on this...

Der Opa

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posted 01-22-2000 10:55 AM     Profile for JG300x_Hartmann   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Well the zone is totally free..
It is at

KALI is a one time fee of $20. It is not laggy and gives ping of other players in numbers.


Horrido and Welcome to the EAW Community!

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posted 01-22-2000 04:22 PM     Profile for JWC     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Hi there, WildeSau!

Welcome to the world of EAW!

1) It could depend on which time period you are flying in. The Battle of Britain (or in Single Missions, 1940) is a little different from the later times. In the BoB, as a British pilot, your "section" is only 3 aircraft. Orders given to your wingmen WILL BE YOUR SECTION! In the late times, if you are commanding 4 aircraft, you should be able to give orders to your flight (3 and 4) or your wingman (2)! Check before the mission to see which flight you are commanding (for the British this will be Red, Yellow, or Blue; for the Americans Red, White, or Blue; for the Germans Schwarm 1, 2, or 3). You'll have to select this flight specifically in the menu that appears in the upper left corner of the screen. The sections that you don't command should be blacked out. Orders given to the section apply only to 3 and 4 (Tab + (2, 3, or 4) + (order). To select your actual wingman (example: "Yellow 2"), you'll have to press Tab + 1 + (order). If none of these options work, then their must be something wrong with you game or your install. Some more information about what mission you are flying and the time period could be helpful to determining the cause of the problem.

2) Yes, I've done it many times (that's MANY times!). Keep your speed up (if your engine's been damaged/destroyed you can't get it back!) by diving for the ground. Level out and let the speed drop as you settle earthward. As you near the ground, drop flaps (probably full), and pull the nose up. It is important to let the tail hit first! Any nose-down attitude will surely get you killed. Keep the stick all the way back after you hit-----if the airplane bounces up any, you must keep that nose from dropping or your a goner. The two most critical things are to be flying just above stalling speed when you hit and to make the tail contact the ground first.

3) No, you can only mark the plane you are targeting. Interestingly, there are many EAW players who don't like this feature (some turn it off completely!). The problem is being able to identify aircraft as friendly or enemy by the color of the information even when the plane is at a range that would make this unlikely in real life. The ability to do so is one advantage that real pilots never had! Some EAW players even point out gleefully that without the indicators they spend half their time trying to catch friendly fighters before realizing what their doing! If this seems a little masochistic, remember all those stories about the problems of identifying aircraft in battle? The only time Johnny Johnson's Spitfire was ever hit by enemy fire was when he tried to join a formation of 6 Spitfires that were really 109's! Adolph Galland sometimes penetrated escort screens in the British Circus operations in 1941 by approaching in the manner of another escort squadron! Once the 4th FG was involved in a furball with Me109's and it was difficult to tell which plane was which, so Don Blakeslee ordered something to the effect of "All Horseback aircraft orbit right, anything orbiting left is German". And if you've played WWII Fighters then you probably already know of the story provided there where Dave Schilling led the 56th FG around to the east of a large concentration of German fighters and sauntered up to them like a gruppe of FW's!

4) The Zone is free. JG300x_Hartmann has already provided the link. And as he notes, Kali has a onetime fee of $20 US. Many EAW players seem to prefer Kali due to a number of reasons, though. However, you can still find a number of EAW players at the Zone.

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