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Author Topic: Online flying can sure be stressful!!!
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posted 12-21-1999 11:59 AM     Profile for Ziegfried   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Lately I’ve been grounded from my day job of flight instructing due to an ear infection, and I have spent this time like most addicted eaw’ers would I am sure, playing the game. I am real new to online flying, but my first experience was fun fun fun!! I flew with a bunch of other guys in the rookie room (btw there are some real good rookies out there!) and we had like I said a lot of fun, but later that day I went back to fly online again and found myself flying one on one with a guy from the S7 squad. On our very first pass I knew I was in trouble when I looked back as I made a 180. That he was already firing on me and I still had a lot of turning to do before being able to do same really stunned me. I thought I knew how to make really tight turns so as to have an advantage after the merge. But this guy clearly had a much better understanding of turn performance. Quickly thereafter I was jumping out of a burning plane, and he proceeded to do the same 10 more times...WOW this guy is good. I remember how stressed I was after those brief few minutes flying against this guy. I can hardly imagine what it must have been like to really fly during WW2 as a fighter pilot. Not knowing how a fight would end until maybe that first pass.

The pilot from S7 saw I was having a hard time just trying to keep him off me. Forget about offensive I was pure defense, so he gave me a little chat tutor-time. But I was so impressed by the first couple of times he shot me down that when we would go at it again I would again make those little mistakes that gave him the edge and had me hittin the silk. After the 10th time of being shot down I let him know I had to stop and relax for a while. I think he understood

Man, this online flying can be very stressful!! Anybody else ever get a little stressed while flying against another human? c-mon be honest.

A long post I know, but I was just wondering?

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posted 12-21-1999 12:53 PM     Profile for Blade   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post


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posted 12-21-1999 01:17 PM     Profile for LLv34_Snefens   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Yes, I always get a nagging feeling when being shot down. Not that I am mad at the opponent, but on myself because letting him shoot me
But I usually get "cured" if I get a kill shortly after.

My most intense experience online was some months back when I was fighting my friend and Danish countryman 214th_Greenbird on the EAW 1v1 Challenge Ladder. It is best of 5 rounds and after 4 rounds the score was 2-2.
I remember that my entire body was shaking, due to the intensity the previous 4 rounds had been played with and knowing that this last round was the decisive. It ended with my defeat though and as I tried to stand up to go out to get something to drink (mouth dry like a desert), I almost fell down on the floor, as my legs was shaking so badly. When I got back I had to wait in going up again for 15 minutes for my body to relax.

Great workout this sim

LLv34 Snefens
RO, Lentolaivue 34

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posted 12-21-1999 01:33 PM     Profile for Mad_B4     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post

I really enjoyed reading your post.
When I first flew online it was an eye opener
Because of the terrible zone problems with the game prior to the last patch I flew strictly offline for almost a year. I had become pretty good at shooting down the AI pilots and racking up mission kills I thought I was pretty good (read in cocky).
After the patch I thought I would try online.
I would enter a game room and get so anxious I would start to hyperventilate and get really tense. One of the first guys I flew against was NG Maceo ? (spelling) as well as some guys with things like S7 214th LLv in there name. I soon realize I was a real amateur. Like you I saw guys turn p47s around faster than I could turn a spit I knew I was in trouble.
After about 10 kills to 1 they would tire of the game much like a cat tires of the dead mouse lol. Like you I have also had guys take the time to try to help me with maneuvers and other pointers a lot of them have been flying online for years, Warbirds AW ect. I still get a rush evertime I play
(read addiction) and now find Offline play
boring, theres just nothing like human pilots
and I learn more from them than I ever could
from the AI.

p.s what name do you use online?

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posted 12-21-1999 01:35 PM     Profile for No609_Relent   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Ah yes, the intensity of online EAW flying! I can echo the comments of Snefens - it can get very intense. As a matter of fact, like Snef I was on the EAW 1.2 Challenge Ladder for a while, and every match made my whole body tense up, including increasing my heart rate dramatically, and causing my whole right arm to shake during and after a match.

I went through 26 matches total, and I eventually retired because I wasn't able to prepare for them enough (yes I took them seriously - probably too seriously ;-), and they were getting too intense. I guess I'm very competitive, as I didn't like to lose these matches, and I did everything possible to get the advantage or evade a bandit on my 6. Now I just fly for fun on the Zone or at Kali, and it's not as intense (especially now that our online war with NJG/88 is over). For even more fun (those mayhems can get boring/repetitive after a while), try flying 2x2 sweep or bomber escort/intercept missions. They are a lot of fun (especially with Roger Wilco or some other communications software) and require sound team tactics to be successfull.

Anyhow, I'm carrying on... enjoy!

S! Relent

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posted 12-21-1999 02:20 PM     Profile for JG26*vonVampr*Gf   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post

I was begining to think I was weird .

von Vampr

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posted 12-21-1999 02:59 PM     Profile for Ziegfried   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
JG300x_Rikitiktoffn...soon to be JG300x_Zieg
if they let me change it.

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posted 12-21-1999 05:40 PM     Profile for Reese   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Zieg, You were indeed lucky to find a pilot who would take time to give you a few pointers. Those S7 guys are a great bunch. I do experience a butterfly or two on occasion, but have never had any of the above-mentioned shakes, unless one counts body-english or lifting the joystick off the desk.
Online play is fun, but I don't believe it will ever replace the immersive quality of a career in the offline game, at least for me. See you on the Zone. Sidewinder062

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posted 12-21-1999 07:27 PM     Profile for Blade   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Learning alot after 3 nites online. Never turn with a Spit, don't hope to servive with anybdy name that includes LLv, S7, 6xxsqd etc you get the pic... Boy these guys and others such as Mad_B4, flushrivet can crank AC's around faster then a Tie fighter. Got to work out some new tacs before next time. AI easy, Human way not!


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