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Author Topic: Viele Grusse Alles!
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posted 12-16-1999 03:35 PM     Profile for HarryM   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
As a "newbie" I've been reading some of the posts here and wanted to say "Guten Tag"!

First: What a great sim! Here is why its especially tasty for me...old machine was a MacIIci running at a screaming 25MhZ. Used to play CYAC, Hellcats, F-18. Great sims for their day but now a little, shall we say, DATED?

Now on a 466 "Celery" with a Banshee. Wow! Had some minor problems with EAW graphics but once I overcame that, it just blew me away. Awesome seeing huge bomber formations, flak storms, boring in with a ME-262 and blasting away with rockets and 30MM...

Favorite Deutsches Flugzeug: (besides 262) the ME-109K. You can hang it on its nose and leave P-51s gasping. Always leaves you a way out...does have nasty high speed stall characteristics, but I can live with it...

Favorite Tommy: Spit XIV, great speed and turn and burn. Tempest V not bad either.

Favorite Ami: P-47D, 8X .50s kick *** .

Some general observations...(all settings on realistic\hard, 1.2 patch)

Landings seemed easy, I was able to land 262 the very first time no problem.

AI, overall not bad, but I generally never in serious danger unless greatly outnumbered. Markmanship in particular seemed weak, enemy tracer stream going by usually gives you a chance to dodge.

Favorite moment so far, sneaking up on low 6 of ME-109G at fairly low altitude. He sees me and breaks (too hard apparently) and augured in. Blacked out?

Hardest missions so far seem like convoy attacks. My Staffel always gets shot to hell. ME-110 no good with bombs, can't pull out quickly enough and you get a nice "bloody cockpit". Cannons work but you take serious low-calibur AAA.

Anybody else read Caldwells book on JG26? I just started it...

Hast du schon mit dem Teufel getanzt?

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posted 12-16-1999 03:42 PM     Profile for Gavin   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Try landing the Hurricane Mk.1 (or is it just me?)

Historically, the Hurricane was supposed to be a nice plane to land, the Spit was harder, due to the narrow-track gear, and the 109 was a deathtrap for rookies on the landing.

In EAW, I find the 109 the easiest to land so far, and the Hurricane SCARY. Why?

It seems that with the Hurry-up, if you touch down just a tad too fast, it bounces back up in the air then pitches nose-down for the ground. Basically if you bounce, your not going to make the field, and you'll have to land in the corn across the road. The nose-pitch is lethal, I have not survived a landing yet where it happened. The only solution appears to be the throttle back trick, timing it so that you hit stall speed just after the wheels touch (or just before, either is ok) then you stick to the ground like a fly on flypaper.

Anyone else want to add? Their favorite kite to land and worst?

"Only the spirit of attack, born in a brave heart, will bring success to any fighter aircraft, no matter how highly
developed it may be." - Adolf Galland.

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posted 12-18-1999 04:32 AM     Profile for Opa   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
I read both of Caldwells books on JG26. Great books, both of them. I'm currently using one of the books to make a skin of a JG26 bf109E, but my paint program has quit functioning.

Favourite AC: 109E, 109K. I love their climb rates.

Worst AC: Focke Wulf. The padlock confuses me, since I have no bars in the cockpit to orient myself after.

Der Opa

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posted 12-19-1999 02:42 AM     Profile for JWC     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Opa, I know what you mean! With no peripheral vision (that would be off the monitor screen!) I find it extremely hard to maintain a sense of where an aircraft is in relation to my own unless I have cockpit framing as a reference. I guess it's just one of the differences between real life and computer sims.

Gavin, I find the Hurricane to be one of the easiest planes to land, but my landing technique for all the aircraft in EAW isn't exactly what the manual describes, though! It's similar to the way Jeff Ethell described landing a Spitfire. I let the autopilot fly the approach and then turn it off and go manual at about 15,000ft distance from the runway. I come in a little faster than the "book" says and higher, gear up and no flaps, throttle usually about 20% to start with and regulating it as needed. I let my speed bleed off. How much will depend on the aircraft---the P-47 requires a lot more speed to be left, but a Hurricane must be really slow in my technique! For the Hurri, maybe 100-110mph or so TAS (if you try this you might want to experiment a bit to see what works best for you). Just as I near the runway I lower my landing gear. Right over the runway, with the altitude showing yellow on the HUD, I throttle back to idle and lower 1/3 flaps (my theory on idle throttle is that it eliminates almost all of the "roll torque" that can make it difficult to keep the wings level--especially important in aircraft like the Spitfire or 109, with narrow track gear). As the aircraft starts to settle, I watch my speed and when it starts to get close to stalling speed, I push the nose down a little (Diving for speed--the angle of dive depends on how much speed I need to recover. If I get the speed up I will go to a shallower dive.). When the HUD altitude turns red (less than 100ft AGL), I start to flare out (in a Hurricane, you might have to be even a little lower). As the plane nears the runway, I sometimes have to go to 2/3 (but rarely full) flaps. When the mainwheels touch, it is important to NOT LET GO OF THE STICK! Keep it well back! The Hurricane settles nicely this way. The Spitfire MkIX is very easy to set down, even if it bounces on landing! The P-47 was the most difficult because if it bounced I always wound up crashing. Then I finally watched my landing in the F9 view and figured out what was happening: when the landing gear hit the runway, I would let go of the stick. In the Spitfire this was irrelevant--the plane landed OK anyway even if it bounced! But in the Jug, the nose would pitch down before the wheels came back down. This taught me to keep the stick all the way back on any aircraft bounce, and I haven't had any problem since.

I guess that already pretty much describes my favorite and worst aircraft to land, but here they are anyway:

Favorite: Spitfire MkIX--ridiculously easy---it virtually lands itself. If you're just starting out in EAW, this is probably the plane to practice landings in (although I say this without having spent much time in the Spitfire MkIa). Just make sure to keep the wings fairly level due to the narrow track landing gear.

Worst: P-47--high landing speed, high wing loading, heavy and sinks fast at lower speeds, bounced a lot for me.

Here's something a little different--my favorite landings (hmmm--remembering favorite landings!--maybe I should have been a carrier pilot)!

My favorite landing of all:
in an FW190A in an online coop game with a friend. I took a hit in the engine (American bombers!!!) and had to set down. I wound up right over an airfield barely hanging in the air at max power (altitude about 3000ft), so I flew over the runway to far end, went a little farther, shut down the engine (no speed and full throttle produces some torque I didn't want to have to worry about--and I wasn't going to get any sudden boost of speed from the engine as I landed) and basically Split-S'd into the landing! What really shocked me was that I not only pulled it off without killing myself and wrecking the 190---but it was one of my best landings! (no I have not tried to duplicate it in an undamaged aircraft!)

Second favorite:
in a Hurricane in a BoB mission. I received an "Elevators Damaged" message during the mission (Me109E) and wasn't too sure about being able to flare out when I landed. To make matters worse, my base at Tangmere had just been bombed and there were craters all over the runway so only about half of it was usable. I waited for the rest of the squadron to land---they all got down in one piece and braked before the craters! Not wanting to land there, I diverted to Ford and came in low. I lined up the landing perfectly with a throttle setting that let me keep the nose level but caused the airplane to lose altitude. The wheels creaked down perfectly, then the tailwheel settled too. I braked to a stop before the end of the runway---a landing without flaring out at all!

Hmmmm, do you notice a pattern here? I guess there's something about landing a damaged aircraft safely that's more rewarding than doing so in an intact model!

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posted 12-19-1999 03:03 AM     Profile for JWC     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Guten Tag, yourself, and S! HarryM.
I've gotten kills like that myself---snuck up on a Me109G in my P-51D at low altitude. I was about 500ft back and about to fire when he spotted me and broke hard left. He simply plowed right in! For more:
Kill Credit By Forcing A Crash

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posted 12-20-1999 12:17 AM     Profile for RossC   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
The landings in EAW are ridiculously easy, and are the most disappointing part of the game (IMO, of course). All the planes are easy as pie to set down, I think because the slow speed modelling is pretty "canned" (no torque, stalls are hard to find, etc., control authority reduction also feels canned). It certainly doesn't take away from the rest of the EAW experience, though, it is the best WWII sim out there. Gameplay is outstanding.

Grab yourself a copy of Jane's WWII Fighters to get the landing experience, that is interesting. Torque effects are immediate and impressive (too steep/short on the glideslope and have to gun the engine? It's gonna turn hard. Same if you cut the engine, torques the other way). But, that and the sounds (oooh, sexy)/graphics are all that is good about WWII Fighters, gameplay is horrible (no campaign, just single missions, one burst of .50cal takes out another plane, etc). It's actually not on my HD anymore, just flying around gets boring. But the flight model is real cool.

Another one with neat-o landings is Falcon 4.0, but it's obviously not a prop sim, and the landings get to be routine after you get the hang of the procedure (except the Tower landed me on top of another F-16 last mission, idiots).


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posted 12-20-1999 09:10 AM     Profile for JG26*vonVampr*Gf   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
S! Herr Opa ,

Could you please post the titles of these books by Caldwell , as I'm interested for obvious reasons . Thank you in advance !

von Vampr

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Gen Savage
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posted 12-20-1999 09:16 AM     Profile for Gen Savage   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Yeah, I used to like to purposefully come down hard on landings in WW2 just to see the cool damage effects, like bent landing gear, etc. I also took it off my HD. The cool graphics and sound weren't enough to make me keep playing it, either.

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posted 12-20-1999 09:28 AM     Profile for HarryM   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
I was able to do a reasonable landing the first time in the Hurricane. They are SLOW. If you lose altitude it's hell to catch up to bombers...

I do think the landing's are pretty easy. No torque. You can go from idle to firewall and it barely twitches. In a 109 that should flip you over, nicht wahr?

Caldwells books are...
Jg 26 : Top Guns of the Luftwaffe
Jg 26 : Photographic History of the Luftwaffe's Top Guns

Both are on

"Hast du schon mit dem Teufel getanzt?"

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posted 12-20-1999 09:36 AM     Profile for JG26*vonVampr*Gf   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
HarryM ,

Thank you Mein Herr !!!

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